Discarded NRL star Bryce Cartwright is seeking an NRL lifeline to a Sydney club.

Cartwright was released from his $450,000 contract with the Gold Coast Titans last week after he walked out on the club to return to Sydney for family reasons.

Now in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the 25-year old has pleaded for Sydney NRL clubs to take a chance on him.

When asked why teams should give him a chance, Cartwright said: "Because of the sh*t I have dished up over the last three years. There's no way I want to do that again.

"I want to play NRL again - that hasn't changed. I feel like I've still got so much more to offer. I won't stop trying. It will come down to me proving to people that I can do it and I will do it.

"Ninety-nine per cent of people think I'm done. That's another driving factor. It makes me want it even more. I want to prove to them that I will work my arse off.

With COVID-19 potentially cutting list sizes for 2021, Cartwright talked of the possibility of never playing in the NRL again.

"Of course, especially with coronavirus.

"I'm not too sure if there are still some questions around whether clubs will have a top 30 squad or top 25. There could be limited spots.

"I haven't played my best footy over the last couple of years so there is a chance that I might not get picked up. But I will never question my training ethic. I work my arse off, even up there on the Gold Coast, I worked my arse off in the pre-season".

Cartwright last played in Round 9 this year after falling out with the Titans, a far cry from the young player who was tipped for stardom at Penrith and who signed a $2 million deal with the Titans in 2018.

NRL clubs have started internal discussions on taking a chance on Cartwright, with the 25-year old expected to be avaliable for cheap.

"It's hard to pinpoint what went wrong up there - it just wasn't a fit," Cartwright said.

"They (Titans) allowed me to come back to Sydney after we worked something out. It just wasn't the right fit. I'm not too sure what the reason was."


  1. Signs a contract for the minimum to play for Roosters next season as back up to the back up second rower in the reserve grade.

    In all seriousness if he signs for nothing joins the Roosters and works his arse off, at 25 he could turn it all around and have a decent career on a successful team still. Imagine trying to learn off the best and trying to prove yourself while playing with SBW, Boyd Cordner, Angus Crichton, Victor Radley, JWH amd so on. If it works out could eventually replace Cordner and help lead the next chapter with Radley and co

  2. Cartwright would have to get a clearance from the Panthers, before he signs with anyone else. As they have first say, after he left the Titans. That was part of the deal , when they released him to go to the Titans.
    Having said that. He certainly has a habit of signing longer deals, to continually walk out on them early .
    Given the list of forwards at the Roosters . I can’t see them wanting Cartwright there , or being able to fit him in. There’s only so many places.

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