CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 12: Luke Brooks of the Tigers in action during the round 22 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Wests Tigers at GIO Stadium on August 12, 2018 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

West Tigers halfback Luke Brooks has committed to the club after penning a four-year extension.

The deal is reportedly worth north of $3 million and will see the the reigning Dally M Halfback of the Year remain a Tiger until the end of 2023.

Brooks was thrilled to extend his stay at the club.

“I’m pretty excited to be here for the next five years, I’ve been here my whole career and I’m happy to stay,” Brooks told the club website.

“We’re building something nice here, with Madge [Michael Maguire] coming in he’s a successful coach and I think he’s going to be good for our team.

“This club means a lot to me and I really love this club, I love playing here, I love playing with all of the boys, it’s what I’ve known for pretty much all of my life and I’m happy to be here,” he said. “This will allow me to just focus on footy and now I’ve just got to play consistent footy and do my job for the team.

“I just want to build on what we did last year as a team and for myself I want to keep playing consistent footy,” said Brooks. “I want to do my bit for the team and grow as a player and a person and work on my leadership as well.

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Brooks, a Wests Tigers junior, has played 107 NRL games for the club since making his debut in 2013.

Tigers coach Michael Maguire was thrilled by Brooks’ re-signing and was looking forward to seeing the young star develop.

“Luke is a well experienced half now and at the prime of being able to take all of the learnings to this point to a whole new level,” said Maguire.

“Sitting down and talking to him about his game he’s hungry to learn and hungry to improve on where he’s at. He prides himself on his defence and obviously he’s very keen to learn the different styles of play that I’ve had experience with working with a number of halfbacks over a number of years.

“Luke’s a player who’s really willing and open to learning his style, as well as understanding what others see when they’re playing and that’s something that can help him further develop his game.

“He loves the club, he’s a passionate Wests Tigers kid and I’m enjoying working with him,” he said.

“To see one of our local juniors coming through and doing the things that he’s doing is great for this club and for its future and what we want to achieve.”


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    • That’s a bit harsh. In my observation, Reg usually does things in good spirit , even if it is with a huge Redfern bias.

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  2. Good to see loyalty, how long it lasts is anyone’s guess, so what are Easts going to do now? thought Brooks or Johnson may have been their option after Cronk, clearly they thought better, I know, they’ll put SBW at halfback.

    • They will poach Nathan Cleary under Gus’s nose…..the Cleary’s don’t respect contracts…..they love the back door stuff….

      • I think you’ll find Nathan honoured his contract.
        So how can you say ‘The Cleary’s’ don’t respect contracts? As if it’s 1 person.
        In fact Nathan re-signed regardless of where Ivan was going to coach. As he likes being at Penrith.
        As for Ivan. He signed for Penrith , from when his Tigers contract was to end . At the end of 2020. Nothing illegal done there? Tigers didn’t want him to go after 2020, so they released him.
        I heard earlier in the year how ‘ It Was A Done Deal ‘, that Nathan was going to the Roosters. What a load of crap that was.
        As for contracts in general.. It’s so nice to see some people honour them. Not happening much in league now. Whether it’s players or clubs.
        So well done Nathan .. 👍

        • Easy to say from the Panthers perspective though isn’t it? If the situation was reversed I wonder whether you would have been prepared to move on without any resentment for having your club undermined by having a club attempt and then succeed in stealing your coach when they still have TWO YEARS remaining on their contract.

          Granted THAT was NEVER going to happen with “Barney Rubble” (aka Anthony Griffin) which is why Fred Flintstone (aka Phil Gould) decided to take “Sabretooth Panthers” out of the Ice Age into the Dark Ages.

        • Wasting your time Reg. Poor Panthers can’t handle any negative comment about anything to do with the Panthers and is unable to come back with any constructive argument. Only able to dismiss comments that they don’t agree with, hence the “get over it” comment

        • Really, eels47? I actually can, and I have done so in the past.. These things happens all of the time, now surely that concept is easy to understand? By the way, I can understand the frustration of the West Tigers, what is done is done, move on.

        • Fair enough, I look forward to seeing some more then. Although I do not like the Panthers in general, being from the area I take a genuine interest in things at the club, so hopefully we can have some good discussions in the coming season

        • And in response to your comment, these things don’t happen all of the time. When was the last time a coach was signed by an opposing club when he had two years left on his contract? Surely even the most staunch Panthers supporter can see that, whilst it may have been within the rules, what the Panthers did was underhanded and showed a lack of ethical behaviour?

        • Not with regards to coaches, they do with players. There isn’t any differences. Maybe unethical, however, still within the rules, and Ivan had the right to secure his future. To be honest, the West Tigers expected Nathan to sign with them, and when that didn’t happen, they had a tantrum. Likewise with the eels, however, I will not bag your club.

