SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 05: Paul Gallen of the Sharks looks dejected after defeat in the round 21 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Manly Sea Eagles at Southern Cross Group Stadium on August 5, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

An ugly verbal feud has erupted between NRL greats Paul Gallen and Mark 'Spudd' Carroll, with the two holding opposite views over suspended Cronulla Sharks young gun Bronson Xerri. 

The verbal tirade between the two began when Carroll agreed with Sydney's 2GB host Mark Levy, who wrote a column saying Xerri should have been banned for life.

“I just want to have a go about what you’re saying on Bronson Xerri," Carroll told 2GB

“I can’t believe this kid did this and now (Paul) Gallen wants to back him and say it was OK.

“Are you cracking jokes? Mate you don’t take drugs. If you take drugs, you don’t play our game.

“Simple as that. Gal got slapped on the wrist for what he did, he got away with it.

“This kid he’s going to have to pay the penalty.”

Gallen then responded with a few personal jabs against Carroll. 

“I just love a big, tough guy with a big mouth," Gallen told 2GB. 

“I was with Mark Carroll probably three or four months ago, not even, doing a luncheon with him and he’s shaking my hand and best mates to my face.

“Nice as pie. Now he wants to get on radio and say things like that.

“If you don’t like someone and you think someone’s done the wrong, don’t shake their hand and be nice to them.

“Be a man and say you’ve done the wrong thing I don’t like you.

“I just think he’s a two-faced coward.”

It got even uglier as Carroll then unleashed to have his say on Fox Sports

“Gallen is lucky he got off as light as what he did. Look at what happened to Sandor Earl – he got four years,” Carroll told Fox Sports. 

“At least he took it on the chin. I commend him for putting his hand straight up.

“If someone who’s not a doctor wants to jab me with a needle I’m going to bloody ask, “what is it”.

“It’s always got under my grill that Gal only missed a few games and a Kangaroo tour.

“He was supposed to be the leader at Cronulla.

“That’s not leadership, that’s throwing young blokes under the bus.

“That’s the real definition of a coward.

“I was just an average footballer who trained hard to get the best out of my body.

“You don’t do drugs. You are taught as a kid. Period.”


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