SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 06: George Burgess and Tom Burgess of the Rabbitohs train during the South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on June 6, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Canterbury have identified South Sydney twins George and Tom Burgess as potential replacements for Knights-bound prop David Klemmer, as reported by The Daily Telegraph. 

The Bulldogs are on the hunt for a prop forward this off-season following Klemmer’s decision to join Newcastle on a four-year deal.

The Burgess brothers have uncertainty surrounding their futures should Wayne Bennett and Anthony Seibold swap places ahead of next season.

Bennett is reportedly looking to bring star Bronco Tevita Pangai Jnior with him to the Souths in 2020, which could cause the Burgess brothers to depart Redfern.

Tom and George come out of contract at the end of the 2019 season and Canterbury are keeping an eye on their situation, while also monitoring the likes of Martin Taupau, Addin Fonua-Blake and Dylan Napa.

Klemmer has already completed a medical with Newcastle and his move is expected to be finalised in the coming weeks, with the 24-year old currently on leave for Australia’s New Zealand tour.

Knights coach Nathan Brown would not confirm the club’s pursuit of Klemmer but admitted the club had made recruiting plans.

“I’d rather focus on players we have, but if anything was to eventuate there, we’d be willing to talk,” Brown told The Daily Telegraph. 

“We’ve made no secret that we need one or two players of that front row status, if they are not a Test player, but have the potential to be a Test player.

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“For our forward pack it is a position that we certainly need to strengthen and it is a position that with our cap we have planned to strengthen.

“We’ve thrown a few punches and had a few misses, as was the case with Kalyn Ponga and Mitchell Pearce where we missed a few people in and around the traps.

“In recruitment you need an element of luck and to be positioned well with the finances to be able to do it, but you also need some things to fall your way.

“Hopefully over the next four to eight weeks something falls our way in that area.

“We have had a certain amount of luck in the last 18 months, so hopefully it can continue.”


  1. The twins moving on would be a good thing for us. As good as they can be, they have way too many mistakes and inconsistent games in them. We could use the funds to chase TPJ and a range of others who would be better replacements. Sam is locked in for the rest of his career and, according to a members newsletter from a little while ago, would love his brothers to stay but understands business is business.

    I’d move the twins on, Gagai and A.J and free up a huge amount of cap space to chase gun replacements.

    • I agree, the twins have served their purpose, therefore this opens the door far and wide to oust Sam, the Facebook stripper, also. We will free up an abundance of income to pursue TJP from Brisbane and Dylan Napa from the Roosters.

      Although the way Dylan pounded all our useless Pommies, throughout the past four seasons, whilst displaying utter hatred towards any Souths personnel. Then perhaps it will be highly unlikely all the money freed up from the three pommy brothers combined, would get him to play in the cardinal and myrtle.

      I do agree with your opinion SSITD, Johnson and Gagai are two that must depart our once mighty club, both overpaid and underperform.

      Bennett will obliterate our club. His new exhibit for the Red and Green will have an unfamiliar appearance once he goes to work on the Rabbitohs. Defence wins major games, Bennett’s teams in defence are nonexistent in his old age.

      Our Glorious club is in for some hard dismantling times under Bennett.

    • I find it interesting that Souths fans are already adding TPJ to their roster, hoping that he will follow Bennett. I wonder if they would be just as understanding if Cook or Reynolds decide to follow Seibold. I have my doubts.

      • If that happened tommy I for one would definitely be throwing Bennett over board. Even Bennett has said these players have to make up their own minds so nothing is a given.

        It frustrates me when you use logic tommy. Don’t start me tommy! DON’T start me!

      • ZT, at the risk of making it onto the wrong list, you’ve left posts from RussCrower etc up, and taken other (rational) comments off.

        • To be fair to ZT, I don’t think it is them taking down the comments. There are a few petty people reporting all of these comments which I think leads to an automatic suspension of the comment pending moderation. Probably means the system needs adjusting for repeat offenders of reporting comments that should not be.

        • This is correct. The reporting system is important for actual posts that need reporting but some one is reporting comments for no reason. They will be tracked down and banned.

