The Penrith Panthers have won three competitions on the hop, and there is little doubt they enter the 2024 season as one of the teams primed to be in the mix yet again.

Ivan Cleary's side almost fell short in the 2024 grand final, but, as they have done time and time again over the last four seasons, found a way to get the job done and lift the premiership yet again.

The club come into 2024 with another key out as Stephen Crichton heads off to the Canterbury Bulldogs, and will spend the season preparing for another one with Jarome Luai already signing elsewhere for 2025.

But it hasn't stopped the men from the foot of the mountains in the last couple of years and is unlikely to slow them down significantly this time around.

Here are the key questions that will define the road ahead for Ivan Cleary's side.


1. How will the England trip impact the Panthers?

One thing Penrith haven't had to do after any of their premierships to date is make a trip to England for the World Club Challenge.

That's not their fault of course - Penrith have been champions in an era dictated by a global pandemic, and then had the honour of hosting St Helens last year.

That, of course, ended in tears, with Penrith falling short and dropping the chance to take home the World Club Challenge.

This year though, they head to England just a fortnight out from the start of the new season and then come back to play the Melbourne Storm in their first game.

It also means that, with a handful of new players around the club, they don't play any other non-competitive trials which could impact things as the season prepares to kick-off.

It's difficult to say what impact it will have, particularly given four other potential contenders are heading off to the United States of America to open the season, but it can't be discredited.