during the round six NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Canterbury Bulldogs at McDonald Jones Stadium on April 7, 2017 in Newcastle, Australia.

Canterbury centre Brenko Lee has agreed to join the Gold Coast Titans, effective immediately, for next season.

The Brisbane-born 22-year old is understood to have inked a one-year deal which is expected to be announced on Thursday.

Lee proved to be a lethal attacking weapon on the edge, however, many believe that further development is required in defence.

Lee represented Queensland and Australia in the u20’s competition and was touted as a future representative player.

A handy pick-up for the new-look Titans outfit who recently released Jarryd Hayne.

A return to Queensland was destined as Lee was spotted in Brisbane, negotiating in late September.


  1. Rumour is that the bulldogs are now going after Jack Cogger from the knights who would be a great pick up for them. Probably out of Brown and Cogger to get the 7 or 6 jersey for the dogs, as I think Pay might put Foran at 7 if not 6. but the Lee signing is good for the titans. A lot of good but not great signings for the club.

    Titans 2018:

    1. Gordon
    2. Lee
    3. Copley
    4. Hurrell
    5. Don
    6. Elgey
    7. Taylor
    8. Wallace
    9. Peats
    10. Latu
    11. James
    12. Proctor
    13. Arrow

    14. Rein
    15. Boyle
    16. King
    17. Greenwood

    Bulldogs 2018:

    1. Mbye
    2. Morris
    3. Morris
    4. Hopoate
    5. Holland
    6. Foran or Brown/Cogger
    7. Brown/Cogger or Foran
    8. Woods
    9. Lichaa
    10. Klemmer
    11. Elliott
    12. Jackson
    13. Eastwood

    14. Brown
    15. Tolman
    16. Fualalo
    17. Priest

  2. Hey WestTigersNation

    Your dogs team in incorrect There is no way Holland will get a start over Montoya
    Also Feastwood will be medically retired

    Bulldogs 2018:

    1. Mbye
    2. Morris
    3. Morris
    4. Hopoate
    5. Montoya
    6. Brown
    7. Foran
    8. Woods
    9. Lichaa
    10. Klemmer
    11. Elliott
    12. Jackson
    13. RFM/Tolman

    14. Talau/Cleeland
    15. Tolman/ RFM
    16. Fualalo
    17. Priest

    In regards to lee his defence was woeful in 2017.
    Wonder how much of the dogs cap that will clear?


    • Forgot about Montoya and didn’t know about Eastwood, but I wonder how long Pay will keep Renouf out of FG? Kid is talented and has been knocking on the door for a couple of years, also what’s the story on Frawley? Has he fallen down the pecking order at the dogs?

      • From what I’ve read Eatswood is likely to retire, and that would free up about $800k. If that plays out I would have thought the Doggies would go for Hogkinson, unless there was any bad blood with his leaving.

        On the flip side if Eastwood was retiring they probably wouldn’t have released Lee (no real reason to), unless it was more for personal reasons.

        • Bulldogs in for long season but will probably finish in front of Eastern suburbs, sorry Sydney city Roosters, hang on , sorry Sydney Roosters, wonder what name they will come up with next? they need an identity of some sort, just wish they would settle on something, i mean they are a foundation club , the second oldest club behind Souths, surely they can’t be embarrassed by their heritage.

        • @ 13rooster

          Let’s have a look at some of your contributions to date sunshine. You have to admit your comment on this story has not been overly insightful or much of an intellectual challenge.

          13rooster December 21, 2017 at 11:43 am
          Those teams don’t seem like they will hassle many others

          The “We run our salary cap better:” Roosters” story:

          13rooster December 20, 2017 at 8:01 am
          That we do.. that we do

          Hardly Ernest Hemingway now is it mate? In fact, YOU come off as a bit basic yourself.

        • @ 13rooster

          Let’s see if you can come up with more than just a basic comment on these other ZT stories. My opinions are already on record. What are yours?

          “Jarryd Hayne denies… assault allegations”
          “Club statement on Jarryd Hayne”
          “Jarryd Hayne accused of… while playing NFL”

          I am assuming of course you are not just a “basic bloke” and you have the ability to articulate your thoughts into a cohesive argument?

          Once you warm up on showing what you can bring to the table on the above stories and you are ready to take a step up let’s see what contribution you can make to the discussions on the ZT story “New NRL officiating structure announced”. Comments are closed but feel free to post your thoughts here and reference them back to the article. I eagerly await to see YOUR contribution or are you just talk?

        • Look a talking piñata! Hey 13rooster are you going to hide behind a piñata or speak for yourself? Are you going to take up the “Chook challenge” or are you going to chicken out?

  3. All the options for the bulldogs halback spot will still leave alot of pressure of Foran. Maybe Foran should have signed with titans so he could pair Ash Taylor in the halves.

  4. @sstid, didn’t take you long huh? On every story I read on here, you are in each comment section putting someone down. It goes to show the type of bloke you are just with the comment of me bringing a “cohesive argument” I’d much rather bring a “cohesive discussion” but that wouldn’t suit your bully ways would it buddy?

    • Through his ways over his time on here, it seems ZT is his number one world, the real life we all live in comes second to that. He reminds me of a politician, so much BS to say and only an audience of people who can’t stand you to dribble to. I’d much rather have discussions and a laugh than insult and argue, but he SSTID, ( I think the meaning is Serious Sexual Transmitted Infection or Disease) just pops up in comments unrelated to him and has stabs at people so I guess a contradiction at this point won’t matter.

      • No one is buying your BS 13rooster. It is clearly directed at me and there are children who access this site. Explain to me again the relevance of “Sexual Transmitted Infection or Disease” to a Rugby League forum? I would also like @ Zero Tackle to post THEIR input on this. Where DO you draw the line @ Zero Tackle?

        If you boys don’t have the wit or the intelligence to dig a little deeper then go back and play in the minor leagues. It is embarrassing to watch you both continue to stumble around and even combined you can’t come up with anything witty, intelligent or original. Do you think that you guys are the first to try that cheap shot on? Are you BOTH really THAT basic?

        Look at WoodChook’s example. Foghorn Leghorn has a sense of humour at least and can argue the point without being vulgar and insulting. He has shown great restraint (something neither of you are capable of) in not responding to my Roosters barbs and I give him credit for that. You got your wish Foghorn Leghorn, Crichton wrapped up for Christmas (but Christmas 2019 NOT 2018).

  5. And pesno, cut the BS, if you think the dogs will have a better season than the roosters you have no idea. Great attacks about the name (names) of our club though, I thought that was a pure genius comment 👏🏻

  6. @sstid, if they are old enough to read through those words and make sense of them, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Sexual education is rolled out in year 6, your name is an acronym for it. I’m sure you look the part too. And it seems you are concerned about they way children look at things on this website, how does that not deter your bully and harassment ways on a daily basis? You have a handful of sayings that are mediocre at best. You are the aggressor is majority of these comments, a few come back at you and you call for the hierarchy. Didums. I’m sure a petition from users of this site would result in the banning of the unintelligent, basic individual you are sstid.

    • SSTID = South Sydney ‘Til I Die as you well know. This site doesn’t sanction vulgarity and sexual references are totallyout of off place in a RL forum. Work harder!

      So I take it you aren’t up to my challenge? To prove that you are capable of making a worthwhile and relevant contribution to this forum?

      That’s a little chicken isn’t it? 🐓

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