The Sydney Roosters are open to the prospect of veteran playmaker Cooper Cronk playing next season, as reported by the Daily Telegraph. 

The lack of playmakers available on the 2019 market outside of Mitch Moses and Te Maire Martin could prompt the Rooster to wait a season for an bevy of playmakers off-contract in 2020.

This would include big names Brodie Croft, Kodi Nikorima and Chad Townsend.

Cronk has already indicated to the club that he could extend his stellar career at least a season, which would give the Roosters time to land a suitable replacement.

No matter what happens, Cronk is expected to play an active role in helping the Roosters find his halves successor.

Roosters coach Trent Robinson confirmed Cronk will play in the World Club Challenge against Wigan on February 18.

There were doubts the No. 7 would line-up in the WCC after he underwent off-season shoulder surgery.

Cronk had metal plates inserted into his shoulder after breaking his scapula in last year's preliminary final against South Sydney. He joined the Tricolours' pre-season training on Tuesday.

Robinson revealed Cronk was on track to play against Wigan at the DW Stadium next month in a major boost for the club.


  1. Easts can’t spell juniors, they develope players they steal from other clubs who have bought them up from nappy grade and when they represent they steal them ie- Fittler, , this of course includes the best country players as well, although other clubs bring in country players also, they just don’t carry on about it as some big achievement has Easts do , Easts will look to steal some clubs next best up and comer there’s no doubt about that, now look forward to seeing a long list of players from you know who, who will give us a long speal about the virtues of Easts, with help from his alter ego mates.

  2. Totally agree there penso. We will get flooded with repetitive childish emojis that do nothing to support someones point. I only need to cast my mind back to the year when there was certain criterior for clubs to be a relevant proposition in the competition. The blatant lies put forward by this particular club as to their crowd numbers was in a word “disgusting” and there were screen shots to prove it. Good old Nick doing then what he does now saved them.

  3. I hardly think Kodi is a “big” signing just yet. Never had a SJ year let alone a Benji year. If he turns it around this year then great, but not long ago he was shopped to and turned down by the Warriors. If there was no personal feelings by either side about his bro, then Roosters could snap him up easy.

  4. Junior options:
    – Victor Radley developed too quickly and became our starting #13 in 2018.
    -Connor Watson got poached by the Knights.
    – Sean O’Sullivan got poached by Brisbane.
    – Hastings didn’t cut the mustard.
    – Lachlan Lam is the current heir apparent. His dad was a Rooster so who knows, would make a good legacy…

    Oh right sorry we don’t have juniors.
    Tupou, Latrell, Manu, Friend, Cordner, Radley, Aubusson, Crichton, Collins, Butcher, Liu (then previously RTS, Napa, Guerra, SKD, Pearce, Evans, Moga…etc). No need to let facts get in the way of a good salty whinge about why we beat you in 2018 though.

  5. Not as many as Manly the salary cap cheats. Speaking of facts, thank god for Turbo brothers as they pretty much double the Manky junior nursery.

  6. A lot of Rooster fans where very disgruntled after the Roosters fizzled out in 2017 preliminary finaland the 2018 crowds suffered, but after Cronk won the fans over they started coming back and in our home game against Souths we got 44 thousand at our home crowd at the football Stadium . I was there and the majority of the crowd was 65% Chook fans. So no more garbage stories please coastalo1 and no more numbnuted screen shots. Just watch the 2018 preliminary final replay and you will see who is talking 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩.

    I hope Cooper Cronk plays on for a third year with the Roosters and better the record that Johnny Mays created in 1973-1975 by winning back to back premierships with different clubs then going back to back premiers with the same club in 74-75 . I believe the Roosters can win three in a row with Cronk in control.

    One thing for certain is that this year the Rooster fans will be back in massive numbers to watch the defending premiers do it all over again. 🐓🏆🐓🏆🐓🏆…………..💪👴👉🐇🥄🥄

  7. ‘The shoe, Burt, I think it’s under the sombrero’ said James Bondi Secret Player Agent 007.

    ‘By Kronks, that’ll be worth crowing about’ said Nick putting his golf clubs in the cupboard.

    Harvard yelled ’Hey, how do you spell Easffs? waving his one good arm about.

  8. No he wasn’t, don’t answer a question with a question. Especially when you have such I’ll informed, speculative and incorrect opinions.

  9. That wasn’t the same answer you previously gave. Try and keep your stories straight next time and then people may start to trust what you say. Just like trying to keep only one profile maybe?

  10. What answer did I give last time? Oh I see, it’s easier to say I am someone else than to have a factual based discussion. I still can’t beleive the degree to which Manly cheated the salary cap. And then they’re stupid enough to bring back the person of which all the salary cap management issues started with. Old backend Dessy.

