Wests Tigers star Josh Reynolds has been charged by NSW Police with a domestic violence offence.

The Tigers confirmed the news on Thursday, releasing the following statement on their website.

Wests Tigers have today confirmed that Josh Reynolds has been charged by New South Wales Police with a domestic violence offence.

Both Josh and Wests Tigers has previously alerted the police and NRL on this matter and will continue to work closely with the NRL Integrity Unit and NSW Police as Josh vigorously defends this charge.


  1. Is the Josh Reynolds signing one of the worst deals in the league?

    He joined at the start of 2018 for 750k per year, since then it’s been 2 full season about to start the third and he’s only played 12 games. This year he played 7 games only starting 4 of those games and in one of those starts only played 6 minutes. I understand he’s had loads of injuries which isn’t exactly his fault but still

    He’s now been arrested and still has the next season and the season after on contract for 750k each year.

  2. True that Hahaha atleast Kieran Foran for his 1 mill he gets, has played 26 games starting all of them compared to Reynolds 12 games. Plus Forans deal is a year shorter.
    3mil over 3 years or 3mil over 4years.

    Think Id rather take Foran slightly more because atleast he plays games.

  3. Reynolds wasn’t injured for the all the games he missed. This incident aside, he hasn’t been very lucky with basically being surplus to requirements.

  4. 750k towards Latrell, now offering 4.5mil over 4 years (aha sarcasm) They said not long before this came out they we revising their offer. They knew about Reynolds and are playing the game.

    On a side note Newcastle should look at Reynolds (is he is let go and is still allowed in the NRL). I think he would complement MP and would come cheap is tigers pay part of his salary. And if he can stay on the field and be injury free

  5. TheBroncosAreTheBest, I seriously do not know what your issue with me, and the be honest, I do not care. In answer to your question, no I won’t. I’m still grumpy about Zane’s signing, and the fact that Ivan came out stating that he hopes Tyrone May is cleared. Now get over your fascination with me.

  6. TheBroncos looks like another AdamMarkWoidFile production Panthers18. So don’t worry too much about him.
    Funnily I mentioned Reynolds on here the other day. Saying how signing him ( which was a suggestion from Geyer a little while ago ), would be the worst idea ever.
    Guess that’s proven yet again.

  7. I won’t, EastOfDivide. The ironic thing is I have had some of my comments moderated, yet others haven’t. Weird? Thanks.

  8. The WoodTool tried to have me banned from the site . For putting on posts about the Chickens corporate payments scheme to their players, quite often.
    Which is interesting , considering his continual swearing , racist posts, insults etc on here Panthers.
    The site also blocks many comments . Which are just facts about how clubs & countries operate.
    So I’m not surprised that anyone may be blocked about many different comments.

  9. english EastOfDivide, do you speak it?

    and panther i don’t have any issue’s with you im merely calling on your complete silence when penrith sign players that have did something wrong but will be on every other clubs case when they do it.

  10. you’re on every single lodge, falou and who ever else article bagging yet are nowhere to be seen on zane signs with penrith article lol.

    look panther18 i don’t really care but don’t you think if you’re to be a goody 2 shoe then shouldn’t you at least be consistent? just some advice for you, there’s no need to go put me up for stalking & harassment charges now lol.

  11. TheBroncosAreTheBest, try again? I’m not. Now grow up. I actually did try to comment on that, and for some unknown reason, my comment was moderated.

  12. Do you even know how to start a sentence , with a capital letter? Or write in actual sentences WoodenBroncos? I don’t think so.

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