        • Appreciate the reply ZT, but it has been happening for a few weeks now and most comments reported definitely don’t deserve to be.

      • But that is the whole fun of it isn’t it Tommy? Each clubs supporters are the same. I am sure you would be much more receptive to Cook or Reynolds following Seibold than TPJ following Bennett too 😉

        • “Each clubs supporters are the same.”

          No, eels fans are the worst… for arguing in circles. 😉

          Roosters fans are worst at balancing a cheque book and sticking to a budget.

          Sea Eagles fans are worst at confronting reality while Broncos fans are worst at understanding that there ARE actually 13 other teams south of the border.

          And Rabbitohs fans are worst at being humble about just how damn good our club is.

          Bahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

        • Come on boys, I’ll make it easy for you.

          The difference between thinking outside the square and arguing in a circle is that the square has 4 sharp pointy corners so you will need adult supervision if you want to go there.

        • When are we going to move from “Life of Brian” to “the Holy Grail” Woody? I can’t wait for you to find out what happened with the “killer rabbit”. 💥 🐇

          Too bad you missed my post with the short Monty Python clip (it got removed). Did you see my “We are all individuals” post? That was for you mate but it reinforced my point in any case.

          Well back to the task at hand. I was fishing for eels but I think they have all gone to ground. I wonder if they have a taste for chicken on the end of my lure? 🎣🐓

  2. The only people adding TPJ to South’s roster are the media. All of this garbage about who is being pursued and who will follow whom is just media talk. As I have been saying all along, wait until it has been announced by the clubs involved.

  3. Just hope our coaching circus will be settled asap… with the obvious, being them swapping asap.. NOW EVEN !!

  4. If South’s let Gagai go? What happens if Inglis has another long term knee injury? Inglis is not getting any younger either. Who would the centres be without them? Roberts back from the Broncos? Jennings & Burns perhaps?
    Sam Burgess , the Facebook Stripper . Is also Sam , the Trainee Eye Specialist by the looks of it. I doubt whether Zelezniak asked Sam to remove his contact lens. Sam has always been a dirty , cheap shot , piece of crap.

    • I believe you mean George Burgess, just to clear that up. Not to say that Sam has never been a ‘dirty, cheap shot, piece of crap’, but get your brothers right mate. Twin to twin is forgiveable, but Sam’s a whole other matter. Notably more professional than the other two.

    • Sam The facebook stripper😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂 is to slow for a centre, I heard George his brother is chasing the dollar, the centre scouts have noticed how fast he is when Thomas the twin said he thought he saw some gold in the eye of the kiwi player, the speed George ran towards the Kiwi when actually trying to steal his golden eye was electrifying. But had he pulled his eye out the extra weight on the fatso twin would make him a bit slow for a centre, so I think you can rule out either fat twin along with the face book stripper as centres.👀👁👓

  5. Yours absolutely right! My apologies to Sam in this case. Should be checking which Burgess first name I’m writing, before writing anything!
    Guess it just runs in there family.

  6. Why don’t you people concentrate on your own teams EOD RUSS ROOSTA your comments are childish and quite frankly way out of order, all you guys would have the twins in your teams in a heart beat.

    Zt tackle i wish to back up eelsalmighty comment and ask when are you going to ban comments from people who only wish to stir things up and give no useful debate to this forum, alas i believe that you are moderating the wrong people here, please be consistant.

    • You want debate, yet when people comment on something you disagree with you tell them to shut up and only comment on their own team?

        • Beastie is a Knights supporter penso so you have to expect there is an excessive amount of frustration and disappointment that comes with that.

          It also gives him a unique insight into what a “crap player” actually looks like. After all you have to have a “special squad” of “unique individual talents” to get the wooden spoon 3 years in a row!

          That said, I have also taken the rod to the backside of several players so I can’t judge Beastie too harshly.

          Gerard Beale for example, as an NRL footballer makes an exceptional club mascot don’t you think? 😉

          So penso, what was the comment that set you off? For the most part (from what I can remember) Beastie may be harsh but fair, although he isn’t a fan of banter from what I can see. Am I wrong Beastie?