  11. LOL all these bitter roosters haters. We sold our most promising halfs L.Lamb and P.O’Sullivan last year. Every team buys and sells players. Roosters are just the best at it. Get over it and accept that You guys are starting to sound delusional with all your made up “facts” that have been going on for years.

  12. The whole junior debate seems like nonsense to me as every club will sign any player they believe will add to their squad. Until their is greater reward for junior development (such as salary cap discounts) then there is really nothing to motivate clubs to develop juniors. Having said that for the good of the game surely clubs should be helping to develop junior talent.

    Furthermore classifying what makes a player considered a junior of a certain club is further debatable, and im curious to see what you all think makes someone a ‘junior’. So…What do actually consider juniors?
    Is it just having played footy as a kid in your clubs catchment area? If so how is the ‘local’ NRL club in anyway responsible for their development?
    Is it coming through the clubs development system of Harold Mats, SG Ball and Jersey Flegg?
    But what about when a player is from one teams catchment area and spent time in multiple teams (or even codes) development systems, what team can rightfully claim him a junior?
    Do they need to spend a certain amount of time in one teams system to be rightfully claimed?
    What about a junior who was unwanted by the club that developed them though Harold Mats and SG Ball before moving to another club for the final year of Flegg before playing a couple games in reserve grade then debuting? Does the club that initially developed them as a teen claim them, even though they were unwanted in the end, or the club that spotted something and continued their development?
    What about if instead of being unwanted they were poached?

  13. Swooping good questions, your first statement hits the nail on the head.
    You say why should clubs develop juniors when their is no motivation to do so, with the right salary cap discounts it becomes better value for clubs, plus clubs can reward players with loyalty and isn’t loyalty important to fans who hate seeing their players sign one year in advance? but junior investment is the most important.

    The NRL years ago wanted to give clubs rewards for junior development which in turn would lead to loyalty, sure players would sign with other clubs but no where what is happening now.

    Polites jumped up and down about how unfair it would be for Easts and infuenced the decision to not go ahead , Easts have never invested in juniors and what should have happened then was for the NRL to allocate Easts a junior area where they can invest in junior league, Easts have been getting away with stealing other clubs juniors for years and this is why iam ‘ so against them, most supporters not only on this site but virtually everywhere hate what Easts stand for, this club should have been relocated years ago for the better of rugby league.

  14. Oh woody your memory is REALLY letting you down. Russ must be slipping something into your medication bowl if you can’t remember that. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  15. 4 comments later you’re still hiding behind the ‘Woodchook’ fascination. 41 years old and that’s all you have.

  16. How would you know how old I am. Just cause I have 78 in my handle doesn’t mean I was born that year you ignoramus.

  17. I said i would not respond to woodduck anymore cause i don’t want to add to his mental state but he leaves me no choice.

    Easts have for years had their scouts out looking to identify clubs juniors that have promise and offering them various sponsorships if they play for their rep teams , they also do this with country kids, this is provan by woodduck’s own history lesson on Easts junior rep teams success.

    Easst take the easy way out and do not invest in grass roots juniors , only interested in the elite and stuff the rest, their opinion , let the clubs do the dirty work and we’ll pick up the best.

    Woodduck gives all his reasons why Easts are a great club and good for rugby league, but you know he is lying and distorting the facts cause every time i point out Easts devious ways he always comes back with up to three posts of responses and then creates other alias’s to assist his claims, when i said he will give us another batch of names he gets a new profile in Gambizzle to do his dirty work, no doubt another hidden personality from woody’s mind, then he responds to that person straight away and if that’s not enough he constantly has a go at me in other ZT storys other than Easts Souths story’s which proves he is paranoid of what people think.

    Woodduck please get the help required to address your mental state it’s important.

  18. Oh no..Sean O’Sullivan the Penrith junior , who came up through the Penrith junior system. Was then poached by the Broncos, after being at the Roosters for a short time. How terrible for the Roosters.
    They can just look to find another good Penrith junior?

  19. By the way.
    Manu grew up in New Zealand, played for Tokoroa H.S.
    Latrell Mitchell is from Taree & trialled for Newcastle, before the Roosters.
    Topou is from Parramatta. Played for Guildford Owls, Parramatta Jersey Flegg & Under Twenties.
    Is there any need to look more at your wonderful Easts juniors?

