South Sydney Rabbitohs teammate John Sutton has posted a picture of a smiling Angus Crichton showing the missing middle finger on his left hand.

21-year-old Crichton made the decision to have the top of his finger amputated before Christmas to ensure he hits the ground running in his last season for the Rabbitohs.

Crichton will join the Sydney Rooters in 2019 after taking up a lucrative deal with the Rabbitohs close rivals.

Crichton revealed how difficult the finger injury had been to deal with in an article for PlayersVoice back in December.

“My finger has been an ongoing injury I’ve had since I was playing in the under-20s,” he wrote.

“Originally, I ruptured the tendon and this is the sixth surgery I’ve had on it.

“It’s the middle finger in my left hand and, a while back, I got it fused. I’ve got no knuckle in it. The doctor said I could either cut it off halfway or fuse it. I’ve had it fused several times now because I keep breaking it.

“I’ve decided this is the last time I’m getting it fused. It’s the fourth fusion that’s broken and if it happens again I’m going to have it cut it in half, because I’m just over it.

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“It might leave me with only half a finger, but I guess it would save a lot of confusion.”


  1. Think what you like about early transfers (I personally have no problems with them), but this surely shows his commitment to the Rabbitohs (if only for the one season). May he have a cracker of a year (I am not a Bunnies fan but would love to see him push for a Blues jersey)…

  2. crichton has committment to the $$$$$ only
    if i was our coach siebold he would be playing for the bears in 2018
    he is not a souths man such as coleman,fenech,etc etc etc…
    the sooner he leaves the better i will feel he is null and void to our souths family


    • Players have a short time in the game and there is not a player that would not take a better deal I played around the same time as tugger

  3. Finally something worth commenting on. I’m sick of predictions; more predictions; lists; more lists; top ten this and top ten that, and Jaryd Hayne.

    Like all Souths fans I am disappointed that Crichton is leaving, but don’t be fooled that he cut off his finger for Souths. The way things are heading he could join the Roosters this year.. Who did he cut his finger off for if that happens?

    If he really wanted to do something for Souths he should have re-signed. Please leave now Angus.

    Good luck to all teams for 2018.

  4. The Roosters should pay him a small percentage less now after he willing disposed of part of the contracted merchandise.

  5. Has disappointing that it is Angus leaving, I originally had the same opinion and play him in reggies, but that doesn’t achieve anything , Angus has stated that he will put in for Souths this year , and i believe that, for Souths to play semi final footy they will need him.

    Funny things happen in sport especially rugby league and you never know what can happen, if Souths have a great season this will kick us on to better years and i honestly believe that Easts won’t go that well this year regardless of the hype of the Cronk, Tedesco signing, i believe that at best Easts will finish 7th or 8th and Crichton may have regrets signing with that club, whatever happens let’s get through this year which I believe will be one of the tightest in many years.

      • I’m sure he’ll “put in” for whoever he is playing for, because he’s just started his FG career, which should span well beyond the next (currently signed) contract, not to mention he’s obviously passionate about the game to get here in the first place.

        That said, it’s not in anyone’s interest for him to play at the Bunnies this season (now), so it’s up to the management at both clubs to do a player swap (for the 2018 season).

        As for the Rooster’s finishing 7th or 8th, at best, hmmm? I think their potential weakness will be (far more than any other squad) injuries. I can see how they can fit their squad into the salary cap (and have written posts to that affect), but they are / must be lean on back ups (won’t have experienced players to bring in).

        • Angus will put in for the rabbits this year, and hopefully he can do the same at the roosters next year. I’m interested penso, with your statement above, can you give me your top 8 for next year?

        • Eels, if Crichton were to leave with a year left on his contract that would set a bad example to any player that wishes to leave a club early by simply signing a new contract with another club with the excuse being , no use being here if he does not want to, but Crichton has said he wants to play out his contract, this whole deal with contracts stinks but clubs need to be firm cause they plan who they sign and play each year and players need to be accountable for their decisions and also clubs.

          Rooster13 , no typo mate, I simply don’t believe Easts have the back up players, if Easts could field their top team all year than yeah top 2 for sure, and Tedesco is always an injury risk, plus I don’t see your forwards being that dominant to be honest, also all clubs will be gunning for them each week which will make it more difficult.