        • I agree that calling a player a “piece of crap” is a pretty childish thing to do, but everyone is entitled to their criticisms of players and if they give examples of why they think what they think, it is debate (no matter how childish it could be).
          I’m not a fan of censoring peoples comments just because we don’t like what they say. After all, that is the cost of freedom of speach (as long as there is no racism, biggotism, etc.)

        • Reg, harsh but probably a fair assessment of my past few torturous years as a Knights supporter.
          I must admit, I don’t often get involved in the banter among you guys as I can sometimes be a bit too serious for my own good.
          That said, I’ve had quite a few laughs at some of the comments that have gone on here over the years.

        • Jump on board the “Banter Train” Beastie. We have Rabbits, Chickens, Seagulls, Eels and even a Dragon but no Knights so far. Where is the fun in being serious ALL the time? Life’s too short and work is for the boring stuff.

          You took the harsh assessment and criticism well mate. Believe me when I say I feel your pain. Souths were the poor relative of the NRL for too many years and struggled to attract or retain the talent required to compete at the level required.

          I have said it before but the Knights fans should be commended for how they stuck by their team and still drew capacity crowds for home games during the lean years. The famine after the years of plenty before Tinkler tinkered with the organisation and brought the whole house of cards down on top of Papa Smurf!

          Good days ahead though mate. The Knights have assembled quite a team and will do SO much better with a player like Klemmer to bring out the aggressive best in Daniel Saifiti. Also having Mitchell Pearce on the field for the whole season will help no end AND Kayln Ponga will improve on his first full year in the NRL, especially if he gets more touches playing off Pearce at 5/8. Look how that helped bring Luke Keary’s career to life! 👍🏻

        • So do I take it that you are on board too sydneyroosta? Or is it just the after work drinks talking?

          Would you like to share Woody’s private padded carriage with looped private screenings of Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” or do you want to ride coach with the rest of us loons? We even have an aviary purpose built for our fine feathered friends. Your call.

        • Tempting as ‘Life of Brian’ on repeat sounds, I think I’ll give it a pass on this occasion. Who knows? Maybe one day Woody might put the 8 ball down and come pay us a visit. That’ll be the day…

    • As has been stated numerous times in the past. If you feel a comment crosses the line or is just ridiculously off topic etc, please report it.

    • Come on Penso, you’re better than that mate. This is a public RL forum where we can all comment on any teams. I agree there should be more done about those only here to cause trouble, but other than that how boring would it be if we all just commented on our own teams…..

      Also, see my reply to mighty, I honestly don’t think that ZT are “moderating” Reg, it is a few who seem to think it funny to report all of his comments. Yes, ZT need to fix that, but I don’t think there is anything they are doing to block his comments.

      • Yet on most forums WE have posted on eels47 the majority are like lemmings that play follow the leader right over the cliff and stick to the safe, tried and proven side of an argument. Few try to think outside the square and when they do it becomes a circle with no beginning and no end.

        I have tried, along with a handful of others on this site, to start deep discussions about the rules, changes in the game, the shoulder charge ruling, obstruction, rules that have been twisted out of context until they no longer represent their original purpose and all for what?

        You can count on one hand the few who are prepared to discuss and debate on that level. The sound of crickets is tiring and boring. Much better to give the masses their “bread and circuses” and be done with it.

        • For Woody:

          Brian: Look, you’ve got it all wrong! You don’t NEED to follow ME, You don’t NEED to follow ANYBODY! You’ve got to think for your selves! You’re ALL individuals!

          The Crowd: Yes! We’re all individuals!

          Brian: You’re all different!

          The Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different!

          Lone voice in crowd: I’m not…

          The Crowd: Shhhhhh.😂😂😂😂😂

        • “You can count on one hand the few who are prepared to discuss and debate on that level.” And most of those are Eels supporters as it turns out. Are you sure you don’t want to be Jed?

        • No mate, I’m more suited to the role of cranky “Moe” or quick on his feet “Groucho”.

          You boys can draw straws for the other 3 Marx Brothers (Harpo, Chico and Zeppo).

