SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 22: Chairman Scott Penn and new Manly Coach Des Hasler at a Manly Sea Eagles NRL press conference at Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen on October 22, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images)

Fans of suburban grounds rejoice as finally after a 30-year wait, Lottoland, more commonly known as Brookvale Oval, is set to be saved.

The neglected and ageing ground in the northern beaches in on the verge of being given a $35 million dollar upgrade, which will include a 3000-seat grandstand.

The proposed state-of-the-art upgrade will well and truly end speculation the Penn family, Manly’s co-owners, would have to move the Sea Eagles away from their spiritual home.

The announcement could be made as early as this Thursday but club officials were hesitant to reveal any details on Monday night in the fears of a last minute hitch.

Manly have reportedly already secured grants worth around $20 million dollars from the Federal and State Governments.

It is now being understood the State Government is considering giving the ground on Pittwater Road another $15 million in order to ensure a Centre of Excellence is constructed at Brookvale.

Although, after many years of broken promises, Manly aren’t holding their breath that the deal will go through.

Some well-placed sources have revealed NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayres has a few extra coins to spend after saving money on redeveloping ANZ Stadium instead of the initial tear down and rebuild plans.

The Penn family would also not be required to add any money to the project.

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The idea is to build this Centre of Excellence at the northern end of the stadium, currently where the scoreboard and family hill situate.

The Centre of Excellence will be the first step in reviving ‘Brookie’, and would play home to Manly’s football operations, coaching staff and administration.

The last 20 years have been filled with fears Manly would have to relocate if the ground couldn’t secure significant funds in order to give the place a new look.

The new grandstand would back onto the Centre of Excellence as Manly would finally be able to leave the demountables behind and join rival NRL clubs in terms of adequate off-field facilities.

Manly will be able to choose between two locations to train, their current premises in Narrabeen which offers three training grounds, as well as Brookvales playing surface.

Back in August, Manly co-owner and chairman Scott Penn spoke to the Daily Telegraph and said the revamp would do wonders for the club.

“The club is working very closely with local and State Government to make sure we have the right Centre of ­Excellence at Lottoland that would befit an NRL club,” Penn said.

“We are still a way away but there are certainly positive and proactive ­conversations going on. The area, deserves an activated precinct.”


  1. They must have won Lotto! So Brookvale really IS “Lottoland”.

    They do love to take a gamble in the insular peninsula. They came up “snake eyes” with Baz and are doubling down now on Des.

    I just hope that for the sake of the maroon and white army THIS gamble pays off. Although Toovey was a better option for head coach IMO.

    • In My Opinion its a waste of money. Manly could have a nice ground up the road at Gosford for nothing.💪🎱👍🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

      • In theory yes. From my observations having lived on the Central Coast for a long time until recently IMO Manly have the second largest following on the Central Coast after the Rabbitohs.

        However Woody, it would be like taking a fish out of water or putting a seagull on a no carbs (no chip) diet removing Manly from the “insular peninsula”.

        It would be disastrous to the club’s identity and detrimental to the c club’s future success to do so… IMO.

  2. This is a waste of time and money. The locals do not want a bar of it and will stop this at the 11th hour through street and council protests.

      • You call hiring Hasler good news? The possibility of getting Foran back? Hahaha you really are stupid aren’t you. Hahaha, way to go manly, I’m sure “getting the band back together” will make all your dreams come true.

  3. What 20 million smackaroonies only buys a 3000 seat grandstand🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 which will reduce the ground capacity with it standing room only crowd where the 3000 new seat will be. What’s the extra 15milion from the State Government gonna do, paint the dressing rooms and the fence🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. I recall back in 1981 Parra burnt their lousy 300o people grand stand down in protest and now Manly is going to resurrect it at a cost of 20mil.💪😎👍😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🎱 Eight ball corner pocket.

    • I´ll be honest, I want to see Manly come back as a force, for the good of the game. In order for that to happen, Brookie completely has to be revamped. It´s great that our game holds onto these suburban grounds, but a leichardt-style plan with a couple of games a year would be appropriate for brookvale. Manly either need to rennovate it entirely, or make themselves a new 20-30 thousand seater stadium, with new facilities. But i agree with you woody, they´re in a state of disarray now arent they?

  4. Good new to hear, the club has really turned a new page. Moving past the corruption and cheating of recent years. I’m not expecting a top 4 finish or anything but top 8 or there abouts is a real chance with a new direction we have heading into 2019, if anyone can do it, it’s Hasler.

    • Like Hasler’s hairdo which went out of fashion in the 1980’s so too has his coaching techniques and like Bennett will be under heaps of pressure by mid season to hold onto their jobs. I reckon ithats why they are hanging onto Barrett. He will earn his dosh as a caretaker coach come June.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      • “Like Hasler’s hairdo which went out of fashion in the 1980’s”

        You sound a little jealous there Woody. Are you looking to trade up from your wispy thin c0ckscomb combover, the false canopy that separates that egg-shaped dome from the outside world?

