SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 23: Robbie Farah of the Tigers shows his emotion during the round 24 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on August 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah is set to take the fall for the club’s impending salary cap problems, and could walk away from the joint venture club.

The Tigers are looking at a $750,000 fine for failing to disclose their post-career ambassador role for Farah at the club, which totals $639,000.

The second fee will be added to the Tigers’ salary cap for 2019, which could mean the club would need to shed players in order to be cap compliant.

Farah spoke to The Daily Telegraph about the fines, and said he would rather take the bullet than have one of his teammates lose their current contract.

“I don’t want to cost somebody their contract or playing career,” Farah told The Daily Telegraph.

“It doesn’t mean as much to me as a young kid or something who is on a big contract. If it means I have to take a bullet I would rather do it then the guilt of someone being forced out leaving.

“Even though I know it’s not my fault I would still feel guilty. I’m struggling to deal with it. People will jump to conclusions and think I’m causing trouble. It was disappointing my name was mentioned. I didn’t think there was a need for it.”

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Not only has the offer hurt the club going forward, but it has also seen Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe deregistered by the NRL.

Given Farah is yet to receive any money from the deal or even accept the proposal, it hurts him to think he’s impacted the club in such a way.

“It’s hurtful, mate,” Farah told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I don’t know why I’ve been dragged into it. I am at a point now where I am thinking about walking away. I don’t want to play. Things were going good. I was in a good headspace back at the club. But now it’s another drama. Robbie’s caused all the drama again …

“I feel sorry for Justin.

“He’s a good man and he’s turned the club around. Myself and him, we went through some tough times when the drama unfolded with the old coach [Jason Taylor]. But I’ve never questioned his integrity. For him to be deregistered through all this is just absurd.

“When this was first discussed, he just wanted to mend how I had been treated. It was a show of goodwill. He’d seen how I’d been disrespected and thought this was just the right thing to do for me post-footy.

“I don’t understand the enormity of the fines because it was public knowledge. You’d written about it [the ambassador role]. A million journos had written about it. I’d spoken about it in the media. It wasn’t something that we’d tried to hide.

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“It had absolutely nothing to do with my old playing contract, or my current playing contract in coming back to the Tigers. I got my contract paid out in full when I left to go to the Rabbitohs. There were no deferred payments or anything like that. It’s not like they [the Tigers] tried to hide it.

“It’s something that I might not even take up. I haven’t been paid a cent. I have business interests outside of footy so it might not even come to fruition. What happens then? The club has been penalised for something that doesn’t even exist. I’m gobsmacked. And I’m hurt. I’m hurt by the perception of it. It doesn’t matter what I think, I know I’ve done nothing wrong. “But my name is being dragged through the mud for no reason.”


  1. The NRL are putting the squeeze on clubs hoping for a fold so they can take over and relocate them

    Meanwhile the Roosters can probably fit at least two more marquee signings under their ‘cap’

      • Said a fan/member of the most dysfunctional, rorting and joke of a club in the NRL. So bad a guy who was once slapped in the face by his own coach wants out the place. But at least Barrett is cheeky enough to still have them paying his cheque.

        You would never see Roosters doing that. Dumb business!

        • “Said a fan/member of the most dysfunctional, rorting and joke of a club in the NRL.” Hang on there mate, I’m not an eels supporter!

        • Have any evidence soft bottom or are you happy to just run with the simpleton crowd and media sensationalism? I find it outrageous that supporters of other clubs find it easy to question the Roosters than question their own clubs as to why they are so bum average – and when I say question Roosters I mean repeat recycled humour like sombrero and rorters.

          But it’s also a good reflection of society, question the haves and piss and moan, rather than work harder and smarter to get for yourself. Tall poppy syndrome and victim mentality runs thick and the media and simpletons love it as they feed each other.

  2. Seriously , going on what i’ve read, the Wests tigers have done nothing wrong, can’t believe the crap they have been through, no doubt an appeal will work in their favour, or at least it should, Cronulla deserve everything they get, but at least now they have a CEO who is honest, so what does that make of Manly’s new CEO Gorman, he took off from Cronulla at the first opportunity , why hasn’t he been barred?\

    Easts aren’t ckeating the cap, they believe that players will play for unders to be at a strong club, this will catch up with them , both centres are on $350k next year , do you think they will hang around on that money after that, FAT chance, their are other players who will also want an upgrade, easts time will come when players will go to the highest bidder, but you cannot escape the stench that there is something not right their , their doing something sneaky and all opposition supporters are suspicious and nobdy respects that club outside of their supporters, who are far and few between , just look at their membership figures.

    • I disagree on 2 fronts Penso.
      From what I’ve read about the Tigers/Farah situation, it definitely doesn’t add up. They look very guilty to me.
      As for the Roosters, yes, they will start losing players to higher bids, but there can be a difference between what a player is worth today on the open market, and what they signed for earlier in their career. Unfortunately, as a Parra supporter, we know that all too well, but from the wrong side. That said, we had Semi on our books at $250k p.a before he went to France, because his deal was signed several years earlier, and very early in his FG career.
      I could also argue using a rep centre/winger as an example of undervalued can be somewhat misleading. For example, we signed Fergo at $500k, and I’ve lost count at how many people have bagged Parra for paying overs.

    • At the end of the 2017 season easts let go 2mill worth of players. They signed tedesco and cronk for 2 mill all square.
      The cap in 2017 was 7 mill. THE cap for 2018 was 9.4 mill. Looks like they had 2.4 up their sleeve after these 2 signed.
      At the end of 2018 season another 2.5 mill worth of players left. Now we are up to 4.9 mill. 200k increase in the cap for 2019 season makes it 5.1 mill.
      They signed crighton hall and morris for 2019. With upgraded contracts to friend cordiner keary liu etc it looks like they may well be under. the nrl says they are..
      Off course players will leave if big money is thrown at them There are a few reasons why players will cop less money a strong club, lifestyle, maybe a really good benefits package (not included in the cap) car allowence for 5 players at 20k a pop.(not included in the cap) And if the top 17 players took a 30k cut in salary for the above benefits theres another 500k.
      Every club in the NRL has been fined for salary cap breaches. thats right the chooks among them. fail to see how they are protceted with 4 fines along with sharks bunnies eels and penrith. And the same amount of times as the warriors cowboys and manly combined. Bulldogs 9. Storm Raiders 8. Tigers 7. Broncos Dragons 6. Titans Knights 5.

  3. Let me see if I got this right.
    Wests Tigers got rid of Farah because he was a “disruptive influence” on the club, then took him back and surprise surprise he is now a “disruptive influence” on the club.

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