GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JULY 08: Alex Glenn of the Broncos runs the ball during the round 17 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium on July 8, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The Broncos are set to lose two international star players with Josh McGuire heading to the Cowboys and Alex Glenn set to Brisbane.

McGuire was released by the Broncos as he took a $3 million dollar deal with North Queensland.

Glenn may join him out the door with the Gold Coast Titans set to make a play for the New Zealand representative, according to The Courier Mail.

With McGuire leaving, the Broncos can now finalize deals to keep star players Corey Oates, Tevita Panagi Jr and Matt Lodge ahead of the 2019 season.

McGuire played 194 games for the Broncos and was the club’s only current Kangaroos’ representative.

His experience will be missed but it will help the club remain one of the most exciting young teams in the league.

Broncos skipper Darius Boyd returns to training next week, meanwhile Oates, Lodge and Pangai Jr are due back later in the month.

“I’m expecting to see them next week, I don’t have any concerns,” Boyd told The Courier Mail.

“These things always happen. They don’t always run to time.

“I’ve seen most of them in the off-season except for Tevita. I’ve been doing some training with Lodgey and that’s pretty reassuring he’s going to be there.

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“I’ve spoken to Oatesy plenty of times as well. They know where they stand.”

North Queensland coach Paul Green has been in contact with McGuire as there are doubts about the future of North Queensland captain Matt Scott.

The 33 year old went for a second round of neck surgery as he has been restricted into doing non contract training this off season.

The 251-gamer has had a horrible run with injuries as the signing of McGuire will relieve pressure on North Queensland’s middle forward rotation.

Glenn is contracted to the Broncos until the end of next season but faces a concern about taking a massive pay cut in order to remain a Bronco beyond 2019.

Brisbane will not stop Glenn from leaving and will release his contract if he requests it.

Glenn has been loyal to the club since maing his debut in 2009.

The 238-gamer has never played less then 20 games a season which proves his durability.

The Broncos are looking to have one of the best young forward packs in the NRL with David Fifita and Payne Haas continuing to develop their game.

“It’s a really exciting group,” Boyd said.

“Some of the guys that debuted this year did such a great job at a young age. They will be more experienced and better for the run.

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“Guys like Tevita and Joe played well and are really starting to come into their own.

“They are becoming leaders in the group and that makes a massive difference.”


  1. “Alex Glenn set to Brisbane”

    Great editing ZT.

    It’d be sad to see Glenn go, but our next generation is coming through. Glenn never really found a place in the 13, but still a very good player. Great pickup for the Titans if true.

  2. But………..have they told Seibold? Who is making these decisions, Bennett, Seibold, or management, or is this just another made-up story to excite the crowd?

  3. McQuire Thaiday Glenn all leaving that’s a lot of experience and forwards with no major replacements or people brought in. They do have a very good young group but still need some older blokes to lead the team

    • I guess that’s the salary cap in action for you, can’t keep everyone while having to upgrade some of the younger talent. I imagine that is why they signed Tagataese for another year as he would be on a lot less than McGuire, Thiaday or Glenn. They also lost Sims, Opacic, Pearson, and Seve who were in the top 30 but not on big money. We obviously need to talk to the Roosters recruitment office about managing our salary cap better!😜😜😜

      • You don’t need to go that far to ask about salary cap management . Go just down the road & ask the Gold Coast . It seems they can just sign more & more players without ever worrying about any silly salary cap.
        Remember they still have Cartwright on $750, 000 per season, Latu $450,000 per per season . That’s to mostly play ISP .
        Yet they still have unlimited funds & cap space for whoever they wish to buy.
        No one ever questions them?

        • Fair Point about the GC, although they may escape scrutiny as they are not actually challenging for the premiership? Not saying that is right, but realistically it is the successful clubs that seem to come under the most scrutiny.

        • Just because your Bears are now hiding under the Roosters wing instead of Souths’ shadow is no need to be so defensive Kelpie. No one has accused the Bears of having a string of $1 mill a year players.

          While some clubs struggle to limit their spending to $9.6 mill the Bears barely have the money to cover pizzas and beers after each game! 😂😂😂

        • I agree with you. GC & Newcastle’s spending has no limit it seems.
          Dreaglor, were Parramatta & Manly challenging for a premiership? They came under cap scrutiny .

      • “Don’t even joke about that!!!”

        Ditto to that if there is any implied suggestion that either Lodge or Roberts would be heading to Redfern.

    • I can live without 2 of the 3 in the team, but realistically they have all 3 locked up once Wayne returns. 2020 may be different.
      Plenty of young outside backs ready to step up, and with all the young forwards and Bird on deck, have enough Props to cover.



      Joe O


      Then the team can really either shoot after a game breaking half to cover until one matures, and workhorse forward to lead the pack until Haas grows into his potential.

      • It’s also good to see how the Broncos are interested in developing potential future Blues players.
        Haas, O’Sullivan, Stagg.. Good to see . Get some more Broncos.

        • I still believe the best forward to play for the broncos was a blue, so it’s not uncommon.
          And as long as they win games, who cares what they’re heritage is.
          All good teams have QLD halves, even Keary tried to claim he was a qld’er.

          Just proves Qcup is a better competition for fringe players to be developed.

  4. Glenn is a great leader at the club and a busy consistent player, but he is unfortunately too small to slow these big centres and hard fast back rowers, and too slow to be a weapon in attack, his only option 3-4 yrs ago was to try to move into a utility role, play off the bench up the middle, will leave a massive hole in the team if he does go. His spot may get filled, but 200+ games experience and his calm leadership on the field to keep those around him calm will be missed.

  5. I think the interstate cup results between the winners of the Queensland Cup & the Now ISP NSW competition say different stiive.
    Nice try though.
    Broncos signing NSW players from the Queensland Cup. It shows how many NSW players are gradually pushing actual Local Born Queenslanders out of their own competition .

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