  20. If a kid grows up in a certain area & goes into that areas club development system. Well into their teens. I think that club can claim they are a local junior.
    However, certain clubs for years have not worried about any of that.
    They’d rather just send out scouts to different areas & watch junior districts finals . Offering more to the best young players ( 14- 17 years of age ), to come & play for their club. A couple of years down the track that second club claiming what a wonderful job we’ve done , developing these young juniors of ours.
    Let’s face it , many on here think players bought from another club as 18-20 year olds are their clubs local juniors. They may well have played first grade first at this club. But let’s not try & pretend the club that’s bought a player really has anything to do with their talent or success in first grade. After all, the scouts new the players had skill when they see them play for their original clubs.
    A club who brings a player all the way up from a small kid & right through the junior, lower grades. Should be rewarded by being able to only have to put half of their contract amount on the salary cap. Once they are in the top 30 players. Now that would be a real enticement to developing your own juniors.

  21. Well said EOD , clubs should be rewarded for bringing juniors through the system but Polites has used his influence to stop this , this is why woody gets so emotional about his responses to my posts about Easts not being the real deal in regards to junior development, he trys to muddle peoples thinking that Easts do a lot for rugby league, thank god most if not all people on this site do not fall for his nonsense.

  22. 16 is not grown up, cant even vote, drink alcohol or go to war. Manu from a boy grew into a man at the Roosters winning the premiership in 2014 SG Ball and 2016 winning the Premiership in the Roosters NYC, then Winning an NRL Premiership in 2018. He was developed by the Roosters not NZ.

    Latrell Mitchell had a trial with Newcastle as a boy but they did not pick him for their junior teams. He was never a Newcastle junior. As a 16yr old boy the Roosters grabbed him and developed him into the player he is today. he won a Premiership in the same team as Joseph Manu in the SG Ball 2014 comp and played in the Roosters NYC team. Then winning the NRL PREMIERSHIP in 2018.

    The same goes with many others including 16 year olds Friend, Cordner, Aubasson, etc.

    Tupou was a Canterbury Junior who was signed by Parra, couldn’t crack first grade and The Roosters signed him and develop him. He won a 2012 reserve grade Premiership with our club named NEWTOWN that season and debut in the NRL playing 3 games. The Roosters developed him into a NRL PLAYER, winning two NRL PREMIERSHIPS, Origin player, Australian Test player. Not Parramatta who nicked him from Canterbury or any other club But the expertise coaching from the Roosters are the reason why he is the player he is today. Who cares if they are born any where on Earth. We are talking about players coming through the Roosters development program. Like I have said before Tribalism was killed off in the Super League World. Its not about being born in a district its all about who turned that player into a superstar.💪😎👍🐓🐓🐓

  23. Brad Fittler described how the Roosters run brilliantly, in one real story.
    He was coaxed over to play for the Roosters from Penrith at the start of the Super League battle.
    He was called into the head office of the Roosters.
    Kerry Packer was there. Kerry said to him, ‘How do we go about winning the Premiership Brad’? Brad Fittler talked about getting the juniors together , putting in a system of developing the best juniors they could & bringing them through the grades.
    Kerry Packer stopped him from talking & said ‘F… all that ‘! ‘Tell us who we should buy to Win the Premiership’?
    That’s about all anyone needs to know about the Roosters. 👍😂

  24. Lachlan Lam only went with his father to England for a year. He’s coming back to the Roosters. Plus it’s L.Lam , not L.Lamb. Lamb would be the half the Roosters bought from Newcastle.
    O’Sullivan is from Penrith anyway. So big deal that they released him to go to the Broncos.
    So there’s the facts…

  25. On ya woodduck you proved everything i just said, well done.

    By the way , you know why i didn’t get graded it was due to a motor bike accident and you said at the time you were sorry to hear that, different opinion now.

  26. Don’t play the “cry on Woody’s Shoulder” mate after all the crap you attack me with. Just stick to the FACTS. I forgive you💪🐔👍

  27. Get over it panther fan. Penrith with all the other super league fans stabbed the establishment in the back and caused what you like to call a DIVIDE. Fittler was the Australian captain and wanted to continue playing for Australia not that super league garbage.

    Fittler wanted to stay with the ARL and Gould was already coaching the Roosters, so he linked up with his old Premiership winning coach and the Chooks. Fittler WILLINGLY walked away from the back stabbing panther cats.💪🐔👍 Get your FACTS on track before you start dribbling garbage.🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Its amazing how many people on here know a lot about nothing and only a little bit about everything. If you do not no what your talking about then don’t say any thing. People want Facts not your garbage.

  28. In my opinion Cooper Cronk will lead the Roosters to Back to Back premierships, and IF he re-signs for another year after that then a trifecta not seen since the Great Parra team of the Eighties will occur.🐓🏆🐓🏆🐓🏆

  29. Woody, those red pills are not only affecting your memory but they are also causing you to hallucinate. Please tell Russ to stop spiking your milk with them.

