BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 22: David Fifita is caught by the defence of Corey Oates during a Brisbane Broncos NRL training session on August 22, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Brisbane's Corey Oates has expressed his relief that teammate David Fifita is back on Australian soil following his alleged nightclub incident that saw him held in a Bali jail.

The Broncos player addressed the media on Tuesday afternoon after a turbulent weekend for Fifita and the club, where the alleged punching of a bouncer early Saturday morning saw the 19-year-old held in custody for three days in Kuta, requiring the club welfare officer to fly over and assist in bringing him back.

"I'm just glad to see him home," Oates said.

"It's never great to hear any player over there in an incident like that.

"I don't think he's that sort of bloke. He's a very nice young kid, it could be wrong place, wrong time...or I hope it's just a completely false story."

Following the peace agreement that saw Fifita's release, Oates believes that the popular Australian holiday destination could be avoided by NRL players for the short term given a spate of incidents.

"I think it'll (Bali) be off a lot of players' radar (sic) for a while now, and it's probably a smart thing," Oates said.


  1. Yep all is good, the security guard received his few grand “Peace Agreement” & was heard shouting “hari-hari bahagia!!!” As she walked out of the meeting with a suitcase of broncos cash.

  2. It is a huge relief knowing young Fifita has learnt a valuable lesson not to king hit a little Asian person.
    20k fine followed with a 10 game suspension, should teach the extra large bully not to repeat his stupidity.

  3. I do agree,hope he has learnt a lesson.
    But a bit harsh Mark. He is nineteen and still a kid. He is out in the real world and not his insulated environment in Brisbane.
    Hope he doesn’t get what you are suggesting.

  4. Actions have consequences Corey. Most of us would stay in gaol a lot longer. Luckily for Fifita bronco money reaches long and far.

  5. Mark.mywords – “King Hit” Mate if Fifita king hit him the blokes head would be on the mainland. The guy barely had a mark on him from the pictures. A suspension is warranted maybe 3 games same as Nelson.

  6. I see a great little business opportunity kicking off in Bali.

    Wait for the next Aussie sporting oaf to turn up on the grog, cause a minor fracas, have him arrested, and pick up a cool $30K.

  7. Greggo the footage I seen showed a security gaurd being hit in the head by Fifita who was a passenger on a tiny motorbike.

  8. BenHudson -Fair enough. I didn’t see the footage mate just a picture of the security guard. He looked fine and his wallet looked full.

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