Canterbury has stood down Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera.

Bulldogs Chief Executive Andrew Hill released a statement on the matter on

“Corey Harawira-Naera and Jayden Okunbor have been stood down by the Bulldogs after each was issued a show cause notice by the NRL as to why they shouldn’t face further disciplinary action for alleged breaches of the Game’s Code of Conduct," the statement reads.

"Both players have been provisionally suspended by the NRL and neither player is available for selection for Thursday night’s NRL season opener against Parramatta.

"The Bulldogs referred the matter to the NRL Integrity Unit after receiving concerning reports of alleged misconduct by the two players. The Club also initiated its own internal review.

"While neither player is the subject of a criminal investigation, the Club is treating the matter very seriously. The allegations are that each player engaged in behaviour that represents a serious breach of the NRL Rules and the Bulldogs’ Code of Conduct, resulting in the NRL notice.

"The Club supports the NRL’s decision to issue the breach notices and will continue to work with the NRL to conclude the process.

"Both players have an opportunity to respond to the matters alleged in the breach notice before any final decision is made.”


  1. Harawira-Naera was getting to be one of the best forwards at the club. He was already the best running forward. That’s a big letdown for the Bulldogs. Especially coming just a couple of days before they’re due to play their first regular season game.

  2. EastOfDivide
    March 10, 2020 at 6:17 pm
    “That’s a big letdown for the Bulldogs. Especially coming just a couple of days before they’re due to play their first regular season game”

    ClownOfDivide younit.wit, you must be Einstein to work that its a couple of days before they’re due to play…


  3. Too bad for the dogs… I do have a soft spot for them… I know that they are like minded with their disdain for the stain … the Souths Sombreros Stain

    The cheating Nana Glenn cap burglars

  4. toddy123 March 10, 2020 at 9:19 pm
    Q: what’s the difference between adamhoward and a trampoline

    A. Your mother jumps Adam Howard?

  5. They were just offering tutorial assistance with their homework, and Sivo was just complimenting a barmaid on her nice skirt.

    Why is everyone so quick to judge?

  6. Both girls were of consenting age and neither they, nor their parents complained about it.
    Not sure why they have been stood down.

  7. @screamer,
    yeah, it’s not like they :
    pulled their screaming distressed missus to the ground by her hair – with her baby, in the street for interrupting the xbox session…
    stabbed someone in the back while at church

  8. As a dogs supporter I’m just amazed at how dumb these 2 blokes have been. I was expecting a better season from the Dogs this year. This incident will not be great for the team. Every year at least one player at the club does something stupid. I get that its not illegal or anything and the players are 23-24 years old and the girls most likely 17-18 so that is not a big deal. But its just dumb. Corey in particular was looking in great form and up for a big year.

  9. I’m guttered

    So close to the season with no issues up until now.

    How can the team focus on Thursday?
    Why Crichton? Why not Arivello to the wing or move Remis to the wing and bring in Morgan Harper in the centers.
    So many better options.

    Once again Dogs take moral high ground standing down these 2 players (as they should) but Parra and NRL allow Sivo to play with the court case actually on the day of the game and Canberra and NRL allow Scott to play with charges over his head.

    Another reason why Greenberg should get sacked.
    either way Dogs lose a 2M dollar sponsor over this

    Okunbor should have his contract ripped up an CHN IF all reports are correct (had a tinder date and took her back to the hotel), no school girl involved with him should be slapped with a hefty fine.

    How dumb can footy players be

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