The NRL’s long-time broadcast partner Channel 9 has blasted the league over its “mismanagement of the code” in a statement

The league is currently targeting an audacious May 21st or May 28th return of the competition following the shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Channel 9’s current broadcast deal with the NRL reportedly worth $625 million runs through until 2022.

However, judging by the network’s statement, that deal could be the last between the two parties, if it doesn’t end sooner.

β€œAt Nine we had hoped to work with the NRL on a solution to the issues facing rugby league in 2020, brought on so starkly by COVID-19,” the statement began.

β€œBut this health crisis in our community has highlighted the mismanagement of the code over many years. Nine has invested hundreds of millions in this game over decades and we now find they have profoundly wasted those funds with very little to fall back on to support the clubs, the players and supporters.

β€œIn the past the NRL have had problems and we’ve bailed them out many times including a $50m loan to support clubs when the last contract was signed.

β€œIt would now appear that much of that has been squandered by a bloated head office completely ignoring the needs of the clubs, players and supporters.”


  1. What right has 9 got to tune the NRL? They are right of course that management has stuffed up the finances, but to say they have invested in league is wrong, they paid what they had to , to gain the TV rights, so hows that an ivestement in the game, like they own it, no, they invested so their TV station can make a profit , now it appears that they are threathing the NRL with what? Both sides broke the aggrement , the NRL could not show gams as per contract, 9 did not pay their fees on time , nor Fox, so the NRL can now negioate a new deal and if 10 for instance want in , so be it.

    The sooner the NRL is back on the better and hopefully the NSW government see’s the light and ends this charade of this deadly virus the better.

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