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The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have provided an update on their official NRL squad for the 2020 season.

The Bulldogs confirmed the signings of new recruits Joe Stimson, Dean Britt and Sione Katoa during the 2019 season, while local junior Jake Averillo and outside back Isaiah Tass have both been rewarded with top 30 contracts.

TOP 30

Adam Elliott, Aiden Tolman, Brandon Wakeham, Chris Smith, Christian Crichton, Corey Harawira-Naera, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, Dean Britt, Dylan Napa, Isaiah Tass, Jack Cogger, Jake Averillo, Jayden Okunbor, Jeremy Marshall-King, Joe Stimson, Josh Jackson, Kerrod Holland, Kieran Foran, Lachlan Lewis, Marcelo Montoya, Morgan Harper, Nick Meaney, Ofahiki Ogden, Raymond Faitala-Mariner, Reimis Smith, Renouf To'omaga, Sauaso Sue, Sione Katoa, Will Hopoate


Tui Katoa, Matt Doorey, James Roumanos, Tyrone Harding, Sebastian Winters-Chang.


  1. He’s contracted to Chookies 2020.
    It’ll be exciting watching the shih-tzus run around one short next year…

  2. If Mitchell as reported knocked back 800k, assured of semi finals and rep footy and a massive chance to play in grand finals from the Roosters then they are best just to let him go.

    You see some players get big heads and forget they were part of a winning team. Then they move to another team thinking they will bring premiership success all on their own. But it doesn’t happen. A handful of spine players have achieved success at other clubs but not many win premiership with two different teams.

    Lets be serious here. Mitchel is probably worth 700k as a three season 22yr old, the Roosters offered overs in the 800k category but at this stage it is money that is now Mitchell’s motivation and Canterbury appear favourites with 300k overs at 1 mil.

    I predict next week Mitchell will get an early release and become the next Tuivasa-Shek that will have heaps of cash and lots of regrets.
    The Roosters moved on from greedy players before when RTS left after the 2013 premiership glory.
    The Roosters since have moved on and won two without him and will play another two before he retires, while RTS will only have distant memories of his one any only grand final. Money is necessary but can’t buy happiness,

    At the Roosters getting paid 15.5k per week is enough money surely plus staying in a happy club with success, however greedy players like Mitchell want to rob the rest of the team of money and demands 20k plus per week.

    Thanks for the memories Latrell……. bye bye🤝✋✋✋✋

  3. Yeah agree. The 800k was mentioned a while back but an article on Fox the other day said the offer was !.3mill for 2 years.
    Given that Nick is out of the Country and left an underling to talk with his Manager sounds like its a case of sign or we wish you all the best. We shall soon see.

  4. Yep, well said… Greed is an incredible thing.
    I think 650K is overs for Latrell on his current form.
    If he is bouncing around from club to club trying to increase his own stocks, he doesn’t have the his team interests at heart… ….

  5. Oh gosh …. I am sure that the club Broosters will offer 1-million to Latrell. Easy for them, after all, salary cap does not apply to this ch,eat club.

  6. Agree again i think the Hangers on around him have been filling his head with mush.
    Im sure they and his new manager are telling him to chase the money.
    The problem with the big money on offer is with that comes expectations. They will want their moneys worth week in week out.
    Some Players stand up( Cronk Thurston Smith) and others cave to the pressure that comes with the big bucks (Hunt Taylor Millford) I could be wrong but i think he will go and soon.

  7. I want the Roosters to retain Latrell Mitchell. 800k plus 200K TPA should not be a problem.

    Get it done Nick Politis otherwise it might be time to hit the “Yellow Brick Road” and bring in Mark Bouris to be the new “Rooster Godfather”

    I’m sure he will not let our superstars depart.

  8. I would also like them to retain him. But a million is too much.
    Their sole aim should be keep this squad together as long as possible.
    When players come off contract after a gf win their value goes up you carnt keep them all.
    Paying Mitchell 1 million would mean losing others. They need to keep the front row intact and upgrade Verills.
    This time next year clubs will be offering big money to Keary and Tedesco.
    Nick is the best thing thats ever happened to this club he knows what hes doing.

  9. I agree about Nick being great for this club, he definitely served his apprenticeship. In the old days he was buying players just like Souths do these days, unknown duds or washed up has beens, these days he has mastered exactly what we need. My frustration at the possibility of losing Mitchell got the better of me.

    But how much would he pay for Mitchell if he was at another club?
    I think the big boys will get together to see if they can get him a good third party agreement, if they can retain Mitchell I beleive they will win a few more comps before he retires.

  10. it’s been around the traps that Lats has been offered a firm 5 years @ 700k (3.5) … FIRM … I still think that’s overs … 5 years is a long time in that kids life.. …

  11. As a dogs supporter I’d prefer that they don’t buy Latrell. He is not consistent or mature enough to demand that sort of money. He may one day be a consistent match winner but the dogs are only just starting to show signs of recovering from the mess that Des and Raylene made of the cap. I’d hate to see them blow it on one player.

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