South Sydney forward George Burgess has agreed to a three-year deal with English side Wigan Warriors.

The move will see Burgess leave the Rabbitohs at the end of the season after ten years with the club where he played alongside brothers Tom and Sam.

“Although it’s a huge decision to leave the NRL and say goodbye to Souths,” Burgess said to

“I’m excited as to what the future will hold at Wigan Warriors and the Betfred Super League.

“It’s clear to me that there’s something special happening at Wigan Warriors in 2020 and beyond.”

Since making his debut in 2012, Burgess has played 147 times for South Sydney, scoring 13 tries.


  1. All the best George and thanks for your great service at the bunnies.
    JWH will be glad you wont be around to crack a few more of his ribs.
    Very proud that when the roosters came knocking on your door you burst out laughing and told them where to go.
    Hope to see you in a few weeks when we bring Premiership No 22 where it belongs at the Pride of the League.

  2. Edwoodenspoonnextyear1 speaking of grubs how is the most recognised grub in the NRL Hargreaves who will win this years Dalley M for Most Visits to the Judiciary and this week facing 2 separate charges in the same game.?

  3. You have such an envious obsession with the great bunnies you have become the laughing stock of ZT Edwoodenspooner1 with your erratic comments.

  4. Edwoodeoodenspooner1 you are entitled to your opinion on George but your going to have to put up with Crighton and Radley for the rest of this year buddy.
    Good luck.

  5. “You have such an envious obsession with the great bunnies you have become the laughing stock of ZT Edwoodenspooner1 with your erratic comments.”

    Hahahaha coming from you Stephanie? The jealousy you have for the roosters is going to kill you one day, if that won’t the gear will, you delusional fool.

  6. Edwoodenspoon1 everyone on here knows your knowledge on NRL surpasses that of Andrew John’s regarding Cam Murray on top of his top that Souths will be 2019 premiers.
    After all in another topic in ZT as FrankSpencer you have told us all that you played for the Roosters so you must have some credibility.

  7. Frankspencer as an ex rooster player as you have told us all, who do you think will replace Cronk when he leaves?

  8. Edwoodenspoon1 you pointed out the Cameron Murray didn’t make the top 18 this week.
    I have to agree with the fact that he didn’t is a talking point which you have kindly raised.
    Champion players don’t need to make the top 18 every week and when they don’t it is a noticeable omission as you have noted.
    Maybe he’ll be included next week and you won’t have to point out the anomaly.
    Thanks anyway for your astute investigative effort on this.

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