        • I won’t and don’t bag your club. I will criticise for things I think they are doing wrong, but I will also applaud them for what they are doing right, just as I do for my own club. For example, I think they handled this situation very poorly and have made my opinion clear on that but I also applaud how Gus has been able to get the junior program back on track, and that is definitely starting to give reward to the club.

          It doesn’t happen with players either, not the was this happened at least, as that actually is against the rules. Please do elaborate on the Tantrum that the West Tigers had though, I did not see any such thing. What I saw was the Panthers signed the Tigers coach with two years left on his contract. The Tigers then stood their ground and said they would not be releasing him, which they are entitled to do. Then, after they had obviously given it some thought, and were able to source a suitable replacement, they did release him, which was in the best interests of both clubs.

        • Okay, I don’t critice your club even when your club has done the wrong thing, eg salary cap cheating. OMG, look on their website, that will give you the answer.

        • That is your prerogative, but there is nothing wrong with criticism, so long as it is warranted, and the example you have given in regard to salary cap cheating by my club is definitely a situation where it is warranted.

          Not sure exactly what you expect me to find on the Tigers website that will change my opinion on the matter. I had a look and the only reference I found to Cleary was the press release when they released him from his contract, where they thanked him for his time and efforts at the club. Unless you can actually provide me with something that shows their tantrum, I will stick with my opinion that the Panthers actions in this scenario were far worse than the Tigers.

        • I agree with you 100% eels47 and this is not to get at P18 or anything of the sort. BOTH the Panthers and the Broncos have been highly unethical IMO by approaching coaches already under contract to negotiate for their services BEFORE they were AVAILABLE! Particularly given that in BOTH cases each club (the Panthers and the Broncos) were absolutely and solely responsible for the change in their own coaching predicament. Basically they each “shot themselves in the foot” and then used a coach already contracted at ANOTHER club to heal their self-inflicted wound.

          There is no other way to look at it and the “it’s done now, get over it, move on” approach only validates this dangerous precedent that will destroy clubs and fatally destabilise the game going forward. This has NEVER happened before this off-season and for good reason. We can’t simply shrug this off not if we want to still be following this game for many years to come.

          There are issues surrounding the game now that are endangering it’s very survival. Issues around the NRL’s unwillingness to see that contracts are enforced for coaches, players and clubs and that there is an end to the wheeling and dealing that is destroying the very fabric of the institutions (the clubs) that have supported the game for so long.

          Issues around the salary cap and TPA’s and transparency, consistency and policing of this, issues surrounding the rules of the game and the constant “flip-flop” of changes that are crippling it. Issues about players being paid more than clubs can support forcing them to cut corner and greedy player managers that are driving an insatiable desire to earn MORE and squeeze everything they can out of the game while the going is good and they can get away with it irrespective of the long-term consequences for the game.

          I have a Breaking News story soon that will address the truth about what REALLY is happening behind the scenes in the game which explains why the game is in danger and fighting for it’s survial because of short-term, small-minded commercial thinking. Stay tuned…

        • Oh and of course your beloved Rabbitohs haven’t been, Reg? Get your hand off it. Pmsl. By the way, you do not bother me. You’re entitled to your view, as I am to mine.

        • Careful eels47, your well thought out clearly articulated logic will confuse many.

          I could not find fault with any of it – 100% agree with all you points

        • “beloved Rabbitohs haven’t been, Reg?”

          What HAVE “my beloved Rabbitohs” been doing exactly P18? What rule has the “club” broken? What unethical behaviour has the “club” been engaged in?

          “Get your hand off it.”

          Off what exactly P18? Or are you letting your imagination wander?

          “By the way, you do not bother me.”

          From that last comment it seems you ARE feeling a little “bothered” actually. Don’t know why though. The Panthers acted unethically at the very least (just like the Broncos). It’s black and white. There are mo “shades of grey” here of any number so don’t let your imagination wander looking for something that isn’t there.

        • “What HAVE “my beloved Rabbitohs” been doing exactly P18? What rule has the “club” broken? What unethical behaviour has the “club” been engaged in?”

          With Clint now at the helm it’ only a matter of time Reg 😉

        • “I know me”

          Congratulations P18. That would have to be the dumbest
          (or at least the most obvious and unnecessary) thing anyone has ever said on this site!

          “and I can category say, that you do not bother me.”

          If that was true you wouldn’t have to state it either “category” or “categorically” now would you? Just say “believe what you like it doesn’t bother me”. That would be a literal confirmation of the fact wouldn’t it? But I’m sure that you aren’t “bothered” one way or another?

