SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 16: Sam Thaiday of the Broncos gestures to a team mate during the round 19 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos at ANZ Stadium on July 16, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Broncos to fight Thaiday charge

The Brisbane Broncos will fight the charge levelled at Sam Thaiday out of last week’s match against the Melbourne Storm.

Thaiday was charged with grade one contrary conduct for grabbing the thumb of Kiwi international prop Jessie Bromwich.

He was hit with a $1550 fine for an early guilty plea.

However the Broncos will contest the charge at the judiciary tomorrow night, with the risk a $2100 fine if Thaiday is found guilty.

Thaiday will officially plead not guilty to the NRL this morning.

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  1. The match review committee once again reveals it’s inconsistency. Sam is charge for grabbing a thumb but they turn a blind eye when Korbin Sims grabs Masons mangina.

  2. I can’t believe he has been charged with it tbh. Yeh its a grubby act, but how is it illegal? He didn’t twist the finger into a bad position or anything. So he’s basically only being charged because Bromwich was already injured. What a joke. Don’t take the field if you’re injured, or can’t take it.

    Technically if they want to be consistent, now every time someone holds fingers, even its just accidental trying to wrap the ball up, they should be charged.

    I’m not sticking up for Thaiday either, because he is a grub. Just amazed by the MRC, again.

    • Can’t agree with you on this one mate. It is one thing to take an injury onto the field and take what chance sends your way but it is another entirely to have that injury targeted (especially after the tackle has already been effected and the player relaxes expecting the danger and risk of further injury has passed).

      Should Billy Slater have sucked it up when James Graham bit his ear in the 2012 GF? What about Sam Burgess and Dave Tyrrell when Graham intentionally targeted them with a headbutt and then he and other Dogs players tried to compound the damage intentionally targeting a part off the anatomy that is off limits?

      I’m all for players having to accept the risks when playing with an injury but should Kyle Turner suffer another illegal crusher tackle after the one from Gallen that nearly ended his career and put him in a wheelchair?

      I respect your opinion on many things mate but on this one I have to disagree.

      • Fair enough, but I think you’re completely wrong for the simple fact that he didnt bend the finger or try to put it in an awkward position and if it wasn’t injured to start with nothing would be said about it. Plus the fact a players fingers may be held many times during a game when trying to wrap up the ball etc and no charges. No pre-existing injury, no charge. Can’t rule like that.
        Players know that their injuries will be targeted when they take the field.

        Also, intentional headbutt? Lmao

  3. “contrary conduct for grabbing the thumb of Kiwi international prop Jessie Bromwich”

    Thaiday belongs in a kennel not on a football field. At least Bennett should send him to obedience school before taking him out in public!

    “the Broncos will contest the charge at the judiciary tomorrow night, with the risk a $2100 fine if Thaiday is found guilty.”

    Wow! The Broncos are really rolling the dice on this one. I just hope they have the TPA’s to cover it!

  4. Sam is a grub , it may not be illegal but it’s certainly not in the spirit of the game , but when was anything Bris in the spirit of the game ,,, grub side ,just look at Roberts ,,, a pig of a human

  5. Contrary conduct is the right charge. Its a charge that allows a bit of discretion for when legality is blurred. The judiciary got this one right. They couldn’t give a suspension given the question of legality but did as much as they could. Good to see Blake Austin give it to him in the media too. Its fine to test out an injury playing the game hard but what Thaiday did was outside of that in my opinion. As a Broncos supporter, I do not want my team to ever play that way win, lose or draw.

    • Spot on once again boycee. The same applies to George Burgess’ brain explosion (irrespective of the sneaky uppercut in the tackle that provoked it) and also Sam Burgess’ infamous “Squirrel grip”. Fortunately none of the Burgess boys are like that, each was an isolated incident which I am sure will not be repeated.

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