          My top 8, Cowboys, Storm, Penrith, Cronulla, St George ILL, Souths, Easts, Broncos, I believe West tigers will be strong, and Gold coast won’t be easy beats either, Newcastle will be better but may need another year, Warriors will be good early but will to run last, Manly will also be up there and would not surprise if they made the 8 also, Bulldogs will be hard to beat but their halves are a concern, but they do have the Aust front row so they cannot be left out, Canberra need a new coach they have the players just need better direction, sorry Ricky i really admire your passion but that can only go so far.

          As i said in my previous post, this years competition will be the tightest in years should be interesting, can’t wait.

        • I disagree on your point “it’s not in anyone’s interest for him to play at the Bunnies this season”. It is in the Bunnies interest to put the best team on the field each week. Yes, an eye must be placed on the future, but it is primarily the job of the coach to win the next game, and having Crichton there helps with that. Unless there is another player who will do the same job at the same quality, the best thing for Souths is to play him.

          AS for the Roosters and the top 8, if they can keep their players on the park, they will be top 4. But almighty is right in regard to depth. Most teams will struggle with a couple of key injuries (Cowboys 2017 the obvious exception), but the Roosters have so much cap tied up in their top few players that their depth must be thin, so some key injuries and they may miss the 8 all together.

        • Penso and Eels, I take your points, and largely agree.
          That said, I think the “bad example” is set when players are allowed to sign over a year in advance. That’s the problem, and at least for now, that’s what you’re dealing with.
          Under this circumstance, especially as he is still young / very inexperienced (at FG level), are the Bunnies better off running him / continuing to invest him for another year? Maybe / probably, if he is the best option available, but the Roosters want him, so why not try for a deal, even if that player isn’t a like for like (same position) player, as long as the replacement adds equally to the overall team.
          Crichton stating he wants to play out his contract etc. That’s all just talk / show. If he’s required to, I’m sure he will, but I’m sure he knows both clubs will be working on a deal, so he can say one thing, whilst expecting / hoping for another, and if he is moved on early, use that as “I’m prepared to do whatever is in both club’s interests etc etc”.

    • I do see depth as an issue for us, given no long term injuries we should do very well. But premierships take more than 17 blokes, so fingers crossed we have the opportunity to field our best as often as we can, same to all other teams.

    • Eels 47, I don’t think I ever actually said it’s not in everyone’s best interest to stay at the Bunnies, in fact i believe Souths have an obligation to their supporters to select the best team possible and Crichton should be selected cause he is one of our best at the moment, I do not believe for one moment that he will not put in, he has to much pride, also when i selected my top 8, which i rarely comment on, i was rushing to get to work and left Parra out, i reckon Parra will be in the 8 somewhere and honestly believe that they have a real shot at winning the competition, they have an excellent coach and roster and i think Hayne has finally realized that this is where he needs to be and with the pressure off him i think we will see him play his best footy.

      • That was a reply to almighty mate, you just got in before me. I agree with what you have said regarding the Bunnies and Crichton.

        I hope you are right on the Eels too. Obviously it is way too early to tell, but I think Hayne is back for the right reasons and will be happy to slot into the team structures without being the main guy (he has actually said as much in an interview). That should suit both him and the team if he is in fact willing to do it. My biggest concern is that we are still light on up front, but I am also glad BA hasn’t just signed anyone there and that he is happy to sit back and wait for the right players.

        For the record I see the bunnies as big improvers in 2018, with a top 8 birth likely. Good luck.

    • There was a player in the late 70’s/early 80’s I think played for Wests Magpies who was a one armed fullback. I know he played reserve grade but cant recall if he made it to first grade.

      • You’re right. His name was Kerry…., but I can’t remember his surname. I’m sure it will come to me and I’ll post it when it does.

        • Was long time ago,back in the tommy days maybe,Remember watching him play an my older brother giving a bit of lip to him as a kid and my father gave a swift slap across head

        • I think his name was Kerry Gibson but not sure. I had a few beers with some mates this afternoon but they didn’t know apart from the name Kerry but the 2 Wests supporters who’d know didn’t turn up (shame on them, I didn’t think any Wests supporters were like that) so I’m going from memory. I think he didn’t have an arm from the elbow down.

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