SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 23: NRL CEO Todd Greenberg speaks to the media during a NRL Media opportunity in recognition of the NRL becoming the first national sporting organisation to reach 'Elevate' status, at Rugby League Central on August 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

NRL Chief Executive Officer, Todd Greenberg, has opened up about talks regarding NRL expansion.

Greenberg believes that the clubs must work out what is the best move going forward.

“The question is what is the best footprint for the sport,” Greenberg said in a press conference.

“I hope in 12 months I’m much, much better placed to make some recommendations to the commissioner.

The broadcasting rights that the NRL signed last year ends in 2022 with the CEO making it clear that the structure will not change until the end of that deal.

“We are in the start of what is a five-year cycle as we just finished the first year, so 2022 is our broadcast agreement with Fox and Nine,” he stated.

“Any concept of additional teams or a change in the format or the structure of the competition would flow after 2022.

Greenberg believes to have a national competition, it doesn’t mean that every state needs to have a team.

“To have a truly nation game doesnt mean you have to have a competition that comes across clubs in every state,” Greenberg said.

“You can have a footprint without having teams in every state.

“That’s why the importance of us seeding games in Melbourne with our flagship events like Origin, Perth, Adelaide, it is why we are looking to expand in some of those spaces.”

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