When former St George Illawarra Dragons forward Joel Thompson was released by the club in January, it left them with 29 players.

As per league rules, they were required to register a 30th player to their squad.

Dragons list manager Ian Millward has revealed that the club will add youngster Tristan Sailor into their top 30, while reflecting on their original recruitment.

“Thankfully we had no injuries (leading into the June 30 transfer deadline),” Milward told dragons.com.au.

“We got down to the last week, we were negotiating with three clubs to get players off their books.

“They were all wingers, I don’t want to go through the names because they are all currently still with those clubs.

“But at the last minute the clubs chose not to release them.

“We moved a player internally, because we had to move a player – Tristan Sailor.

“Tristan is in our top 30 next season, so it was an easy advancement for us just to move him from a development player for 2018 into our top 30.

Sailor, a 19-year old utility, is signed at the Dragons until the end of the 2019 season, where his legendary father, Wendell, finished his career.


  1. See it makes sense that the Dragons have no depth. Its smart from Millward to pump all the money into the top 17 players because Mary won’t make any changes anyway.

    Why would a young player want to come to the Dragons when they know the coaching staff doesn’t have the courage to put them in the side. The season is almost certainly gone in the blink of an eye and the peroxided tips of a leader. Put a broom through the whole lot of them. Bitter disappointment.

  2. Too many players in the Dragons line up add absolutely nothing. They’ve got some awesome players. They’ve got some soft super units as well.

  3. Poor recruiting by Ian Millward. When Joel Thompson left he assured Dragons fans he would pick up another back to fill the void. With Mc Gregors wonderful visions he has for the club it’s not surprising that nothing was done. McGregor used to be the trainer running onto the field with the water and sponge for the NSW State of Origin team, I don’t think he has learnt much as a coach since those days three years ago.

    • Agree with all the above but that of Millward. Whether there was any decent centres available is worth thinking about. Millward has supplied a team that should be challenging for the title.

      Unfortunately McGregor has no Plan B when each year opposition coaches work out what Saints are doing right & overcome it in the second half of the season.

      No need for a big broom, just a big shove to McGregor to get him out of the club.

  4. and their game plan absolutely sucks. Honestly, one out off the ruck running, long sweeping backline moves and finishing with a high ball that nobody contests – if thats all that is required then get rid of the coach and assistants. I’ll come down on Thursday nights from 6 to 7pm and put the team through their paces for free. I’ll even throw in a few “stick to the game plans, build pressure, play smart” comments after the game to make everybody feel like there is some level of excellence going on, which doesn’t exist.

  5. I agree. Putting a Broome through the club is the only way to go from here. Doust has resigned and will leave this year, McGregor should be the next one shown the door, someone said to me that players like Vaughan, De Bellin and Sims were busting their neck to represent NSW, now that they have achieved that they are only playing in second gear and I’m inclined to believe some of that.

  6. Can a dragons fan tell me what’s the go with young Jai Field? Kid is talented and burst into the scene in the Auckland 9s, to never being seen again after that. (20s Origin last year he carved) but other than that haven’t seen him since, talented as they come and surely dragons can find a spot for him on the bench as a utility? Being wasted in NSW Cup atm

    • The staff made him put on about 10~15 kg in the off season. You would hardly recognise him now.

      He is not doing much in ISP behind a team that is mediocre at best.

      You would not drop the current utility Kurt Mann for Field on form at present.

    • He’s still quite young. Magnificent in open field, just like Dufty. But isn’t yet able to control the game and his kicking game isn’t up to scratch yet either. Not really dominating in reserve grade so not yet considered ready for NRL level. Can play 5/8 or fullback. Too small to play anywhere else (maybe) and has traffic in front of him. Wont play this year probably because Mary’s fighting for his job again so will take no risk at all and tank the team in the process.

      • Cheers, I’ve only watched a few of his Cup games this year and just what I’ve seen he’s impressed. But I’ll go with what both of you have said, hopefully he can improve as I am a big fan of the kid.

  7. My inside tip tells me Trent Barrett wants to head home. That is the huge rumor getting around at Manly and it will be official within one month into the off season. WoodChook Darmus has spoken, the prophecy is already in motion.🧙‍♂️

  8. The problem is the whole game plan ideology in the club. Steve Price tried to emulate Wayne Bennett with none of the sophistication. Mary came in with more of the same. His side kicks will do the same as well. If nothing else the game has moved on from this ‘jobs for the boys club’. We need somebody coming in from afar.

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