The Brisbane Broncos will be without Corey Oates and Tevita Pangai Junior for at least a week, and maybe longer, after scans revealed the extent of their injuries.

The pair were both injured in the club’s golden point win over the Wests Tigers.

“Corey has two small tears in his psoas tendon in his hip,” said Broncos’ High Performance Manager Jeremy Hickmans on the club’s website.

“That generally means one to three weeks out of the game, depending on how he heals and how his rehabilitation progresses.

“Tevita will be a similar timeframe.

“He has a tear in the sheath surrounding the hamstring muscle, so will also be missing for one to three weeks.”

The Broncos will name their Round 4 team to play the Titans later today.


  1. Oates is a big loss for the Broncos. His go forward during sets and on kick returns is vital to the Broncos, who should be throwing money at him to tie him to a long term contract.

    Pengai Jnr’s absence should have a mixed impact. Milford and Nikorima will feel the absence of his offloads which are crucial to how the Broncos’ halves perform. That said, the team won’t miss his missed tackles count, which has been too high so far this season, and should be able to replace his go forward, which has been sub par and below the level currently being produced by McGuire, Lodge, Sims and even Tagatese, Fai, and Carrigan at QCup level.

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