The ban South Sydney prop George Burgess received for eye-gouging West Tigers Robbie Farah could undermine his market value as clubs circle, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. 

At the start of the season, Burgess was offered $2 million over three seasons with the Eels and was forced to turn it down as he couldn't convince the Rabbitohs to grant him a release.

Fast forward six months and the Rabbitohs forward may now be forced to settle for about $300,000 to $350,000.

The ban has resulted in Burgess being sidelined for the rest of the season and will prove to have an impact on his market value.

He has gone from the most in-demand props in the NRL to a player without any significant suitor, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

A potential price-cut could mean that South Sydney may be able to keep the Burgess brothers together, if George were to take a lesser deal.

Burgess initially saw interest from the Broncos, who gave up their chase in order to secure Matt Lodge.

The Eels, who offered him a massive deal over three seasons, are still deemed to be interested, but will take him for far less than the original $700,000 a season.

There's also speculation that a return home to England could be on the cards, but is very unlikely as the uprooting of Burgess' young family wouldn't be ideal.


  1. Good, see you later! Take the rest of the fam with you, when you look at your history you have left a stain quite large, all of you

  2. He’ll get a good contract much more than quoted, he made a mistake and owned up to it , I have no doubt his best years are ahead of him , whether here or super league.

  3. Hate seeing woody making a comeback, he was the reason that i stayed away from this site, hopefully ZT will cause his demise again

  4. The way I see it, him knocking back our offer was a blessing, and I just hope we don’t make a new offer.
    I’m not having a crack at him, but I think he’s worth more at the Bunnies (playing with his brothers, under Bennett) than anywhere else, and even for them I’d think around the $500k would be fair.
    Without being too negative, but calling at it as as I see it, he has a track record of “getting too emotional” when it doesn’t go his way, and 2 years ago he was struggling to catch, let alone hold onto the ball.
    He’s big, and we need/want some extra muscle, but he’s not a good fit for us. Parra, keep looking. Please, keep looking, there are much better options.

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