CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 14: George Jennings of the Eels runs the ball during the round six NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Parramatta Eels at GIO Stadium on April 14, 2018 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Parramatta Eels have announced the re-signing of David Gower, Peni Terepo, George Jennings and Kaysa Pritchard ahead of the 2019 season.

2018 was a breakout year for Jennings, with the winger making his Eels debut and playing 20 games for the club.

Jennings will be looking solidfy his position in the Eels backline next season but will face stiff competition from new recurit Blake Ferguson and speedster Beven French.

The re-signing of Pritchard, Terepo and Gower will add depth and experience to the Eels forward pack.

2019 will be the final season for Gower and the well renowned forward will use the final season as preparation for his life after football.

Gower is completing his Certificate IV in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management in preparation for a future role with the Eels.

Gower, Terepo, Jennings and Pritchard will return to pre-season training this Thursday 1 November.


  1. There will be no competition from Fergo as he will be first picked and there will be no competition from French who is a light weight and should be released.
    Anyway all four of these guys are nuffies that will help lock down spoon number 15. We are getting closer and closer to the magpies record of 17 spoons.

    • Kev, and this isn’t specifically related to your comment above, but more broadly, I think if you won first division lotto, well you’d complain they didn’t refund the cost of the ticket.

        • Not about settling for mediocrity Kev, but being realistic. Gower will play most of the year in Wenty and is only a back up, Pritchard is also a back up with Mahoney leading contender for 9, Terepo was our best middle forward this year and Jennings, whilst he didn’t set the world on fire, is still our second best option on the wing. Every club needs depth players, unfortunately for us being at the bottom, it is hard to attract big names, so those depth players play more minutes. Yes, I would like more rep quality players and obviously I want success, but you have now taken the complete opposite angle of death riding everything about the club. You are entitled to be angry at how tings are, but to not see the positive in anything isn’t healthy mate.

        • Kev is a member of the “realists” eels – you know those ones? the ones that whinge and moan that we signed the best metre eater in the competition but its not good enough, the ones who moan and complain about everything but have no solution or realistic alternatives?
          We all know them….

    • Kev
      October 30, 2018 at 9:31 pm
      There will be no competition from Fergo as he will be first picked

      Ah Kev, Kev, Kev. IF Fergo will be first picked and there is no competition FOR his position then “there will be no competition FOR Fergo” not “FROM Fergo”. If there was “no competition FROM Fergo” then you are saying he is no chance of getting picked.

      Ah Kev, that’s karma right there for your GI domestic violence cheap shot.

      Thanks for playing Kev. Now here, take this complimentary packet of crayons and go and practice some more and please try again. 😂😂😂

      • Or maybe, as Fergo has one spot locked down, there will be no competition FROM Fergo FOR Jennings’ spot in the team? Just a thought.

        • More “technicalities” Fred? I think you and your twin brother Ned need to stick to selling insurance in Punxsatawny, Pennsylvania because you tend to get confused out here in the real (i.e. virtual) world. 😉

        • Nah, too much fun mate. Need something to keep me occupied in the off season, so correcting your “technical” mistakes might have to keep me going.

        • Well maybe they weren’t “technical mistakes”, given it’s not that complex.
          Maybe he was just “technically mistaken”.

        • Ah, Fred and Ned tag teaming Reg with their sales pitch, AGAIN! Oh the “joys” of “Groundhog Day”. The present that just keeps on giving and giving and giving. 🙄ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ī

        • Post a link with proof (NOT accusation or speculation) and I will agree with you “beastie boy”.

          I made the same mistake, or rather “an old mate” did 😉 re Jonathan Thurston. So proof before gossip and urban legend OK?

  2. There more depth signings then anything..
    I think there is still 5 spots left in the roster.

    Hopefully they buy some bigger forwards. And get Hayne, offload Jennings

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