          Unfortunately, I have to decline your request to join your club of “Merry Men” because, like “Groucho” once said; “I would never join any club that would have ME as a member!” 😁

        • Reg Reagan if you are going to be Groucho then be very careful of leaving any evidence around. Especially your socks because they still have your footprint in them.😂🤣😂🤣

        • CROWD: yelling
          WOMAN: Lay Your hands on me. Quick!
          FRANCIS: Now, don’t jostle the Chosen One, please.
          BABY: crying
          REG (Regan): Don’t push that baby in the Saviour’s face. You’ve got till later.
          GREGORY: I say. I say, could He just see my wife? She has a headache.
          REG (Regan): She’ll have to wait, I’m afraid.
          GREGORY: It’s very bad, and we’ve got a luncheon appointment.
          REG (Regan): Look, the lepers are queuing.
          GREGORY: Her brother-in-law is the ex-mayor of Bath, you know.
          REG (Regan): Uh, Brian, can I introduce the gentleman who’s letting us have the Mounts on Sunday?
          MR. PAPADOPOULOS: Hello.
          FRANCIS: Don’t push!
          REG (Regan): And keep the noise down, please! Those possessed by devils, try and keep them under control a bit, can’t you? All right. Now, those with gifts come forward, please. Incurables, you’ll just have to wait for a few minutes.

        • All good mate but best we don’t test the theological sensitivities of readers and posters on this site or the patience of the censors (like the guard on the bridge of “the holy grail”).

          I try to focus on short less theologically contentious extracts but best to save anything too in depth for offline. If only you managed to follow the breadcrumbs penso left you a while back.

        • I don’t know about the Marx brothers, but if we bring a few others in we could be the 7 dwarfs.
          I’d be Doc, of course.
          Reg, you’ve got Grumpy sewn up.
          Any Manly supporter could be Doppey, although “could be” implies they have a choice, which I’m sure’s not the case.
          I don’t know the others, but I’m sure we could work it out.

        • Reg, What story occurred when Hansel and Gretel left a trail to be found? just maybe a camouflaged clue again is possible to those that seek the answer to the gate keeper.

          KEEPER: What is your quest?
          ARTHUR: To seek the Holy Grail.
          KEEPER: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
          ARTHUR: What do you mean? An African or European swallow?
          KEEPER: What? I don’t know that! Auuuuuuuugh!
          BEDEVERE: How do know so much about swallows?
          ARTHUR: Well, you have to know these things when you’re a king you know.

          The clue Reg, the clue……❓❔❓❔❓

      • Eels , beastie,to be honest its just RUSS crower who gets under my skin that brings these comments out of me, i hate people pretending to be someone they are not, i concur with what Reg said about Newcastle, you guys have been through hell and yet your supporters still back you guys that is awesome, I believe that Newcastle will have a good year and make the semis

        • Russ is a phantom penso. A mirage, a false persona for someone looking to stir “the bunny pot”. Very successfully too I might add as they have had 4 bunnies in their pot on different occasions.

          I play along because, like “Papa Smurf”, he gives me scope to be creative and have some fun.

          Despite all this, for all Russ’s faults, he is harmless and not overtly offensive just mildly annoying. He is the 2018 version of “believethis” for those here who have been on the site that long and longer.

          We aren’t the only people here who know that Russ is a Rooster in a Rabbit suit penso. Many supporters of others clubs have confronted Russ about his bogus assertions of being a Rabbitohs supporter. They clearly see the feathers sticking out from under his bunny suit.

          Don’t sweat the small stuff mate and if he bothers you just skip over his posts. No point in torturing yourself while for me it is just a mild itch that I barely notice. 😉

  7. the only burgess worth while is SAM , the dogs would be stupid 2 swap 2 burgess for klemmer
    prfffff ,eye gauger george this is a rubbish story as if the dogs want these 2

  8. so the bulldogs release klemmer from his reported 400k contract and can apparently then afford the 2 burger boys and possible hayne? hmmmmm
    thought their cap was busted for years even after releasing woods and morris twins.
    Maybe souths are doing a 2-for-1 deal – buy one get one free? That may explain.

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