SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 17: Jason Clark of the Rabbitohs runs with the ball during the NRL trial match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Wigan at ANZ Stadium on February 17, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Rabbitohs forward Jason Clark is set to leave South Sydney at the end of the season after agreeing to a two-year deal in the Super League with the Warrington Wolves.

The 28-year old has made 157 NRL appearances all for South Sydney and was a part the side’s 2014 premiership triumph.

Clark has come off the bench for the 9-4 Rabbitohs this season who sit third on the NRL ladder, but is happy to lock down his future in England’s Super League and is excited for what lies ahead.

“I’m glad to have my contract organised with Warrington and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my career over in England, but first we have a job to finish here at Souths,” Clark told

“The past 11 seasons have been a young boy’s dream come true. All I’ve done is wear the red and green, and following discussions with Steve Price, Simon Moran and Karl Fitzpatrick, I’ll be able to extend my career in the primrose and blue of Warrington.

“Warrington is a similar club to us here at Souths. They have a long and rich history which is something that attracted me to the Club.

“I’ll also be able to team up with (former Rabbitohs team mate) Bryson Goodwin and his family which is exciting for me, my wife Lauren and my three daughters Milla, Andi and Billie.

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“I can’t thank everyone connected with the Club enough for the opportunities I have been given to play for this team.

“I want to thank all of my team mates, coaches, the staff and management, sponsors and of course our brilliant Members for all of their support over the years, including everyone from Souths Juniors and those who helped me become an NRL footballer. It means so much to me and my family.

“I’m so lucky to have received the support that I have and I’ve made friendships that will outlast my playing career. They will last for a lifetime. Some of my biggest supporters are my mum and dad and my sisters so I thank them as well.

“As I said, I’m looking forward to the next chapter, but my focus remains with the Rabbitohs for the rest of this season.

“We have many things still to achieve this year and that all starts with Friday’s game against the Titans.

“I cherish every game I get to play and I’m looking forward to playing out the rest of this season in front of our loyal Members and supporters.”

Rabbitohs GM of Football Shane Richardson wished the veteran all the best ahead of his move.

“Jason has been simply an outstanding club man, always giving his best and always with a smile on his face,’ Richardson told

“He will be welcomed back to the Club in some capacity in the future when he finishes his playing career.

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“Warrington is a great club and they have signed a quality player and human being.”




  1. Best of luck champ, you should know all rabbitoh supporters I know believe you deserved another contract.

  2. Oh boowhoo, such an amazing benchwarmer and clubman. Mate the bottom line is your not in their financial strategic plan to buy a premiership. The money needs to go to Inglis, Gagai and the Burgess brothers not a local junior like you mate. Typical Souths how over the decades they are to tight to look after their own. Go out Souths and buy some other clubmen from another club. Those greedy boys mentioned above really must be chewing up the salary cap if they cant resign Crichton and now Clark who at 28yrs old still has at least 5yrs left in him. Such a great “clubman” tell us another one Richardson.😎

    • Talk about buying a premiership, the Roosters only have one genuine junior on their books – Victor Radley. South’s only sin is not getting the right brown paper bags from the Rooster’s supplier.

    • WOW !! A chicken supporter accusing another club of buying a premiership…. NOW that’s priceless….lol even….

    • I will let you in on a little secret. South’s won’t be buying this years premiership. However who ever wins it has bought it, simply because the eventual premiers for the past 35yrs have used up their entire salary cap. What makes me laugh is when people, for example South’s fans, do exactly what the Roosters do and purchase quality imports but unlike the Roosters at the expense of letting juniors go. They are more guilty than the Chooks for sacrificing local talent for an Inglis, Gagai, Cook, Jennings or 3 import poms from across the other side of the planet. See rabbit fans, I was only trying to educate you people that, yes even South’s buy premierships or should I say one premiership(2014), The next purchased comp is due in 2057 another 43yrs from the previous one. 🙂

        • Local juniors are irrelevant. How many locals in the Cowboys, Newcastle & Canberra top 17. less than half. I think Penrith and Brisbane are the only teams with the majority of players are born and bred in their own region. Melbourne, Sydney Roosters, Manly have been powerhouses in the 21st century producing not a lot of home grown. Its all about buying a comp. Souths have caught onto the idea. Canterbury has been good at it for decades also.😜

      • Mate we don’t need to pay cuz we are to good brudda and why do you always gotta be picking on the bunnies for I saw something you comment on another post and it was a titans player and you said he was good and the titans are lower than you on the ladder is it because you are scared of the bunnies or is it because your team is nothing just like you

    • Wow Woody, what a load of crap that was, man you just seriously showed how fragile you are being an Easts supporter, Crichton wants out of Easts and Souths can afford him to stay, Souths have always supported their juniors only to see clubs like yours take them, now the shoe is on the other foot you don’t like it, just look what you did with Pearce, enough said.

      • Woodchook is just stirring the pot penso trying to flush me out of hiding. I would post more frequently if my posts weren’t blocked for 48 hours before going up. No, old “Woody” is just disappointed that the chooks are at least $2 million over the cap with constant talk of more signings and still were on the verge of dropping out of the top 8 last week. As chalky says, they have no juniors of their own and no loyalty to their long-standing players like Mitchell Pearce, SKD and Adrian Guerra. Even Kane Evans and Connor Watson got the chop all because they thought Cronk and Tedesco would be the answer to their prayers for their next premiership.

        The chooks are currently chasing their 14th premiership as a “changed entity” (they have had more facelifts than LaToya Jackson). Souths won their 14th premiership way back before I was born in 1953! The last time that the Eastern Suburbs Roosters (Easts) won a premiership was way back in 1975. After 25 years without winning the silverware, they changed their name from embarrassment to distance themselves from their failure and shedding the albatross won their first premiership as the new entity (the RL equivalent of “Frankensteins’ monster”) 2 years later in 2002. Before winning back to back premierships in 1974 & 1975 (with an injection of a significant number of South Sydney talent) the last time the chooks had won a premiership was way back in 1945 (when World War II was ending! South Sydney won 9 premierships during that period by the way (1946 – 1973).

        In their current form, the Sydney Roosters are chasing their 3rd premiership, something South Sydney achieved in 1914 (2 years after the sinking of the Titanic and year before the Gallipoli landing for some historical perspective). They are currently 18 premierships behind Souths and 3 places behind Souths currently on the ladder. Not a bad effort when you think about it for a club that is only $2 million OVER the cap, has no juniors (and only ONE junior currently in their team, Victor Radley, Boyd Cordner was “shipped in” from Taree as a 17 years old).

        Nice try “Woody”, at least you got me to respond. Time for your sponge bath Woodchook. Nurse Ratched is calling. LOL

  3. Now surely Zero Tackle you can see the logic in allowing SSTID to respond , his input is very constructive and adds to the colour of this site.

    If you could at least respond to my request to allow him to be not monitored , that would be good, you did say that he he is welcomed to add to the forum, you just did not mention that he would be monitored, please allow him to post comments live.

    Hopefully i will get a response from you.

    • He’s had his chances and if he wishes to continue to contribute to the site, it will be via moderation.

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