Gold Coast has reportedly parted ways with coach Garth Brennan.

An official announcement is expected to be made shortly, with the Titans' assistants to take over alongside Mal Meninga for the remainder of the 2019 season.



  1. Go with your tails between their legs and beg Neil Henry to come back.
    There has never been a better Titans side than when Henry was coach.

  2. Can Mary part ways immediately too. RedV13, it’s apparently going to be Walters or the St Helens coach, or at least that’s who they are chasing.

  3. Kevin Walters could be a good option. Everyman and his dog has said they want to be QLD coach and I donโ€™t exactly think heโ€™s that good for State of O.

  4. I saw on the news that Walters has made himself unavailable for the Gold Coast job. He’s too smart to step into a situation that you just can’t do any good. The current management needs to butt-out from recruitment and leave the signing of players to the coach. No coach could do any good with the current roster.

  5. I’d have to agree Chalky. It reminds me of when Bob McCarthy was sacked as The Coast’s coach: Warren Ryan commented “even JC couldn’t have got that mob into the semis”.

  6. It’s a pity Skeletor isn’t available for the job. A few years coaching the Titans would help prepare him to go into a nursing home!

  7. Whatever goes on at the Gold Coast , I’m sure Brennan is not fully to blame for their performances.
    Ash Taylor is doing the Moylan now . Oh, I need time away from the game to get my head together. He’ll turn up & be fine at another club soon.
    Latu, Cartwright, Peachey all went there with big reputations. Where’s Latu? Cartwright’s a part timer off the bench & Peachey would rather be back at Penrith. That’s just for starters.
    Brennan coached the lower grades well at Newcastle & Penrith. Maybe he couldn’t handle the first grade job? You still have to think that there’s lots going wrong at the Gold Coast. It’s more than just replace the coach & all will be wonderful!

  8. I don’t thinks its all Brennan’s fault – to be fair, i would say 50/50. The players are just as much at fault as the coach. I think the culture up at GCT is toxic, if not childish. Not even sure the top level management understand the requirements in a footy club these days. I understand that the top level all have successful businesses but how long have they been in that industry plying their trade. How many of them have actually run an NRL club?

    – Peachey goes up there and suddenly loses all his skills. Thats not the coaches fault, player attitude and that’s what happens when managers push their players for big deals in locations or teams that don’t suit them.
    – B Cartwright went there and learnt how to play touch footy and lost his attacking skills. Again, players don’t lose their skill but waiver on Attitude.
    – Ash Taylor doesn’t like that Brennan named and shamed him so now he has personal demons. He’s on or nearly on a million a year, attitude again.
    – Proctor was/is a NZ international gunning it when he was at the storm, suddenly lost his playing ability.

    On the other hand, you have the below, who have been doing a crazy job:

    – Arrow made Origin and was one of QLD’s best players.
    – AJ Brimson is playing out of his skin.
    – Brian Kelly is also another playing very well
    – Copley is also another playing well
    – Tyrone Roberts carrying half the team.

    Something is seriously wrong at the club overall, not just Garth Brennan. Sure there are some things that Garth needs to learn or do better but structures have the club put in place for him to succeed?

    Having the GCT team is good for the NRL and gives players in Brisbane another cub they can go to and make very powerful.

    anyway, open to debate but just my 2 cents.

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