SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 11: David Klemmer of the Bulldogs watches on during the round 14 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on June 11, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

David Klemmer’s father, Helmut, has clarified his son’s move to the Newcastle Knights and discussed their sad family circumstances, in a story written by Danny Weidler in the Sydney Morning Herald.

It comes after the Herald published a story that stated Klemmer was not leaving the Canterbury Bulldogs for financial purposes, but due to personal family reasons.

Helmut Klemmer wrote an email to Weidler in response to the column, defending his family for being painted in a bad light.

“My name is Helmut Klemmer. I have an issue in the article you wrote in The Sun-Herald today about David,” Helmut’s email read.

“You referred to the main reason David was leaving the Bulldogs was not money but some personal problems he has with his family.

‘‘This story and several others like it over past few years have cast a dim light on my family. There are always two sides to a story so before you and your media colleagues make out David has had some sort of unfortunate childhood/family life get your facts right. Most of, if not all, his angst has been brought on by his own actions.

“So to avoid any future problems that may arise regarding defamation, lawsuits please refrain from mentioning my family and problems that David may have with them in your newspaper. I am happy to speak to you and clear up this matter.

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“It’s not our fault that David is living the life he is wanting to live and if he wants to leave the Bulldogs it’s not because of us. I want the innuendo to stop. We have not been asking David for money or anything like that.

‘‘The truth is that we have not spoken to him for years. Every time that we try and make peace with him there is a disconnection. We did the right thing by him and were there for him as he was growing up but in recent years he has made a decision not to talk with us and he has his own life with his family and we have been kicked to the kerb.”

It is a sad situation which will hopefully be resolved one day with David Klemmer potentially wanting to escape it by joining Newcastle.

The Herald reached out to Klemmer for comment yesterday, who wanted to contact his manager before making a statement, but did not respond before the deadline.


  1. I agree Reg.
    Holmsey has been allowed to use multiple login names and post disgraceful and slanderous comments about other contributors, players, players families and clubs.
    He has been hiding behind the anonymity up until recently but lets see if he dares to continue now that we know who he is. 😉

  2. Do we really need to know about this? It’s none of our business and journalists should not publish such articles.
    Klemmer is a public figure but he is still a human being. Whatever is going on with his family has nothing to do with any of us.
    At what point does humanity override paper sales and subscriptions?

    • Agree 100%.
      This has nothing to do with us and should not be made public.
      The media need to be stopped from prying into personal lives and focus on football. If Todd really wanted to clean up the game, he would be talking to all media bosses and stamping a few key journalists out of the game.

    • Well said Western Stand and 100% right. None of our business. Just let him play footy where he wants to , and let him sort out his private life privately.
      Glad Helmut got his two bobs worth in though, stay out of personal matters Wiedler.

    • Also agree – any journo worth reading should apply the basic rule – ‘if someone wrote this story about himself, would the journo still publish’… but of course the scoop is more important than the integrity of the media …

      If Klemmer gave the information in an interview he has opened the door. But… the journo should have questioned himself and ask is this really something I should be reporting?

  3. I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!

    Sign me up for the revolution too. This site is becoming a fascist state! Let the people post who make us laugh and know what the hell they are talking about and banish the losers who hide behind their keyboards and hit “Report comment”. My mates and I just like to read but when stuff keeps disappearing it is a waste of our time. Fix this NOW!

  4. interesting…

    I agree with you all

    but if Klemmer wants to get away from it Why Newcastle its only a 2 hour drive why not NTH QLD

    Oh that’s right 1.2M ………..that will make it all better.

  5. As all players in the modern era are now role models, they have become public property. Therefore it is absolutely vital that players characters are squeaky clean. For a high profile representative forward to turn his back on his family is certainly something that our children should not acquire the want to do.

    This story is a sad saga, a father has tried to breach the gap of hatred between himself and his son to no avail. Perhaps The new Newcastle Forward should look up the meaning of forgiveness. David Klemmer then could assume the importance of reaching his full potential, instead of running away from himself.

    If Klemmer continues to put another brick in the wall then Newcastle will be paying a huge sum of money, with little return. The Question here is Nathan Brown capable and equipped with the psychological knowledge to deal with the baggage this 1.2mil dollar player will transfer two hours north of Canterbury Bankstown.

    • You are obviously making a lot of assumptions here. Do you know what happened in the family to cause the split? Granted it would have to be massive to completely walk away, but without knowing all of the facts you are hardly qualified to comment on David’ character are you? Also, this is one side of the story only.

      • I’ll tell you what isn’t an assumption eels47. That Russ is a nutjob and that his comment that “all players have become public property” is total BS!

