Quickly becoming a fan favourite at The Dolphins, young outside back Valynce Te Whare has admitted he wants to lose at least eight kilograms before next year's pre-season begins in November.

Coming off his maiden NRL season, Te Whare played extremely well in his 12 appearances for The Dolphins. Debuting in Magic Round, the rookie scored six tries in becoming a fan favourite and cult hero in the process.

However, Te Whare is eager to shed the kilograms as he looks to have an even better 2024 campaign and cement his spot in the backline.

Competing with the likes of Euan Aitken, Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow, Jack Bostock, Tesi Niu, Robert Jennings and Edrick Lee for a position in the team, his chances will get harder next season with the arrivals of Jake Averillo from the Bulldogs and Herbie Farnworth from the Brisbane Broncos.

"I'll go on holiday, refresh my head and come back in pre-season hopefully lighter and fitter so I can play more games next year," Te Whare told AAP.

"I dropped weight this year and then I went back up. I weigh in at 123kg at the moment. It is hard to run around. I want to get to 115kg by the start of pre-season.

"I am still working out what the best meal is for me. At the moment it's fish and veg. The fish doesn't put on weight and the veg goes straight through me.

"I give my best. That's all I can do. I do extra training on top of training. It's all about ticking over the body fat on my days off."

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