BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 24: Coach Wayne Bennett of the Broncos talks at a press conference after the round 12 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on May 24, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos are preparing a deal that will release Wayne Bennett from the final year of his contract and enable the coaching swap between Bennett and Anthony Seibold to occur in 2019.

According the The Courier Mail, the Broncos are preparing to payout Bennett before Christmas, which will allow the veteran coach to move to the Rabbitohs, while Seibold will move to the Broncos.

Bennett and Seibold have agreed to switch jobs for the 2020 season, but if a deal can be reached both coaches will be able to join their new clubs a year early.

Bennett recently returned to Red Hill after completing his coaching duties with the England national team.

The coaching great told The Courier Mail  he will see out the remainder of his contract at the Broncos, despite the inclination his position is untenable.

“I’ll be honouring my contract by going to training,” Bennett told The Courier Mail. 

“I don’t know [if he will be sacked]. I’m not commenting any further other than to say I’ll be at training.”



  1. The level of censorship is a joke and reflects poorly on this site and we are all getting sick of it! Therefore I will post this piecemeal to jump through the ZT hoops!

    According to the information that both penso and the “Angry Eagle” have received the “hostage exchange” will take place over THIS weekend NOT Christmas.

    • The same source confirmed that John Sutton has re-signed with Souths for 2019 which, following this scoop from penso, has now been confirmed by ZT.

      It would seem reasonable to assume that if the same source was right about the Sutton re-signing then it stands to reason the tip about the upcoming exchange should also be on the money.

    • Surely it makes NO sense to delay the exchange until Christmas. With teams already training for 2019 it would only put both sides 5 weeks behind the remaining 14 clubs and further disadvantage both teams for the 2019 season. Hopefully sanity and common sense will prevail… not only with the level of censorship on this site but also in regards to the coaching swap.

      • Dude relax it says “before Christmas” it could be anytime. You reckon they are gonna say “the deal will be done Thursday the 22nd at 6:35pm”?? Of course they are gonna say “before Christmas” and even still we don’t know if that will even happen. Man you take this site way too seriously.

        • No mate, I take unbalanced censorship seriously as it is a waste of my time and energy to continually modify and re-post ALL the time.

          As for the exchange timeframe, well as a Roosters fan you wouldn’t be concerned as each week this drags on the Rabbitohs and Broncos fall further behind in their preparations for 2019 while the Roosters pull further ahead.

          Not ALL my posts are angry and intense surely? There are at least two other Roosters fans here who understand where I’m coming from and know how to play along. But if I get your stress levels up feel free to skip my posts if you like. I will never know.

      • I understand why you would be frustrated about the coaching situation and I 100% would be too. But dude you are legit blowing up about tiny details, every article has the words.. should, could, would, probably, a chance etc none of these blokes are that accurate so they say this garbage to give their rumour leeway. don’t get so gee’d up about it man. On the coaching front, for sure just get it done now or it’ll potentially ruin two clubs season before it starts and that rediculous.

        • Fair enough 13rooster but there have been many others also questioning stories that are based on pure speculation presented as something more concrete than is the case. I hope you voice the same concern with these comments as well in future.

          Feel free to join in the banter and the lighter side of things in the meantime to get through the LONG and boring off-season. 👍🏻

        • I think they are more on about certain words that get comments blocked and how difficult it can be to work out what they are to get a comment through. I had a comment blocked a few times the other day on one of the Hayne articles and it turns out it was the word circu mstantial that was blocked

        • You certainly are an inquisitive little Rooster aren’t you 13rooster? Your name wouldn’t be “Gregory” by any chance would it? Because Woody has been looking for you. 🐓

        • obviously without the space in it though…. clearly a response to some childish sledging that was going on a month or so ago which now impacts on any words that contain that one word…..

        • And the list of words that hit a filter when I post is even more restrictive. Basically any obvious words to describe my club, the two coaches involved, my nickname for our new coach, the name of the team he is coming from and the day the swap was tipped for are all blocked or hitting a filter at some times and not others.

          So effectively I’m now a cyber-mime playing a virtual game of charades. And you wonder why I get frustrated?

      • Always inquisitive mate, the names not Gregory but I’ll answer to it, I’ve been called much worse than that by my own mother!
        In that case eels47 I can see how frustrating that is also, I share their pain.
        I just feel this site would be better with “pub footy talk” as aposed to say “politic footy talk” if that makes sense?

        • I didn’t even think of the sensorship in regards to a comment, I only assumed you were referring to the articles and their “could, would and should” talk.
          I now see where your frustration come from.

        • Two separate things. As I said, many others have voiced similar concerns but I haven’t seen you question their views on forming a story on a foundation of “possibly”, “could”, “should” or “potentially”. No problem though, it’s all good.

          In regards to “Gregory” Woody’s (Woodchook) “wererooster” that pecked him and turned him into a Roosters supporter, thereafter earning the name “Gregory Peck”… although you are probably too young to get it. Anyway, Woody has been looking for Gregory for a LONG time so it was another link in the chain of a running gag.

          Well you can’t have “pub footy talk” without banter and that’s where the “Banter Train” comes in. 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃

          As for “politic footy talk”, well there is politics in football and it’s a fair target and as for expanding that to beyond this well it is an open forum and you know pubs, hard to see where the lines end after a few.

          I hope parenthood is treating you well? If I remember correctly you were just joining the club last time I saw you post.

