SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 14: John Asiata of the Cowboys passes during the round 23 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on August 14, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Off-contract Cowboy John Asiata is weighing up a move to the Gold Coast Titans from the 2021 season.

The 26-year old has one year left on his current deal with North Queensland and new Titans coach Justin Holbrook reportedly has him in his sights.

Asiata met with Holbrook in November when he was Brisbane for a wedding.

“Right now my focus is (with the Cowboys), I can’t really do anything outside of football. My job is to perform on the field and hopefully that can do the talking with where I want to be,” he told

“Gold Coast presented something that they thought would be good for me but it’s all about me preparing for 2020 and putting my best foot forward for the Cowboys.

“They’ve done a lot for me over my career, and I’m just trying to let the football do the talking. If I can perform and do my best for the team the rest will take care of itself.”

Asiata joined North Queensland in 2014  has also represented Samoa and Tonga during his career.

He is wanting to build off last season and make even bigger strides in 2020.

“I looked at 2019 as a really big stepping stone and 2020 is about trying to put myself in uncomfortable positions, trying to challenge myself and take my game and myself in general to a whole new level,” he said.

“I’m not just here to play NRL games, I’m here to try and help the club become a very well known club.

“The ultimate goal is to go to the grand final and hopefully get another premiership.”


  1. Yes and a good player.
    East what is your thoughts on teams like the panthers, broncos, south,s etc with a good junior nursery and seem to be behind the teams that base their business model on melbourne?

  2. You’re right Sidney.
    Still, someone has to produce the players. Or where would the likes of Melbourne get any players?
    I not so sure about lumping Brisbane in with them. Quite a few premierships, finals. I’d think once their halves come good, look out every other club. They keep all the players they really want to keep.
    They made the Grand Final in 2015 & without Hunt would have Won it.

  3. Well Woody you sort of glossed over the fact that Asiata played Matt’s for Parra but nice try there boofhead

  4. You know what don’t answer I’ve already lost interest and it doesn’t mean a rats arse in the greater scheme of things.

  5. John Asiata..
    Born in Penrith & played for Patrician Brothers , Blacktown. A Penrith juniors college.
    So say what you like BrennanWoodLice.
    If he was born in Parkes for example & then went to Penrith , you’d say he’s a country player.
    So I guess you can’t have it both ways?

  6. Greg Alexander. Born in Penrith. Penrith Rugby League club, got him to play for Fairfield Patrician Brothers. Every other junior team & rep team he played for was in Penrith , from when he could stand.
    Keep trying though.

  7. No..,
    Not every player was from Penrith.
    Just the same as virtually none are from the Chicken Nuggets.
    You keep being jealous & petty though Brennan.Adam,Mark , or which ever WoodLouse you are today?

  8. Anyway I don’t care where he is from where he went school. I would be stoked to see him line up in a Titans jersey, but if you extract from what Asiata is saying you would be surprised to see him take to the field in anything other than a cowboys jersey. Unless the bloke has family living in the area Titans wont get him, I hope they do he is such a complete footballer can literally play any position.

  9. Titans need a better player than him to replace Arrow.

    Titans should firstly offer Latrell Mitchell a nice decent offer and bring him over. Imagine Ryan James and Mitchell on the same edge. Would be a huge amount of line breaks and tackle breaks, offloads and tries.
    Then to sure up the middle with Arrow gone, would go for Christian Welch and Herman Ese’ese. Both players wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and would go a long way to giving you some metres in the middle.
    Not to finish there with Nathan Peats off contract I’d also sign Andrew McCullogh to sure up the middle. McCullogh is old but he’s still good for 40+ tackles and lots of leadership.

    In: Mitchell, Welch, Ese’ese and McCullogh
    Out: Peats, Latu, Copley, Release Arrow, and try get rid of Cartwright

    1. Brimson
    2. Don/Sami
    3. Mitchell
    4. Watkins
    5. Kelly
    6. Roberts
    7. Taylor
    8. Wallace
    9. McCullogh
    10. Fotuaika
    11. James
    12. Proctor
    13. Welch

    14. Peachey
    15. Ese’ese
    16. S. Boyd
    17. Hipgrave

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