SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 23: Dylan Walker of the Sea Eagles looks on prior to the NRL Trial match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Manly Sea Eagles at Shark Park on February 23, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Manly star Dylan Walker has been found not guilty of assault against girlfriend Alexandra Ivkovic, after Ivkovic was charged for pulling her ponytail and causing her to fall to the ground.

Walker had his charges dismissed in Manly Local Court on Friday, including domestic violence-related assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault.

Magistrate Michelle Goodwin had the following to say on the assault.

“I am simply not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of the guilt of Mr Walker.”

In court, Walker told the magistrate he followed her outside after a dispute in the hope to speak with her, before just touching her on the shoulder before she fell.

“I just reached out with my left hand to touch her shoulder, just turning her towards me,” Walker said.

“Then she fell, fell onto the ground.”

Ivkovic spoke about the incident, and while she originally told NSW Police Walker pulled her hair to the ground, she made another statement in court.

“When I fell, I thought at the time that he had grabbed my hair but then I realised that he didn’t,” she said.


  1. Yeah right. Ah well if your good enough to get away with it by lying to the courts, then good onya.

  2. Amazing that three honest witnesses did not see what they saw, according to the judge. Unbelievable that woman bashers can get away with what ever they like. The justice system is a joke. Any wonder why people with back bone take matters into their own hands when handing out FAIR punishment. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  3. Why would other women report domestic violence, when magistrates let the perpetrators walk scot-free

  4. I have faith in our country’s justice system. We weren’t there so we don’t know what really happened.
    That said, any violence against women is abhorrent.
    Now, I guess there are grounds for legal action against greenburg and the NRL.

  5. Violence against women is definetely a big no no.
    But that said judge doesn’t make there decision based on him being a footy player. No doubt he needs and as far as I’ve heard has seemed help.
    Would be good to get him back playing and he has taken his punishment without complaints and the nrl should sack him if he reaffends in anyway.
    But manly may of already decided his fate anyways

  6. No there is not. The rules now clearly state that a player is stood down for serious crimes until court proceedings are finalised.

    If anyone has grounds to sue it is Mitchell Pearce as I have stated all along. Even today Greenberg admitted they went overboard and it was to harsh. So I think 125k will be returned and 1 mil for compensation is a good start and a salary cap returned for the Roosters to be spent this year for compensation of sabotaging our 2016 season. It also robbed the Roosters of a top eight position.


  7. Yeah, there is the possibility that he may be moved on.
    I’m hearing Latrell wants out of the chooks.
    I suppose we could find a spot for him.

  8. Greenburgler and the Beetroot should be sued for being incompetant at running the NRL. Absolutely useless with no sense of judgement. Just like all the other manly hater 💩s on this site such as the chickenman and that other fool brisydragqueen. I’ve been saying for months there was nothing in this fake news trumped up charge. Now I’m proven correct yet again and the other fools have been proven as 🤡’s yet again. 🖕

  9. Nice emoji work pnz0/ManWar69er. Only problem is your a bit tight on using them. I suppose that happens when your an emoji apprentice.💩🕊🥄🐇🥕🔫😎⚰🥳🐫🐫🦆👊😝😩💘💕🍌✔😲👃👅🐰💞😠😠🤕🙃🏚😖❗

  10. A magistrate can only determine a case in the evidence before the court and if the newspaper reports are accurate the beak’s decision should be no surprise; that Walker is a professional RL player would have been of no relevance at all nor should have the publicity about the case.
    I wonder how many blokes would react with restraint and magnanimity to what Dylan’s better half said about the paternity of her son.

  11. And play on the goat track🤣👉—— Dreaming mate. Morris is still unable to play after falling into a divert as big as the grand Canyon. Latrell will soon be lacing his boots up running out on Australias greatest football stadium when the Football Stadium home of the Sydney Chooks is rebuilt.💪🐔👍

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