SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 13: Thomas Burgess of the South Sydney Rabbitohs poses during a rugby league international double header media opportunity at Blues Point Reserve on February 13, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have announced the re-signing of international front row forward Thomas Burgess until the end of the 2023 season.

Burgess, 26, has represented England in 25 Test matches over the past six seasons and was part of the Rabbitohs premiership-winning 2014 team.

"Souths is all I've known and I'm really pumped to be signed up long term now," Burgess said on the club website.

"The Club gave me a chance when I came to Australia for the first time, a 20-year-old young lad, not knowing what to expect. Now six or seven years down the track, I'm still enjoying my football here.

"I love calling Sydney home and I wouldn't want to play anywhere else in the NRL than with the Rabbitohs.

"To play my 100th game with Souths last year was really significant for me, but now it's about quality rather than quantity and I want to play my best each week.

"I'm looking forward to getting out there and performing for the Members. They are the cornerstone of our Club and without them, the Club wouldn't be in the position it's in today.

"I'm really looking forward to the seasons ahead and wearing that famous Red and Green jersey."


  1. He will start his “fade” in 2019 and be on the nose with fans from 2020 this will continue for the next 4 years……watch

  2. Fantastic signing for Souths, Takes many years to become a great front row forward. I believe this
    contract would be the envy of all club recruitment departments.

  3. Great resigning , honest front rower who is hard to handle, now just need George to resign then we can continue to build our pack around the Burgess boys, both are of an age where prop forwards start to mature, i remember Victor Radley saying they are the hardest guys to tackle and really wear you out.

    Now of course we all can expect the usual idiots on this site, not all mind you, their are plenty on this site i have heaps of respect for, to post dumb comments , started aready with 2041 not so intellegent post.

  4. Good news for Souths tbh. They just need George to sign. It’s good timing because the twins are just starting to hit their peak now with the age that forwards mature coming up

  5. No brainer really. Bennett will have them purring along and will get the best out of the twins and Sam.

    Good times ahead for the bunnies over the next 2-3 years. All these muppets writing Bennett off will have egg on their face. He needed a change from Brisbane and if the players buy in they’ll be bloody close to another premiership

  6. Good comment redv13, woodduck predicted we will get the spoon with Bennett coaching or MANLY will with Hasler , cb4ever both those Burgess boys maturity should show out now, I still believe that George would have been a great signing for Parra so hopefully he can recommit.

  7. You talk about woodchoock just as much as he talks about you haha you 2 are made for each other

    Saying the rabbits will win the spoon this year is a joke but manly would be close to being favourites for it

  8. Hey Penso, it’s looking like the Bunnies are coming off relatively unscathed from this article, so would it help if I was to say something like, terrible signing, and they’ll probably play him in the forward pack instead of his obviously natural position on the wing etc etc?
    P.S, I’ll take it as a given that your retort would be along the lines of “that explains why Parra has so many spoons”.

    But seriously, I think the 3 brothers playing together, especially under Bennett now, given their relationship, and to a lesser extent (but still a positive factor) at the Bunnies where they have history/loyalty should see them performing at their peaks. As per the previous Parra / G. Burgess article I’m glad he declined our offer/s, for that very reason.

  9. I might be mistaken here but didnt he say late last year he wasnt rushing to resign he was thinking about trying out for the nfl then suddenly Bennett tskes over at souths and he signs a 4 year deal mmmmmmm

  10. I still don’t think the Burgess twins have stood up as top NRL front row forwards. For me, James Graham and Matt Scott (fit) are the benchmarks.

  11. Looks like Thomas took the 900k while George is still demanding a mil. George won’t be signing at Souffths in the near future. I think Manly who signed the Dud Burgess brother a few years back want George when they sort out their cap next season. Expect a massive offer shortly from another team besides Manly very very soon. Brisbane and Cronulla are in the market for replacement forwards next season

  12. Brisbane officials and fans know exactly how Bennett has underachieved in the last 3 seasons. Any league fan knows his footy sides crumble in the defensive department. He has run out of ideas. Any person praising this bloke to bring Souffs a premiership on his ancient past achievements in the next 3 seasons will end up with egg all over their dial. Can’t see George Burgess stay at Souffths. Unless they pay him a mil

  13. I notice the phot of the weakest Burgess brother Tom has his photo looking back towards the Roosters territory and is taken from the North Sydney side of Sydney Roosters Harbour. Remember we own both sides of the Harbour now with Norths being our reserve grade team. Get back down to stinky old Zetland, Mascot or Some other dump and take your tribal photo from your own crap territory.

  14. 2041 is spot on 3caps. They will go on the fade with out of date Bennett at the helm then when Souffths rabit gives Bennett the big heave ho, Thomas will lift his game for a contract renewal.

  15. Really…In front of Waerea-Hargreaves & Andrew Fifita in the last few years?
    As much as many must dislike them. Surely they’ve been the benchmark for a few years. It pains me to say so!

  16. At the end of the day myself as a Souths supporter and most if not all supporters are happy with Toms signing and hope George resigns as well, i don’t care what other supporters say or think, I’m very happy with the team we have and actions speak louder than words , lets see how it all pans out this season, only then will we find out who was right and who was not so right.

  17. Glad he’s staying.. George to re-commit, they’ll both hit their peak in this next phase of their careers..

  18. As a Dragons fan I have to disagree about James Graham. He was largely ineffective last year but for whatever reason kept being pumped up by game day commentators.

    In terms of the Burgess signing I think it is a good one. Well done to Souths. All the haters up further in this string are just plain embarrassing themselves.

  19. Typical comment from a one eyed supporter. So if George re-signs that means Souffths have 5 players on a million bucks or close to it. AHAHAHAHAH

  20. Those figures are RUBBISH.
    Tom is nowhere near $900k
    Both were looking for about $600k to $700k under the Cap.
    In 2019 Tom and George are on about $450k to $500k

    Their contracts were signed under the old Salary Cap System amount when it was a Top 25 and a $7.1M Cap.

  21. Better get the so called salary cap expert souffs_1970 on to it. The clown would have to admit the true price. Souffs need investigating. I have steady been hearing they are shopping a 2014 premiership winning second rower around to pay for Tom.

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