      • It’s all news to me so I guess it’s before my time!
        Nothing personal, I see your posts a lot more so maybe they just stand out more so than others. It terms of silly articles I feel they’re everywhere and that’s what I based my comment on not so much the commenting part, my bad.
        Parent hood is great, best thing a human could do is become a parent I say. a great year for me 2018, with the gf and a baby, she has a great little roosters outfit, one I’m sure in which you won’t agree 😂

        • Congrats mate! On fatherhood (parenthood?) not the purchased premiership. 😉

          And NO Woody. 13rooster is NOT going to name their daughter “Gregory”. I KNOW you were thinking it. Don’t start me Woody! DON’T start me!

      • No not the purchased one back in 2013, I mean the one our local juniors won for us last year! 😬

        Yes fatherhood was meant to be the word used! Whatever the word, I’m very blessed to have been able to do it 👍🏻

        • “No not the purchased one back in 2013”

          PROOF Woody!

          An honest Rooster, well I’m speechless. Lucky for me I’m typing. 😂

          “I mean the one our local juniors won for us last year!”

          Firstly, your “local juniors” consist of Victor Radley, period. Cordner, Mitchell and Manu were imports from elsewhere from the ages of 16 – 18 (so NOT Roosters juniors).

          Meanwhile Souths won their premiership in 2014 with 5 legit local juniors, another 4 played NYC U20’s for the Rabbitohs and 5 others jad never played in the NRL before coming to Souths. Out of their starting 17 only Inglis,
          Tuqiri and T’eo had played in the NRL prior to coming to the Rabbitohs.

          Secondly, the Melbourne Storm won the premiership last year. 😂 Sorry mate but they were ALL thinking it. 😉

        • “I mean the one our local juniors won for us last year!”

          Apologies, I’m still learning how to read chicken scrawl. I may have misunderstood you. Were you referring to the former NYC U20’s competition?

          If so then you weren’t far off. Manly won the U20’s premiership in 2017 and yes, the Roosters chicks DID win the U20’s premiership the year before in 2016.

        • When did they move the asylum from Rozelle to Parramatta? I only talk to people who are “committed” in a different sense altogether.

          Go back to catching invisible butterflies and talking to imaginary people you clown. 🤡

          Don’t test my patience unless you don’t want to become my latest piñata. I have a LONG line of broken one’s who no longer post here because they thought they were clever until I cracked them open and showed everyone just how empty they were.

        • So, my “unless you DON’T want” hook didn’t get a bite. 🎣
          No Christmas piñata for Reg then I guess. 🎉🎄
          So far they have all been empty in any case so no loss.

      • if you can’t beat them, buy them! Is that how the saying goes? 🤔😂
        Would it pain you more to wear the roosters or storm jersey? 🤔

        • Well I like your honesty and that you can laugh about it. Pity Roosters don’t have lips or you and your feathered mates might be able to crack a smile!

          More pain and humiliation wearing the Roosters jersey than ANY other by a large margin (then Broncos). Same for you with Souths I assume?

  2. The old bat should have been fired as soon as he signed with Souths. I love the legend that he is, but he has only hurt the Broncos since his return in 2015, shown in the fact he couldn’t improve the team he took from hook. If anything he has made it soft.

  3. It will happen sooner rather than later, plus both our assistants are going with Seibolb which delievers us Demtriou who should take over when Bennett retires.

    All this talk about Bennett being to old is utter crap, i believe he will excel at Souths and the players will buy into his coaching ways, could get us over that last hurdle.

    BTW Bennett never actually starts coaching till December anyway he gets his assistants and conditioners to get them fit first, makes sense.

    • I hope you are right about Demtriou mate, both short-term and long-term.

      Irrespective of when the old bull takes the paddock the team still need to start learning the new systems and structures ASAP. Hopefully it will not just be an emphasis on conditioning and fitness when Souths are starting from scratch with new systems, processes and attacking styles and defensive structures.

  4. From what I heard Demitriou will stay at the donkeys.
    As for Bennett I believe the game has passed him by and South’s will be lucky to make up the numbers in the bottom half of the top 8. For South’s supporters sake I hope I am wrong.

    • “From what I heard Demitriou will stay at the donkeys.”

      Noooooooooooo! Prune juice without any sugar. Yuk!

  5. Am I the only one who has had enough of Bennett. The Broncos have bigger problems then who is coaching them. A Captain who doesn’t seem to care. A soft forward pack. No player development. No player retention. The old Broncos are no more. The sooner they cut ties with Bennett the better. And while their at it the players have to stop reading the Courier Mail.

    • An honest Pony fan🐴🎠🐎. Bennett is too old and will be totally bad news for Soufths.🐇 Most rabbit fans think he is a God send because of his ancient history. Next season under Bennett Soufths will finish outside the 🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱

      • As long as Souths keep Cook I think the Rabbitohs will finish ahead of the Broncos in 2019 even carrying Papa Smurf on their backs.

        It would help South’s chances of course if they found a quality replacement for Crichton but nevertheless Seibold faces an uphill battle to whip the Broncos into shape in a single season. Seibold had the benefit of a couple of years experience at the club and having built a relationship with players there which set him up well for his first year as head coach.

        He will be starting from scratch at the Broncos and with few experienced players to assist him with a very young squad. Other than Darius Boyd, Andrew McCullough and perhaps Matt Gillett there is little else in the way of experience in a very green side. There will be no Greg Inglis, John Sutton, Sam Burgess, Adam Reynolds or Dane Gagai to build a foundation around. Without experience abd leadership the young Broncos forward pack will fall apart at the first sign of pressure.

        If Souths lose Damien Cook though then, like the Titanic, they won’t stay above water for long.

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