The Panthers have officially announced a contract extension for promising forward Billy Burns, securing the 20-year-old until the end of the 2022 season.

"I'm stoked to re-sign with Panthers and to be staying in Penrith for at least the next few years," Burns told the club's website.

"I have a lot of good mates at this club and together I believe we have the potential to build something special.

"Heading into next season I'm focused on locking down a spot in the NRL side and delivering consistent performances at that level.

"I want to thank Ivan (Cleary) and everyone at Panthers for the opportunities they've given me to this point."

After playing junior rugby with Parkes Spacemen, Burns arrived at Penrith as a member of the club's premiership-winning SG Ball side in 2016.

Playing in the lower grade for Penrith, Burns eventually made his NRL debut against Sydney Roosters in the second-last round of the season.

The 20-year-old represented the Australian Schoolboys in 2016, and was selected into the New South Wales U20s Origin side in 2018.

"It was always our intention to keep Billy at the club so we're thrilled to have the opportunity to extend his contract until the end of 2022," said Panthers General Manager Matt Cameron.

"Billy is a great example of the young talent that is emerging from our ongoing work with Rugby League development in central west NSW.

"His first two games in the NRL showcased some of the skills he brings to our squad and we look forward to watching his game develop in the seasons ahead."


  1. Spaceman WestOfDivide will definitely make space Cadet EastOf Divide so happy knowing his Parkes Spaceman the so called local product junior has signed on. Could last half a season like most Penrirh signings before he is axed mid contract and ends up at say….. Souths.

  2. Dave99 what’s your deal mate????
    Wat do u have against Penrith anyways!?!?!
    Oh I see it’s because we don’t have $20Mil to spend per season that’s why. Sorry that we don’t have someone like grandpa Politis running our club.
    Since we’re on the topic of local juniors and poaching…… Roosters are great examples aren’t they….. I mean look at the players that they have produced through they’re junior system…. the likes of Tedesco, Cronk, Keary. U guys are really showing the rest of the clubs just how to produce young talent rather than poaching from other clubs ay!?!?!

    Friggen knob head!!!

  3. My co.ments are in retaliation to knobs like EastsOfDivide who never stops attacking the Sydney Roosters. So if you take offence and bring up the same garbage then you will be on the hit list.

  4. Dave you need to chill out and help get this site back on track.
    Lets all talk football and stop club bashing and personal attacks.
    You obviously love your footy so put it to constructive comments.
    Everyone’s entitled to their comments, there is no right or wrong, constructive criticism creates a topic for discussion.
    Lets leave personal attacks out of it.

  5. Hey Roister Dave!
    That’s your name for your team , not mine.
    Stop signing in as other people on here & knocking other people’s teams . Stop swearing & using personal attacks against others, when you obviously can’t handle any criticism yourself . You wouldn’t have been banned time & time again, if it wasn’t you attacking others pal.
    You go on about your premiership buyers all the time. Yet can’t handle it when the truth of your clubs pointed out to you.
    Got any ‘ exats ‘ ? Did you mean expats? Also incorrect buddy . Think you mean exports.
    South’s ( or Sourh’s to you ), supporters are sick of your crap also. That’s why they knock your team . I support them With that
    So ‘ Enj ou y ‘ ( your very special word? ) your day.
    Those special Roister Dave words from Dave 99, October 6, at 6.13 PM. From the Brisbane / Sezer story.

  6. Great to see Billy Burns sign on for longer. Hope he keeps playing as he did in the Canterbury Cup in 2019 & in first grade. Good attacking player & brings a point of difference to the forwards.

  7. By the way RoisterDaveWoodLawn.
    You said something about Penrith getting rid of players early?
    Didn’t your Roisters buy Lamb before the start of the 2019 season ,for two years. Then boot him after about three quarters of one season there? That’s while they were still buying the five halfbacks in the last two years.

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