        Perrhaps you should try a toupee from “Wigs-R-Us”? At night you can hang it on a hatrack next to the glass with your dentures when you go to bed. 😂😂😂😂

        • “You sound a little jealous there Woody.”

          Mate, 90% of any of your comments about the Roosters ‘sound a little jealous’. Your self appointed ‘pride of the league’ rabbitohs who say the Roosters are ‘Forever in our shadow’ have won one comp in 48 years, and have just made that 50 by appointing Bennett. Shadow wearing pretty thin mate. Admit it, you hate us, but you’re jealous of our success. You comment all big and mighty bringing us down, but you only have to because of how far superior we are to you.

          It’s alright Reggie, go on making random comments like that one, only showing how little you know about your game. It’s alright though, I’m sure 2019 will keep you quiet, with the fossil at the helm of your cardinal and myrtle, you really won’t have much highground to take as a souths fan. Instead, it’ll be your coach heading to ‘Wigs-R-Us’ and hanging his toupee on his hatrack next to his dentures when he goes to bed.

        • What’s the matter Chicken Little? You certainly got yourselves into a flap over this, didn’t you?

          I can appreciate that you are standing up for your old mate, Woody (birds of a feather and all that), but there really is no need.

          Woody and I joke around all the time and we each give as good as we get. I’m sure Woody, my old mate, doesn’t take anything personally and if he ever did, I am sure he would let me know and I would apologise.

          If I get away with more barbs than Woody does then that’s probably because he is a better sport with far more patience than me and he gets me, you don’t.

          Besides, Woody also has his hands FULL with matron, “Carry On” movie style.

          “I’m not sure you get banter son? I say are you listening boy? Now pay attention and you might learn something.”

          As for your “Pride of the League” shot, well, WHO sounds jealous now? That title was conferred on my proud club by the media and various commentators and by broadcasters over the years. Who are we to argue with them when the facts speak for themselves. That “shadow” by the way will never get any shorter as long as the Roosters stay over the cap and are never even audited. Just know that your last 2 premierships and all minor premierships since 2013 have been stripped by Reg for salary cap rorting of the highest order. 👍🏻

          So “NO trophy 🏆 for you!”

        • Reggie, you seem to be missing a detail here. Supporting the same club does not make me woodchook. Your ‘banter’ with him doesn’t concern me in the least. I’m not standing up for him in the least. And the salary cap? Give it a break mate. Clearly you’re simply not seeing straight when you break down our 2013 and 18 squads. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Guys like Manu, Mitchell and Keary are all on far less than their value, and we lost Mitchell Pearce at the start of this season.

          I won’t even bother getting into it, considering my remark on the Dylan Napa page as well, but what? You really think after the media and fan comments about sombrero’s this season that the NRL wouldn’t have checked us? Of course they’ve checked us! It’s just gone under the noses of the media. It’s routine, and I’d be certain they’d check to make sure the premiership squad, which everyone says was over the cap, was compliant. You could argue that the NRL are in an absolute state, but not in that much of a state.

          If you think I’m jealous of your Rabbitohs, seriously, think again. As i’ve said before, success speaks for itself, and having Seibold at the helm for a ‘throwaway’ season, followed by Bennett for 2 years?! Yeah mate, call me and my premiership winning club jealous.

        • “Supporting the same club does not make me woodchook.”

          DID I call you Woodchook? Was THAT a Freudian slip sydneyroosta?

          I am sure that it must frustrate Roosters supporters like yourself (“the voice of reason”) no end having someone continually trying to shine “the light of reason and common sense” on the Roosters salary cap. And NO, I don’t just take it as read that “surely the NRL must have investigated the Roosters”. That isn’t even a kindergarten argument.

          Having Ian Schubert the former NRL salary cap auditor to “cook the chooks books” must be such a benefit to keeping everything swept well and truly under the rug. Schubert, the former Roosters player and loyal servant and now full time employee of Politis who knows ALL the “ins and outs” of how the NRL investigate salary cap compliance must REALLY come in handy and give the chooks an advantage. Mate, what a MASSIVE conflict of interest right there for all concerned, Schubert, the Roosters AND the NRL.

          It’s like a gang getting advanced warning from “an inside source” that the police are about to raid the joint. I doubt they would ever get caught with advanced warning and inside knowledge, don’t you?

          Don’t be all butthurt because Reagan and bluecastle2204 “cracked the chooks salary cap caper”.

          Even Ned a wiz with the calculator and finances could not dispute the maths on this sydneyroosta. It’s airtight speculation I’m afraid. 😂😂😂😂

          See for yourself.

          “You could argue that the NRL are in an absolute state, but not in that much of a state.”

          Yeah, you lost me there champ. I’m going to have to hand this over to my “technicality division”, the “odd squad”, Ned, Fred and Ted from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania from the firm of “stitch em’ up and leave em’ lost”.

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