Man-of-the-match winner Lindsay Collins has credited Maroons forward icon Nate Myles for his stunning performance on Wednesday night.

In the two games in this series, Collins has produced back-to-back memorable performances.

The opening game saw Collins out-jump Rooster teammate James Tedesco to solidify the game, and he followed that up with a man-of-the-match performance on Wednesday.

Crediting Myles' legacy and influence, the two forwards share a close bond with one another.

Now an assistant coach with Queensland, Myles has a long-standing connection with Lionel Williamson, the grandfather of Lindsay Collins.

Williamson, a former Australian international, was responsible for getting Myles his first chance in rugby league. Myles admitted to the AAP that Williamson knew former Bulldogs CEO Bob Hagan - who gave Myles a look into the NRL - and also coached him while at St Augustine's College in Cairns, Queensland.

On the field, Collins embodies what Myles used to do best in the Queensland jersey. A workhouse, Collins delivers high-powered charging runs and aggressive defence, taking it to the opposition.

"Nate is the kind of bloke that didn't stop moving. He had those small effort areas and turned up for his mates," Collins said via the AAP.

"He is awesome and someone I idolised growing up. I met him at a real young age.

"My grandad and him had a close connection so I always saw Nate Myles as a hero. To be a mate with him now is pretty cool."

After being told of the compliment Collins gave him, Myles returned the favour.

"Incredibly, Lindsay is teaching me things at the moment," Myles told AAP.

"He is a stupendous, knowledgeable front-runner and his actions in a game are a complete reflection of how he trains.

Lindsay is always doing things perfectly.

"He is tradesman-like. If he was building houses he'd be the first person I would get to build mine."

"My love for Lindsay is not just through that connection now. It is through his ability to completely be a professional and an expert every time he is doing his trade."