SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES - MAY 27: Kieran Foran of the Bulldogs watches on during the round 12 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on May 27, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Canterbury Bulldogs have rejected speculation that Kieran Foran will leave the club should Des Hasler become Trent Barrett’s replacement as coach of Manly, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

It is widely expected that Hasler will get the job with the Sea Eagles, who he guided to two premierships in 2008 and 2011 during his seven year stint as head coach.

Foran was a key figure of Manly’s 2011 premiership campaign, where he teamed up brilliantly with current Sea Eagles star Daly Cherry-Evans under Hasler to secure the title.

Foran joined Canterbury in 2018 on a three-year deal, with Hasler’s then-position as coach at the club allegedly playing an important – yet not defining- role in his move to the Bulldogs.

“I’m coming back to Sydney first and foremost to be with my children but Des was a big reason, too,” Foran said last year when he signed with the Bulldogs.

Canterbury boss Andrew Hill however has denied any talk that an appointment of Hasler at Manly would cast Foran’s future at the Bulldogs in doubt.

“It’s something we have not even thought about and we won’t deal in speculation,” Hill Hill told

“Kieran is getting ready for his wedding and he’s worked really hard the last three months recovering from a number of surgeries. He cannot wait to return to training on November 1.”

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It would be hard for Hasler to tempt Foran over to Manly regardless, given the club’s previous salary cap breaches mean they have only $330,000 to spend on their rooster next year. Foran is one of the league’s most expensive players, with his current deal worth over $1 million each season.


  1. Oh don’t you worry about that. Foran WILL be back at Manly in 2020 once we have room in our cap again and the dogs will be desperate to offload him to make room in their own cap in the last year of his contract. They will even pay half his salary to get him over to manly. Win Win!

        • Nick Politis and Ian Schubert. There’s two names for you and their fingerprints are all over the misappropriation yet another NRL premiership title when the Roosters did the equivalent of the “now you see it now you don’t” shell and pea game with the salary cap.

    • Don’t worry chalky. Just two Broncos fans that are p!ssed that Andrew Gee got caught. The Broncos have been using the old: “I’m Wayne Bennett, it’s an honour for you to be playing for me so sign for half your current market value” card to sign players ever since. The rest just gets buried under a sea of corporate QLD TPA’s. But hey, at least no one has been caught so no harm no foul. Not that they let auditors into “North Korea” to risk exposing their secret programs north of the border in any case but we’ll take their word for it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Isn’t think supposed to mean we have $330,000 LESS to spend on next years salary cap? Due to the NRL penalties? Or have we also run out of cap room?

  3. I actually think Foran and DCE would be a good fit (again). Foran has had his issues but i would think he will be back in his comfort zone at Manly.
    Remember – everyone deserves to be happy in life.

    • At the risk of p!ssing off the Manly fans I think Foran is damaged goods and that ship has sailed pedro. You are forgetting of course that a big part of the fallout from Manly’s “golden era” came because Foran along with Jamie “killa” Lyon, BOTH Stewarts, Steve Matai, Anthony “choc” Watmough and Jason King ALL couldn’t swallow the overpaid “cherry” at Brookvale that cost Glenn Stewart his last contract and a chance to see out his playing career at Manly.

      Oil and water don’t mix mate and I would think that very little has changed between the two. Had it not been for the circus that surrounded DCE at the time elevating him to a position above the club and his team mates Foran would have stayed at Manly in the same stellar form he was in. It is easy to imagine that he might then still harbour some resentment towards the one player that helped to change all that and set Foran on a path that his career has not recovered from since.

      DCE and Foran don’t get on off the field and it would only translate to the same kind of carnage on and off the field for the Sea Eagles IF Manly actually try to put Humpty Dumpty together again. Trust me, not a good idea.

      Thoughts maroon and white army?

      • Just to clarify, “put Humpty Dumpty together again” is in reference to putting the former halves pairing of Foran and DCE back together, NOT a cheap shot at Foran.

      • Well if Penn and Hasler can mend their bridge then I can’t see why DCE and Foran can’t do the same. All in the name of success!

        • Well you can always hope mate but I think Foran faces an uphill battle to find form at any club. After only 38 first grade games in 3 years and more time spent away from the game than on the paddock I think that at 28 yrs his window of opportunity has closed. I’m happy for him to prove me wrong but in truth his last good game was way back in 2015.

          Kane Elgey has struggled with injuries which have affected his form and confidence so I’m not sure that he is the answer. If Elgey falters I would give Cade Cust a shot (Manly’s young HB who lead your U20’s side to victory in the 2017 Holden Cup NYC Grand Final). He can organise the side and lead them around the field while DCE can play his natural running game at 5/8 and second receiver.

          Cust is only 20 yrs old I know but then again Nathan Cleary was 18 yrs and Ash Taylor was 19 yrs when they debuted so it’s worth a shot.

          It’s a pity Manly got their salary cap all wrong and had to lose Blake Green. Green and DCE played well together. Perhaps Manly should have stolen Ian Schubert off the Roosters? LOL

  4. Foran was an excellent player at Manly, when he switched to halfback at Paramatta he was playing even better in a new position, after his injury however this player has imploded and I doubt we will ever see him at his previous best.

    • Oh sh!t! I should have read this first before posting the above. It pains me to agree with a Roosters mole on ANY subject. I’ve changed my mind Manly fans. Bring Foran to Manly and he will kill it! This clown has not been right about one thing since they first started posting here on their secondary bogus account.

  5. thank god its the OFF SEASON this site is staring 2 make everyone YARN , reading on the dogs web page
    its states very clear foran ISNT GOING ANY WHERE SOON maybe some of you manly fans could have a read
    also if hasler dose go back GET ready for the des struction of all the back end contracts manly will suffer all over again good luck & may the lord have mercy on manly back end contracts look @ the dogs thank desi & his ontarage for that

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