Former Brisbane Broncos star Karmichael Hunt is weighing up a return to rugby league after not being handed a renewed contract by Super Rugby side the NSW Waratahs, per The Daily Telegraph. 

The 34-year-old is understood to be looking into his options with both the NRL and overseas, with the fullback holding plans to head into coaching if a career lifeline isn't attained.

The famous code-hopper said while his future remains uncertain, he is looking into every avenue possible.

“It’s kind of a period of limbo, to be honest, having finished up with the Waratahs officially, a couple of months ago now, uncertain with what’s going to happen next year,” Hunt told The Telegraph.

“I understand that my manager is obviously still doing his job, looking for some openings at clubs overseas, trying to field some offers at the clubs in Australia, not just rugby circles, but back in rugby league as well.

“So it’s limbo, it’s uncertainty. It’s a whole lot of unknown.

“It’s quite a vulnerable position compared to what I’m normally used to. And that’s certainly having a contract and playing football, and when pre-season is starting and I know when I have to be there.

“I don’t have any of that right now. So it’s all up in the air."

Hunt recently moved back to Brisbane with wife Emma, who is expecting to have a fourth child early next year.

“We’ve got our fourth child due in the middle of January, so obviously family always plays a part in the decision," he said.

“If anything over the last two years it’s been the best type of football that I’ve played in rugby, and some people on social media or on the street say ‘We’re big fans from the Broncos days’, and they ask, ‘What are you doing with yourself now?’ I’ve literally been playing rugby for the last four to five years.

“And they’re like, ‘Oh, really?’ They think I must have retired. It’s funny because when you’re out of the bubble, league people probably think that you don’t exist anymore.”

If Hunt is forced into retirement, his next goal will be to head into coaching, ideally in the NRL.

The former Maroons and Australia star is currently studying psychology in hope of qualifying to be a sports psychologist and help athletes.

“I’ve been diligently chipping away at my undergrad, my psych undergrad with USQ (University of South Queensland) over the last four and a half, five years, I'll graduate after semester one next year,” Hunt said.

“You’ve got to do the honours and then you’ve got to specialise in a particular field and I’d love to head down the track of sports psych.

“My grades are good enough, they’re quite competitive at this point in time. Hopefully I can sort of push into that a little bit more seriously.

“And the other avenue for me is, I want to give back as a coach and I want to go and do that rugby league.

“So if it turns out I can’t play professionally, or no worthwhile offer comes to play professionally, I’m going to have to seriously start thinking about pushing into the next phase of my life, and that’s coaching and my studies.”