People found new hobbies, interests and things to do during the 2020 COVID-affected lockdown.

And Cronulla's Jesse Ramien is no different, showing off his incredible shoe collection stemming from cabin fever during the lockdown. And it is red hot!

Ramien is a keen shoe collector and he spoke about his side-passion during a guest appearance on NITV.

He was asked about what kind of shoes he had, and in particular what kind of Jordan 1's he owned.

"Just the low ones bra." Ramien replied when asked about the Jordan 1 shoes.

"Little sneaky pair."

Ramien said he got caught up during COVID in the excitement of buying new kicks.

"I got stuck in the cabin in COVID, when we were locked down last year buying shoes."

The impressive collection doesn't stop at Jordan 1's though, with Ramien also being a fan of iconic rapper Kanye West's shoe line.

Ramien posted a photo on his Instagram last July of a pair of Yeezy's he had purchased.

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