St George Illawarra has signed Brayden Wiliame from Super League club Catalans on a two-year contract.

Wiliame has played in the NRL before, with stints at Parramatta and Manly before moving to France, where he's spent three years.

"Brayden is coming to the Dragons off the back of a great season where he was one of the Super League's best centres," the Dragons Director of Rugby League Pathways and List Management Ian Millward told the club's website.

"We have had dialogue with (former Sea Eagles coach) Trent Barrett about what he saw in Brayden as a player and how he goes about his business. Leeds Rhinos coach Richard Agar, who was on our staff last year, spoke really highly of Brayden also.

"He's a real threat with the ball in hand which was on show when he played for Fiji during their end-of-season Tests. Dragons members and fans will enjoy watching Brayden play."


  1. I hope so, would be good to see him in the centres.

    In other news dragons fan, Nene McDonald looks to be coming back, a huge boost if true.

    My backline next year:

    1) Lomax
    2) McDonald
    3) Sailor
    4) Williame/Aitken/LaFai – Williame first choice
    5) Saab
    6) Norman
    7) Hunt

  2. Boys, not too sure abt Nene. He has plenty of baggage attached at the moment and I think our club has enough 💩 going on at the moment. I think it should be a pass on the big fella and steer well clear. He’s on a bad downward spiral that we as a club do not need presently

  3. I can’t say I remember too much about this guy but I hope he has speed and a passing game.
    Sailor is an interesting one I’m not sure where he fits into the team, maybe a utility of the bench but I cannot see them carrying both Luke and him on the bench.
    Daffy I reckon I’d go.
    1. Lomax
    2. Nene (if true)
    3. Williame (didn’t buy him for reserves)
    4. Aitken
    5. Sailor
    6. Norman
    7. Hunt


  4. Nene McDonald should have stayed with the Dragons instead of going to the Cowboys imo. He had 2 good seasons at Saints and didn’t seem to get into any trouble. If he does come back he will be a big asset if he can get back to his best form.

    Possible 2020 Team:
    1. Lomax
    2. McDonald
    3. Aitken or Lafai
    4. Wiliame
    5. Ravalawa
    6. Norman
    7. Hunt
    8. Lawrie
    9. McInnes (c)
    10. Vaughan
    11. Frizell (vc)
    12. T. Simms
    13. Merrin

    14. Luke
    15. Graham
    16. Ford
    17. Kerr or K. Sims

  5. After 5 rounds:
    1. Dufty
    2. Ravalawa
    3. Lafai
    4, Lomax
    5. Wiliame

    Lafai is a protected species. Its not going change until his contract is up. Saab will be wrapped in cotton wool until hes poached by another club. Its just the Dragon way.

  6. I thought that the halves were more of a problem , than the rest of the backline. Other than Dufty from time to time.
    Do St.George supporters all think that Norman , Hunt should remain as the first grade halves?

  7. Guys Saab is considered a foundation player, they have huge wrap on this kid, he’ll be one of the wingers. They signed him as a priority last year. He got injured otherwise would have cemented the spot. He was very good in the games he played. Ravalawa can score tries but his defense and handling are terrible. Maybe Flannagan can fix that.

    rev13 Nene had a tough year last year, badly broke his ankle in about rnd 6, didn’t cope well and didn’t enjoy it up there, maybe pressured by the family to move back. He was very happy at dragons, so I have faith he can get his head right. He was in a good place at the dragons in 2017/18.

  8. @ EastofDivide

    Plenty of talk Hunt was having a lot of trouble fitting in with McDudor’s game plan and forcing him to play a totally different style, he’s a running half-back and I think his poor form reflects his frustration. McDudor’s game plan is so boring it would be hard to get motivated. Norman and Hunt are capable of a lot better, given the coin their on no chance they won’t be the halves barring injury.

  9. I think you’re right about Flannagan daffy. Having him there could be huge for the club. You could see Cronulla go somewhat backwards , without him.
    St.George has a lot of good young players coming through & he seemed to be able to get the best out of those young guys at Cronulla.
    Maybe Clune may be the answer in the halves to guide the team around , with Hunt to just run the ball?

  10. I really hope Adam Clune can put some real pressure on Hunt & Norman next season. Maybe Shane Flanagan can help these 2 blokes play to their potential. If not, get rid of them, especially Hunt. His slice of the club’s salary cap is a constant sore point with me and I would say some other Dragons Fans also.

  11. Trouble is Flannagan is brought in as defensive coach not attacking coach, McDudor will no doubt keep to his brain dead game plan: 4 forward bashes up the middle, one spread of the ball and then a kick straight to the fullback. Frizzell will be used as a battering ram yet again. Hard to see Hunt and Norman being allowed to play their natural games.

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