News out of the capital is reporting the Raiders want to secure the signatures of three star players.

John Bateman, Elliot Whitehead and Ryan Sutton are all in the mix to sign high-end deals, securing the English trio for more strong seasons.

According to the Daily Telegraph, English agent Andy Clarke will arrive in Australia to negotiate these deals, with two of the three players under the age of 26 and looking to be locked in for at least another four years.

The deals could be as high as just under $4 million combined, and with George Williams set to arrive on a three-year deal in 2020, the Raiders are certainly feeling the presence of the Poms.

The news of the contract talks comes in the week of a season-defining game for the Raiders, who face the high-flying Roosters at home on Sunday.

The fixture will likely decide who finishes in second spot with the two sides level on points and both sides having similar runs home.


  1. Ohh Twitty One, you forget how the stocks of the Burger Bros has dropped.
    One on his way back home… Nobody wants him…
    another doing, what looks like, a two week stretch…., cause he’s a thug….
    The third is just a dopey dud…

  2. I would say Back2thedrawingboard19 might have been banned and back as chookstir.
    Well done raiders with smart recruiting and not poaching from grass roots juniors NRL clubs

  3. Sam has been cleared to play despite rooster patsies kent and co saying should be upgraded.
    Sam walked in wearing a jake trboivich face mask and jared hargraeves headbutt.

  4. Frankfurter what are you talking about?
    Is there a point to your gibberish?
    Btw why do your roosters have less members this year than last year despite winning a premiership?
    Do people have an issue with this club’s integrity which is the popular opinion?

  5. Frankfurter take a look at how many grass roots souths players have come from souths spiritual redfern to how many grass roots rooster players have come from roosters spiritual Dover Heights lol

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