        • @ eels47

          Why is it mate that everybody here seems to be enjoying the idea of Bennett coming to Souths so much more than I am? This “alleged” “super coach” is more of a “super annoyance” and a “super pain in the a$$” from my perspective.

      • Fortunately, Reg, I am comfortable in my own skin. As for dumb comments, no you win the gong for that. You are making some seriously funny assumptions about a perfect stranger. I made a typo, so what?

        • DOn’t think that I didn’t notice that you didn’t answer my direct questions…

          “beloved Rabbitohs haven’t been, Reg?”

          What HAVE “my beloved Rabbitohs” been doing exactly P18? What rule has the “club” broken? What unethical behaviour has the “club” been engaged in?

          “Get your hand off it.”

          Off what exactly P18? Or are you letting your imagination wander? If it means what I think it means, then that’s not very ladylike now is it?

          As for “typos” don’t pick up on the petty mistakes of others and I could be bothered about the ones you make.

  3. What are the Roosters going to do?
    They like ‘Sheep’ .. Well Lambs any way.
    Lamb from Newcastle is the back up half for the Roosters in 2019.
    Adrian Lam & his son Lachlan Lam are in England for 2019. They will return to the Roosters in 2020. Lachlan looks a very good player. He may well take over Cronk. If the Roosters want to try a rookie half in 2020?

  4. What are the Poor RORTS going to do now?
    They missed out on Johnson, now they have missed out on Brooks.

    I am sure that the care factor is a big fat ZERO!

    Make your choice Rorts.
    Fa’amanu Brown, Cooper Cronk, Troy Dargan, Tyson Gamble, Ata Hingano, Trent Hodkinson, Ryley Jacks, Luke Metcalf, Mitchell Moses, Darren Nicholls, Billy Walters, Sam Williams

    • Who said that the Roosters missed out on Johnson 3hats?

      Bennett and Seibold was signed for another year and Cleary for another two and where are they now? Valentine Holmes had another year on his contract and now he os in the US.

      Who can say where Johnson will be in 2020 when a contract is no longer a guarantee of certainty? Especially when tge Roosters are used to getting their way and the word was that SJ had agreed to play for another club already in 2020… just when Cronk is due to retire.

      Watch this space in 2020.

      • Bennett and Seibold were signed…

        Inserted Seibold into the sentence at the last second before posting.

      • Reg & Eels47.
        I have said several times that I don’t like the way Penrith signed Ivan Cleary.
        I don’t think he’s even that good a coach. So it’s a lot of money spent for? We shall see I guess.
        I will just take a statement to task of it’s a rediculous statement. Such as ‘ the Cleary’s don’t respect contracts ‘. Nathan didn’t break any contract. Ivan was going to see out his last two years of the contract at the Tigers. So, in fact they do respect contracts. If someone’s going to have a go at any coach or player. At least it should be based on some sort of fact.
        It’s fine if Tigers fans are annoyed about Ivan & Penrith with me.
        As for players wanting out early. Moylan had 4 years to go at Penrith. Cartwright & Latu had multiple years left on their contracts. Harawirra -Naera had recently signed a new contract at Penrith . So the Bulldogs must have approached him way before a year to go.
        Klemmer had 2 to go at the Bulldogs didn’t he?
        How long did SBW have to go on his contract at the Bulldogs , when he ran away?
        Bet there’s hundreds of examples of players breaking contracts way earlier than a year to go if you look.

        • “the Cleary’s don’t respect contracts”

          I suspect it was a statement born out of pain EastOfDivide. Too many contracts are being broken and the NRL needs to put a stop to it.

          SBW was wrong to break his contract but in his defence, he was young and felt that he was tricked at the time and then trapped with the consequences. Perhaps the Dogs supporters can fill in the gaps but as I recall Williams was very close to Willie Mason at the time and he re-signed with the Dogs largely because Mason convinced him to stay with the Dogs and then just a short while later Mason jumped ship to the Roosters in 2008. SBW was furious that he had been tricked and felt deceived by Mason and wanted out. That is how I remember it. Is that on the money Dogs fans? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? 🌴🐕🐩

          So, EastOfDivide which club do you support? The Panthers?

  5. Lam at 5/8 Keary to 1/2 . The Roosters let a 5/8 go once Jamie Soward who helped Saints win a comp a few years later after learning his trade. Heard of a bloke in England learning his trade and maturing in mind named Hastings.❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓. I have been told by a sauce which I will keep secret (named Reg Reagan chronicles) Reg I think that tr0lL just jumped my sentence, anyway ignore that. Reynolds is on the Roosters radar for his goal kicking

  6. Who said Cooper Cronk will retire at the end of 2019❓❓❓❓❓The way he guided the Chooks throughout the 2018 grand final then he could keep playing like that to nearly Bennetts age

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