  30. That story is from Brad Fittler’s mouth. On Mark Geyers afternoon sports show in 2018. It was actually the second time he said the story. So like it or lump it. That is your Roosters in a nut shell. I wasn’t worried about Fittler going to the Roosters or the Super League at all. So nothing to get over ?
    Your comment about Fittler & Super League was just nonsense. Teams made a judgement based on finance. The best team during that time was still Brisbane. They would have beaten any ARL based team easily. Fittler was also always going to be the player he was whether he was at Penrith or Easts. The Roosters just lucked out that he went there rather than in the Super League.
    Your so called posted facts are all in your imagination. Like how Tupou was going nowhere from Parramatta’s under twenties premiership winning side. Unless the Roosters bought him. Lucky they came along , or he would have been playing first grade at Parramatta or somewhere else.
    The only compliment I can give the Roosters , is that the scouts they send out to spot other teams good juniors have brought in some good ones. The best of them were always going to be first graders any way though. So your Roosters have done little to develop any of them.
    By the way . You say these guys the Roosters get when young are just kids & can’t even buy a drink. They need the Roosters to mentor, develop them as players. Such players as Alexander was playing first grade at 17, good enough at 16. Same with Fittler. Folau was spotted at 15 & moved to Queensland, as a certain future first grader & SOO player. Inglis at 16. South’s wanted to buy R.Jennings since he was about 16.
    So all this stuff you go on about , about players like Mitchell, Manu, Tupou etc. Somehow they are Roosters juniors & wouldn’t have made it to first grade unless they went there. What a load of old crap.
    But by all means, just live in your Tri-Colours La,La land.
    No one needs to read any of this , if they don’t want to. Neither do they need to read your endless drivel.

  31. What you wrote off the top of your head is TOTAL DRIVEL😁🤣😆😂😆🤣😁🤣😆😂 You make up to protect your BACK STABBING Penrith cats for jumping ship to super League. If it wasn’t for the establishment Penrith would not even exist as a footy team but they let them in in 1967 with the Sharks and you both shot them in the back and they did not even have their face to you.

    Regardless of your made up garbage Fittler the Aussie Captain stayed loyal to our game and our country. And to this day he may have a soft spot for Penrith backstabbers but he states that he will always be a Rooster. We did not steal him he walked away from an organisation who can’t be trusted at that time. Super League was a myth and it undid all the great work that the expanding ARL had done. They expanded the League with Penrith, Cronulla, Warriors, Illawarra, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, .North Queensland and Western Reds, That’s nine teams they added to the comp and Because of teams like Penrith the game went backwards, teams merged and we lost Perth. Super League’s lies was about sreading football to all the corners of the Earth and fools like you believed it.

    But the Australian Captain did not believe it and walked away from the decite of Penrith Panthers.

    As for your SILLY Tupou story that he won a premiership with Parra in the Eels NYC Team is totally YOUR FABRICATION. The Warriors won the 2010 and 2011 title, so make up a bit more crap mate.

    The Roosters junior development program has made teenagers into superstars. No other club has turned them into superstars. Like Cleary coming over from the Warriors with his dad I suppose its alright for you to claim him as a Penrith junior because he was 13 but if your 16 it does not count. Grow a brain in that great DIVIDE inside that empty skcull of yours 😂🤣🤣😁🤣😆😂😆🤣😁Backstabber SUPPORTER

  32. Yes, true. Tupou was still headed to first grade , without the Roosters. Still a Parramatta junior. Still going up through the grades their. So where do you get this crap, ‘Our Tupou’?
    When did I ever say that everyone that comes through the Penrith or any other teams junior systems are all Their juniors? Never did…
    It just remains a fact that it’s Nature , not nurture . That creates good footballers. If they have the talent & determination they’ll make it. They don’t need the Roosters!
    You can’t see any of that , as you can’t see past the end of your nose with your Tri-coloured eyes.
    The Roosters only ever cherry pick many good juniors from other areas. They can’t produce their own. Without South’s , Penrith, Parramatta, Newcastle, St.George, Warriors etc. the Roosters can’t find top juniors to field any team. Just look at the So Called Roosters only Premiership winning Under Twenties team. It was spot the local junior time.
    At least Penrith can field teams of their own juniors in any age group. They also work with Western Division. Assisting with juniors out there. The Chooks wouldn’t have a clue what any of that is about. They couldn’t even keep a team at Wyong.
    All your , only came good as they go to the Roosters. No one needs to hear that garbage.
    Lucky Keary, Tedesco, Cronk etc, etc , etc went to the Roosters. Don’t know what they would have done as players otherwise?
    If you don’t like the story about Fittler talking to the Roosters? Get in touch with him. You’ll only find out that was ‘Right’.
    Stop your dreaming. There’s life outside of Randwick.

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