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The St George Illawarra Dragons have confirmed a further three players will depart the club alongside Leeson Ah Mau and Jason Nightingale.

Ah Mau will join the New Zealand Warriors in 2019 on a three-year deal which was announced earlier this year. Ah Mau returns to the Warriors, after making his debut for the Kiwi club in 2009.

Nightingale has announced he will retire at the end of the year with the New Zealand international playing 12 seasons with the joint-venture club and will finish his career as a one-club player.

The club has also announced that Patrick HerbertReuben Garrick and Hame Sele will also not be returning to the club in 2019.



        • Nathan Merrit was 182cm, I consider him small.
          The Players at Souths are 190cm plus
          If he was at the Rabbitohs he would be the Smallest forward, a Giant at the Dragons but a midget at Souths… So to speak…

          Our bloody wingers and backrowers are bigger than him.
          By today’s standards, most players are way bigger than they have ever been before.

          I wish the kid well, I really do.

    • Gday Pedro,
      I think he may have signed with Cronulla. For some reason he just didn’t fit into Mary’s plans which is a shame coz defensively he is very strong and in my opinion is good enough to be in the 17.

      • How are you old mate, not a bad season – bit more than i expected.
        I would have thought we kept him, he seemed to be developing quite well.

        Anyways – let the next Sims off the leash.

      • The Sharks are beginning to get like the Broncos, Rorters and the Storm.
        Do they have a Salary Cap at all?

  1. Stupid move to move on Sele. Mary didn’t give him a fair chance. Would have done well to rest a few forwards and give Sele more time. He’s a solid lump and played very well in the few games I saw him. We really do have a bad history of shafting hookers, they’ve all been moved on after a year or two. Watch out McInnes.

  2. AH Mau is a huge loss, prefer to keep him than get Sims from the Broncos. I know he wanted to go back to NZ, but we will miss him a lot. Another player that should have been used to give a few forwards a rest.

  3. Strange decision to let Sele and Herbert go. Good depth and development players surely. If they were let go on the basis they were too small then the Dragons should get rid of every small player in in the 20s. Just focus on big and fast players and pinch juniors from other clubs like the Roosters do. On that basis everything else is a waste of time.

    • We need a killer back. No real match winners in the backs. We need someone like when Gasnier was at his peak. Lomax looks good but too early to say how good he’ll get. Don’t know whos available if any and who’d come to us anyway.

  4. Probably not that big a deal, we’ve got Lomax and Aitken in the centres. Hopefully they move Lafai on so keeping one of them may have been the better plan. Don’t need Sele, Leilua, Host and Simms go well of the bench and Blake Lawrie gave it a massive crack in the finals. Them and some others like Ford and Kerr give us enough depth.

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