SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Dylan Napa of the Roosters celebrates victory with team mates after the 2018 NRL Grand Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Dylan Napa leaked videos have polarised the Rugby League community.

Many fans see Napa as the victim of revenge porn and point out it’s not him that has done anything wrong. Others find the whole episode as another huge stain on the game in what has been an offseason from hell.

Confronted in a press conference Napa was trying to be contrite and what sounded to be a crafted attempt to make sure he mentioned the woman in his life that he had respect for woman.

He couldn’t confirm if there are more videos yet to be seen. From the videos posted, he hasn’t committed any crime or potentially put anyone in harm’s way.

Some will say the only damage done is the embarrassment Napa must feel. Unfortunately, the biggest damage is to the reputation of the game and the NRL brand.

At no time in the history of the game has there been so much competition to attract corporate sponsorship and to gain new fans young and old, male and female.
At the same time, there has never been such drama off the field.

If you have seen any footage of the BBL you see young kids having the time of their lives watching their cricket heroes. Sitting next to them is mum and dad enjoying the cricket, hard money earned well spent.

Yes, cricket took a hit with the ball tampering but off the field, it is very seldom you hear of any scandal. Optus, KFC, IINet, Mazda, Rebel to name a few have invested sponsorship into the competition.

Crowd numbers and TV ratings have been a revelation over the past few years. AFL, A-League, Netball, Rugby Union all compete to attract fans and sponsors. Corporations want their brand to represent their values.

When the NRL continues to hit the headlines for domestic violence, assaults, crazy antics of Mad Monday and alleged sexual assault, corporations will place their sponsorship with other less controversial sports.

The NRL and clubs spend a lot of money and time to educate all players about the dangers of social media. That if they are compromised it may end up on social media which damages the NRL, the Clubs and the player’s reputation.

After an offseason full of non-stop drama, the NRL has drawn a line in the sand and said enough! Unfortunately, for Napa, this means he will face suspension.

I believe the person or persons responsible should face criminal charges for releasing the videos without Napa’s consent.

For Napa, I don’t personally feel any sympathy. The videos were made with him as a willing participant. The content would assume to be made to show off to mates for a laugh.

By doing so and sharing he compromised himself for what now has transpired. It would need to be asked what else is out there and do the people shown on the videos know they were being filmed.

What people do behind closed doors is their own business. However, the videos had an air of racking up sexual conquest and to outdo one another. Hardly a theme that resonates with female fans, mums and dads.

I understand these were made when he was very young. I understand for Bulldogs fans the frustration that they are getting punished when the episodes were made whilst playing for the Roosters.

If Napa is punished then the NRL should look into the culture of the Roosters and if it is exposed this was a known and collective Team or competition engagement others should be sanctioned as well.

To say Napa has done nothing wrong is incorrect. By ignoring NRL rules and advice and making and being involved with the videos exposed him and has brought the game into disrepute. Albeit that the videos were posted without consent.

What influence these videos have on individual fans and corporations is unknown. Families will continue to enjoy other sports who’s image is more sanitised and drama free. Sports where kids don’t have to ask parents what a porno is.

This said I believe other incidents such as DUI and other social media activities over the past few months are just as damaging and the NRL needed to be as diligent and forthcoming as the Napa videos!

I am sure there are many who disagree with mine and potentially the NRL view.
As always please be respectful of all views.


  1. This is sounding like revenge porn to me, there seems to be nothing to suggest that Napa had anything to do with releasing the videos. The videos are years old and hopefully Napa’s a lot wiser now. For mine, a flogging with a warm lettuce would be enough punishment.

  2. if the NRL are so concerned about their image, why do they allow the likes of Dylan Walker and Matt Lodge etc to continue playing? Why was Barba allowed to return? let’s face it.. nothing is going to change while we have that bonehead Greenberg at the helm

  3. First of all, this is a good article that sums up the issues well.

    If the NRL are not concerned about their image they should be. Their image is their business. If they allow their name to be associated with sleeze of any kind then their revenues will suffer big time. Take a look at Cronulla, have they got a jersey sponsor yet ? It is no accident that the clubs that take the moral high ground tend to be more successful.

