Just hours after announcing his retirement from the NRL, Sam Burgess was charged with intimidation following an alleged domestic dispute on October 19.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, police were called to the property of Burgess' father-in-law Mitchell Hooke after Burgess allegedly intimidated the 63-year-old.

Burgess was reportedly visiting his children at Hookes' home before he was asked to leave the property, with police filing a temporary apprehended violence order against the former Rabbitoh.

“About 4pm on Saturday 19 October 2019, police were called to an address at Glenquarry, east of Bowral, in relation to a domestic dispute,” a NSW police statement read.

“Police from The Hume Police District attended and an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order was applied for on behalf of a 63-year-old man.

“Following further inquiries, on Wednesday 30 October 2019, a 30-year-old man was charged with the offence of Intimidation (DV related).

“It’s alleged the man intimidated the older man during the incident."

“The 30-year-old is expected to appear at Moss Vale Local Court on Wednesday 18 December 2019.”

Burgess was served a court attendance notice for intimidation on Wednesday and is expected to face the Moss Vale Local Court on December 18.



  1. Could not stand up to JWH but knows how to threaten a grand father.

    Penso…….how does it feel suporting a grand father basher?

    Its a bit like when your have entire record collection of Rolf Harris, Penso . Then when you find out what he has done to little children, then Penso/Shadow just want to burn every thing. So rip down your 2014 purchased premiership team poster from above your pillow, and burn it………… NOW…………….!!!!!!

  2. Hey shadow you muppet, what inside info do you have that shows Sammy didn’t intimidate the old fella?? There was no assault so not sure how your “ wink wink inside Info “ gets Sammy off here?? Unless you were standing in the same room as Sammy and the old fella at the time then your inside info is as useless as you are

  3. Sounds to me Toddy has given the old 123 to some innocent females. So Toddy who condones threatening Grand Fathers. You most definitely have the attributes of awoman basher you slimy slimmering maggot.

  4. BenHubcap
    October 31, 2019 at 11:29 am
    “Could not stand up to JWH but knows how to threaten a grand father”

    Hubcap when was the last time JWH played against Sam for a win.?
    Not this year.
    The only 2 times they played against each other this year Sam trounced him.
    Now, go watch your wife and toddy123 to see how it’s done.

  5. Don’t worry, Peter Beattie has decided to stand down Steve(we all know its Sam) Burgess under the no fault policy(Yes, the rest of us know he’s retired)

  6. Little toddy, you’re a joke. You were literally crying your dirty little eyes out over a few abo jokes but you seem to have no problem with intimidating and harassing old men. You will always be a second class citizen, I pity you and your miserable stain of a family.

  7. A little birdy told me that sam burgesse’s father in law was the aggressor stay tuned this aggressive old man will realize the error of his ways and drop these lying dishonest threats/accusations towards sam burgess FACT.sams aggressive old father in law apparently has a very very short fuse he should stay out of his daughters personal business but the little bird told me sam and his wife and his little family will be reunited soon…

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