        You do realise Russ that it’s no longer cool (or legal) to own people right? I suppose that explains your “southern” way of expressing yourself.

        I also don’t think Klemmer would be too comfortable with the idea that YOU had dibs on his person.

        Personally Russ I’ve never had that level of interest in any player. Just long as they do the job they are paid to do and behave themselves in a public place. I don’t expect a bound of flesh Russ like you.

        • Apparently Greenberg has adequately and undeniably stated that all players are owned by the NRL and have a duty of responsibility to behave or be punished by their employer, if they misbehave it is the NRL which performs the duty of punishment by distributing fines and suspensions at their discretion. Reg you must acknowledge the truth.

        • Reg Reagan “all players have become public property” is total BS! That comment indicates you have no knowledge of the standards set out by the NRL.

          There was an episode of drunkenness that proved all players are indeed public property. Easts had a captain in 2016 who will testify that the NRL has a code of conduct, all players contracted to the NRL (OWNED) must abide by these standards as role models to the children. His words not mine. You also may remember the price that Easts captain paid for his breach.

      • “without knowing all of the facts you are hardly qualified to comment on David’ character are you?”

        It’s there in black and white eels47 as someone else’s opinion. What more do you need? Right Russ? Isn’t that what they call informed opinion these days? The blind belief in someone else’s views without supporting evidence or facts.

        Perhaps Russ wants to inspect Klemmer’s teeth first before making a bid. Russ is as “southern” as Colonel Sanders and just as bad for penso’s blood pressure as his deep fried chicken!

      • What assumptions are you referring to Eels1947

        ‘‘The truth is that we have not spoken to him for years. Every time that we try and make peace with him there is a disconnection. We did the right thing by him and were there for him as he was growing up but in recent years he has made a decision not to talk with us and he has his own life with his family and we have been kicked to the kerb.”

        According to the story its exactly like I commented….. A father trying to reach out to his son and a son refusing to forgive. It is the story we are suppose to comment on is it not?

        My comment on David Klemmer forwarding his baggage to Newcastle is appropriate and precisely to the point. If forgiveness is not given then he is taking the problem with him, therefore the term, you cannot run away from yourself. He needs to man up. His father has revealed his anguish via this story. He has tried o make amends. But our Rugby League roll model is not interested in the love of his family.

        That is the story, not a write up on assumptions.

        • You have questioned Klemmer’s character based on one side of the story, simple. Like I said, you, or I for that matter, have no idea on the background for this story, all we know is what his father is claiming to be the truth. David has elected not to comment on it. That may be because it will shed a bad light on him, or it might just be because he feels it is none of our business. Either way, you are taking what his father said as fact and questioning David because of it, which is not right.

          All that said, I do agree that, based on what we know, it is probably in everyone’s best interests to build bridges here. Both mine and my wife’s families have been through similar situations of kids and parents not talking for years, and it is hard on everyone involved. I would just prefer not to lay blame or question the motives/character of anyone without knowing the whole story.

  6. The drama queen loses her sh1t yet again over an opinion she doesn’t like. Your ridiculously literal interpretation of this poster’s comment is typically infantile. Get a grip, Reg….or a life.

    • Get a life? Tell me oh queen of the obsessed pychos who follows who around from forum to forum? Which of us continually seeks the other out in their “Look at me! Look at me!” bid for relevance and validation?

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      In that time compare YOUR contributions to mine (and your other nemesis SSTID-1970)? Compare the words of support and appreciation you have received with mine and SSTID-1970. Compare those who have stood up for you or give a damn about you compared to Reg/SSTID-1970.

      No danielle, it’s time for YOU to get a life. Make a positive, relevant contribution to this site for once or keep quiet because NO ONE here gives a damn about what you have to say. Except perhaps for a few fringe profiles who find themselves out on a limb when they start a fight that they can’t finish and then you ingratiate yourself upon them in a forlorn hope of finding a friend.

      You are pathetic!

      • I’m pathetic?

        Just yesterday, you invoked our memories of our Diggers for YOUR right to spin your sh1t on this website – that’s not just pathetic, it’s deolorable, disgusting & outrageous.

        You think that’s why they sacrificed themselves? You complete & utter fool.

        & that is precisely why I’ve taken you to task tonight. Because you are a bogan clown willing to cite any old emotive stuff to support your pathetic self-indulgent cause of what is just s footy site.

        How dare you! How dare you bring that up as your pathetic accuse for self-convinced victimisation.

        Go back to your talk-back commercial radio station of choice so they can continue to teach you how to think. You very obviously can’t do it for yourself.

        Get a screen shot of that, Reg. Before it dusappears!

        Downright disrespectful.

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