SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 21: Sam Kasiano of the Bulldogs palms off John Sutton of the Rabbitohs during the round 24 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on August 21, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Sam Kasiano looks set for a massive season for the Bulldogs, with the big man almost unrecognisable in recent photos from his wedding in Fiji.

Commonly referred to as “Dogzilla”, Kasiano is listed as weighing 130kgs on the Bulldogs official website but the man in the photos below looks to have lost a huge amount of weight.

The Bulldogs could be in for a big season if Kasiano can up the number of minutes he plays, with the (former) big man a key component to their attack and go forward.

Fans on social media have been quick to congratulate Kasiano on both his wedding and his weight loss.


  1. With less size, he would have more stamina, but less strength, less force. So even if he is now smaller, why is that a good thing?

    • He might have slimmed down but he would still have some muscle on him and he does have 2 months of pre season left to put on a little more muscle. I think him slimming down is a good thing because we get much more minutes out of him and we get more impact and he will be more agile to boot, especially if Graham, Klemmer or Tolman gets hurt he can play big minutes to compensate.

  2. He’s soft anyway poots a boot in one of the games greatest forwards then hides and watches his team mates get smashed for his low act i used to like kasiano, goes to show what too much time at the dogs can do to ya these days

    • Spoken like a true Newcastle fan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. How was Hodkinsons signing going for you? Was playing great at the Dogs, how’s he going at the Knights?

    • How does it feel to know that you’re going to pick up your 3rd straight wooden spoon this year? How’s Hodkinson going btw?

  3. with old ptitchard long gone hes the only remaining member of the kelly gang .. why’s this soft fat ass still even around ?? 1st goes ned then franky boy now its your time samuel move along like a good boy you havnt helped them to win a premiership yet and never will. …believe that

  4. I see the resident toilet licker is back ripping into his favourite teams like Saints and the Bulldogs. If only you left like Ronnie Boy and Foreverisamuppet…

    • What I was wondering is why would his employer let him off work? He should be attending to the toilets 24/7 365. Hey believethis, GET BACK TO WORK.

  5. So now he’s a mere 120kg wrecking ball.

    He impressed me big time this year, and if he’s a bit lighter and a lot fitter, he’ll be lethal.

  6. Still makes me laugh old fatsiano.. Calling out Evans to “run it straight” walks around like a big dog hot shot then runs at Kane Evans and gets absolutely smoked!! Never forget it. Mind you dull credit to Sam he got up and basically congratulated Kane for the hit.. Just lucky it wasn’t Napa!!!!

    • Yeah if it was Napa he probably would have done a high shot on Kas! Jokes aside, you do remember that in our round 11 match Kasiano was all over Kane Evans all game and he owned him πŸ˜‰

    • +1

      @hayne2roosters(nowSanFran), Good call. That was one of my favourite memories of the year. Now THAT’s RL! Like you said, Big Sam was a good sport about it too and Evans looked the goods but then goes MIA for the rest of the year, what’s with that? Just like Napa “smokes” Souths on his own for one game and then can’t find that spark again (not disputing he had a good year though but that game, THAT effort was special). JWH has also lost his mojo and the Roosters have let their young giant Meehan go, CRAZY! I know you weren’t in favour of that my man but that was a BIG mistake right there IMO.

      So much potential for the Roosters in the forwards but their pack does not build in strength together they seem to sit back and take turns. Cordner however is always consistent and class but what happened to Guerra? He was definitely MIA in 2016!

      IMO Evans is wasted in the front row, with he speed and mobility and ability to offload he should be an edge back rower. Have you seen this guy in space? He is as fast as many of the backs running around. Not a word to Robinson though, OK? I don’t want to be responsible for sparking a Roosters resurgence. πŸ˜‰

      • Roosters have let their young giant Meehan go. CRAZY! (World of difference between a comma and a period!)

  7. Question to dogs fans. do u think that you will do any good with the same spine? Josh Reynolds needs to go back to hooker. Des failed his foran experiment with him at 58 and mybe is pretty average.

  8. I have said for months now that Kasiano needs to play more mins and this was the only way realistically that was going to happen. Even at his new weight he is still one of the biggest and heaviest forwards in the game but with the skills and abilities that the other big forwards do not possess. He genuinely has the hands and passing ability of a HB and great soft hands for a big man (no jokes!) and with an offload ability that is positively Beetson-esque!

    He is the most dangerous, most influential impact player off the bench in the game bar none! This spells danger for the other teams in the NRL and should put a smile on the face of the Doggies supporters (especially CBB4ver). This is a move in the right direction for the Dogs, pity though they let Lane go because that was working so well for the Dogs on their right edge (2 years ago now I know but it was a mistake to let him go!) I’m not sure if he will recapture the “magic” at the Sea Eagles but he is a kid that showed a LOT of promise!

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