The ongoing situation in Newcastle has been met with another twist, as the Daily Telegraph reports David Klemmer’s expletive-laden tirade at a trainer may be reflective of a cultural element at the club.

Klemmer is in hot water after unleashing on club trainer Hayden Knowles, calling him a number of offensive terms and telling him to “shut the f*** up” as he tried to get Klemmer to leave the field.

While many, including Phil Gould, have claimed that the language is part and parcel of an intense on-field atmosphere, the Telegraph’s Sport Confidential has revealed similarly offensive statements may be part of a mantra used by senior figures within the club.

The Telegraph makes mention of an exchange, witnessed earlier in the year, between a player and senior staff member, in which they discussed Klemmer.

The conversation featured the phrase ‘F.E.C’, which features a number of colourful four-letter words, indicating that the language may be a part of standard procedures at the club and not worth the scrutiny the recent incident has attracted.

The Klemmer situation comes at a bad time for the Knights, who are mired near the foot of the latter and have faced extra scrutiny following coach Adam O’Brien’s strange press conference following Sunday’s loss to the Bulldogs.

Klemmer was also thrust into the spotlight last week amid reports the Eels tried to secure him as a deadline-day reinforcement. Klemmer later reaffirmed his commitment to the Knights. He was then dropped from this week’s team-list, allegedly due to the incident with Knowles.

The highly-paid prop is due to face an internal club hearing this week, but conflicting messages are being repeated about his status within the organisation.

While there are suggestions from some corners that the club are looking to release Klemmer, club icon Danny Buderus had previously told ABC Sport that Klemmer was the runaway favourite for a number of the club’s end-of-season awards.