The Broncos have released a statement on James Roberts after a photo of him getting carried out of a nightclub circulated on social media.

"Roberts informed the club that he had too many drinks on the Friday night after the loss to the Dragons, at a private party at a home in Brisbane," the statement on the club website read.

"Roberts apologised for drinking to excess and said he remained committed to work through his ongoing rehabilitation."

Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold spoke about how disappointed he was given Roberts had recently aggravated an Achilles injury.

“I’ve spoken to Jimmy about avoiding situations where he isn’t in control,” Seibold told the club website.

“He understands, and as a club we will continue to work through things with him.”

Broncos CEO Paul White said the club had full support of Roberts.

“James’ journey to this point has been well-documented and he has made huge strides in recent years,” White told the club website.

“This is a small blip on on that journey, but we have all made poor decisions at times, and the club will continue to support James as we move forward.”


  1. Penrith punished Moylan and stripped him of his captain’s role for his injury rehab slip up.
    But Broncos “offer support ” to Roberts.
    How many chances does this clown get?

  2. Seibold would have insisted not to be harsh in his punishment. He did the same thing on numerous occasions with his soufffths players. The burgess boys are evidence of that with Sam’s Facebook saga. Nicley swept under the carpet like Inglis. 🧹🧹🧹🧹🧹

  3. Lol
    What a surprise. A Bronco piss head gets on the piss.
    Good work Jimmie. This schooner is for the kids.

  4. The Untouchable Broncos love sweeping issues under the carpet! Pride of the league!
    Haas, Roberts, Lodge, etc……

  5. Superleague skum, always getting away with murder and covering up player indiscretions. Yet again NRL a joke. I thought they said they will be the ones deciding the penalties from now on not the clubs, unless of course it’s the Broncos.

  6. Fu#k him off , the teams already playing sh#t without some nobody thinking he’s all that. I remember that mother f###er saying he would walk if Bennett got sacked well there’s the door. He might score a try here and there but goes missing every game sometimes I think he only plays about 5 mins a game he gets lost in the never never

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