Zero Digital Media is a 24/7 Australian sporting news agency, creating world class digital content as well as producing premium sports content to clients around the world.

We have an exciting vacancy for a junior to mid-level digital content editor to lead content generation across Zero Digital’s rugby league (NRL) platform, Zero Tackle.

The successful candidate will be responsible for coordinating the rugby league content schedule across our website and social media, as well as producing world-class, authentic rugby league news and popular culture stories.

Find more information about Zero Tackle’s Editor role on LinkedIn.


  1. Really like Zerotackle but it’s just got a couple problems.
    So many pop up adds… but I understand need to get that money.
    Secondly comments sections on here used to have really good chat and opinions. You’d always have about 20-60 comments now days your lucky if you can get 5.
    That’s about it

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