    I am pretty draconian in matters of violence and off field behaviour and would meter out much harsher penalties if I was in charge. I was pretty adamant that Lodge should never have been allowed back. However, been allowed back he has kep’t his nose clean and consequently he now deserves his place. Walker’s case is a bit different to Barba but never the less, he is a work in progress. He is being prosecuted by the police and if found guilty will almost certainly be banned.

    I think you are being a bit harsh on Greenberg. There have been much worse people in that job. I still have nightmares over Gallop.

  4. You’re missing the point. You’re saying he should be punished because he is one part of a horrible 12 months, which has included serious crimes much worse than being the victim of revenge porn. But it’s not his fault that the NRL cares more about viral videos than they do violence against women.
    Greg Inglis – who has a history of violence against women – got a character reference and is being treated like a hero for speeding while drink driving, which could have killed someone. Scott Bolton, who was convicted of indecent assault, got absolutely nothing by the NRL. And something tells me Musgrove and De Belin, if found guilty, will be taken out of the NRL’s hands and into the hands of the criminal justice system.
    But now that someone who hasn’t even committed a crime has made the public, the NRL suddenly cares about it’s image. I’m sorry, but suspending Dylan Napa would only be a clearly hypocritical publicity stunt that will make the NRL’s image look even worse when they see what their priorities really are.

  5. Napa is a soft target. He’s the victim of some goose releasing a video. He didn’t do anything wrong or commit a crime. By contrast, the Australian captain, Greg Inglis, is convicted of mid range DUI and speeding and only gets a two match ban. If that’s the benchmark then Napa should get a slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf.

  6. Lucas02, I think you’re missing some of the point too.

    Firstly, the NRL has to ensure it can “prove” a case, or they’d get sued and/or punishments overturned etc, which would be extremely bad for the game. If a player is charged with assault, but found to be not guilty by a court of law, and there is no other form of hard evidence/proof, the NRL can’t punish them. If it did, they would be sued, and lose. From what I understand there was a video of Barba, so they can rely on that irrespective of whether he is formally charged by police, but that’s usually not the case, so if others are found not guilty in a court of law, and there is no video, the NRL can’t act, but you can’t blame the NRL for that.

    I think this speeding / drink driving and could have killed someone reference is totally of out context re the NRL. If you have a problem with the severity of these offences, take it up with you local MP, because I’m not going to feel any safer on the roads knowing only professional athletes will face life sentences for said crimes. That said, they do face additional consequences already, as Inglis did, given he missed out on around $40k of income (2 rep games) on top of his court appointed punishment.

    As for Scott Bolton, it was wrong, no doubt, and I’m not defending him etc, but you can’t pidgeon hole every charge as equal, which is why the courts can impose penalties ranging from a good behaviour bond to lengthy prison sentences for the “same” offence. He was found guilty of assault, non violent/non sexual, because he grabbed a women’s leg. Kenny Edawards, and I’m not defending him either, was guilty of the same charge (assault) because he through (the contents only of) his drink on his girlfriend (something that would be laughed at if it was the other way around at a restaurant).

    And that concludes my summarised rant.

  7. Anyone know who the big name players are in the new tape about to surface? They are current players and apparently it’s much worse than Napa’s videos.

  8. daffy there’s a new video being mentioned as Napa and Pearce. Mate I’ve seen it and fair dinkum even Stevie Wonder could see it’s neither of em. Just some crap floating around trying to cause more damage but it’s definitely not any players

  9. No redv13, this new video is said to be very damning and has nothing to do with Napa, and the players involved should be very worried and it’s as clear as day who they are and they are big names. Webster alluded to this and said it will surface very shortly.

  10. Thanks I appreciate your kind appraisal of my article. We unfortunately are in the minority of people who think he should be punished by the feedback on all social media to this article. I find it infuriating that people can’t see why he should be punished. Anyone who has seen the second video must realise he is not having consensual sex. What is on the second video is just ridiculous. Anyway, when their clubs are suffering financially because sponsors can’t be found they might think differently about issues like this.

  11. That’s why I said the NRL won’t have a say in Musgrove and De Belin. My main gripe is with Inglis and Bolton, who have been found guilty by the court and still haven’t been punished by the NRL. They’ve punished neither of them despite having evidence but are happy to punish Napa.

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