The South Sydney Rabbitohs have released a statement addressing their findings for the recent off-field scandal.

It was alleged a number of Rabbitohs players sent unsolicited images to a woman, although after an investigation into the conduct, South Sydney have cleared players of any wrongdoing.

The Rabbitohs released the statement below on their website.

The Panel appointed by the South Sydney Rabbitohs has completed its investigation into a complaint made regarding inappropriate conduct by a Rabbitohs player in May of this year.

This investigation arose from reports in the Daily Telegraph on 14 and 15 September 2018, and emails sent by an anonymous complainant in May, June and August 2018 which alleged inappropriate conduct by a South Sydney player on a Facebook Messenger video call.

After being informed of the matter, the Club committed to investigate the complaint in consultation and co-operation with the NRL Integrity Unit. It appointed a panel consisting of Commissioner Lea Drake (Independent), Karyn Murphy (NRL Integrity Unit), Nick Pappas (Rabbitohs Chairman), Emily Grant (Rabbitohs Head of Operations, People and Culture) and Blake Solly (Rabbitohs Chief Executive Officer) to investigate and report upon the complaint.

Representatives of the Panel interviewed South Sydney players and staff. The Complainant was interviewed privately by Ms Murphy. The Complainant declined to be interviewed by the Panel, and did not want her identity disclosed, which the Club has respected. The Panel has also reviewed all available documentary material.

Based on a thorough review of the available evidence before it, the Panel was not satisfied that any South Sydney player engaged in any actionable misconduct resulting in a breach of their NRL Playing Contract, the NRL Rules or the SSFC Code of Conduct.

The Rabbitohs have no further comment to make at this time.


  1. What? Souths found that nobody at Souths had anything to be accountable for?
    What a surprise.
    Seriously, was it ever going to be any different? I guess the NRL being the NRL will take them at their word and not look into it any further themselves?

    • Obviously comprehension is not your strongest point – let me dumb it down for u
      Panel of 5 appointed, 3 were women, 2 of these were independent of Souths (this means not connected to Souths) – one of the independent women was the Commissioner (this means the big boss), the other independent woman belongs to the NRL Integrity Unit. These 2 women would not come to this conclusion, if there was clear evidence of misconduct (this means – if bad things happened) – hope this helps !!

      • You 2 are hilarious. Seriously, Souths officials were on a panel to look into whether Souths had anything to answer for. If it was the Roosters and Politis on the board, you would be up in arms claiming conspiracy!
        I have no confidence in anything the integrity unit or the NRL has done in reference to looking into clubs and their issues, and this is no different.
        Why was something that happened in May only being looked into now by Souths? Lift and sweep was the hope i think.

    • So I take it you were there at the hearings?
      I’m still waiting to hear why a passionate rooster supporter presented herself half naked and then complained she felt violated.
      Anyone? LOL

      • No evidence of your outrageously stupid comment, was you there were you? Show everybody her half naked body. However who owns the gold watch on the naked man, and that backside shot sure looks like George Burgess backside, perhaps it is his twin brothers checks.

  2. What a joke

    It just make the NRL looks like a complete joke.
    So its ok with Sam to get naked inappropriately? But for Adam Elliot doing it on the 3rd floor costs 250k

    Maybe its down to the size of the tool.
    The bigger it is the bigger the fine

    • So you were there to prove that it was Sam? The truth is the only people who know what really happened are the players. Don’t be a fool and believe anything you read in the papers or hear on TV. Just because it was Sam’s account doesn’t mean he did this.

      As for the size of the tool, you are looking good with this post.

      • “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers or hear on the tv” then quotes “just because it was sams account doesn’t mean it was him” I heard them say that on the tv? And you believe it? Who would Sam of been hanging around with and been close enough with to say, here you go, use my phone for whatever reason, then for that “mate” to go on and think to send a pic of sams junk to a random woman? Are you with us today son?

        • 13rooster do you not find it at all strange that the woman at the centre of all of this is a Roosters employee? How about the fact that she was a frequenter of the notorious Tinder site and is being treated as some innocent that was totally surprised by events after she first put herself in a situation that no father would want to see their daughter in?

          Don’t you also think that it is strange and highly unusual that a Roosters employee and supporter would even care two shakes if she came across Sam’s image on a site like Tinder? WHY would she even care to go out of her way and break professional protocol and contact a player from a rival club when her professional position would put her in conflict with this action?

          What about the fact that just as this bombshell as dropped the woman in question conveniently left the country so she could not be questioned and this claim could not be properly investigated, isn’t that strange?

          I also find it strange that News Corp (formerly News Ltd) the company behind the Super League war and the original owners of the Melbourne Storm would be the sole media agency to pursue this story relentlessly forcing it into the current news cycle. Wouldn’t you also say it is strange that the two teams that have the most to gain by having Souths eliminated from the competition were both somehow involved via intermediaries that had some affiliation or involvement with each of these clubs?

          Mate 2 and 2 isn’t 22, it equals 4. It doesn’t matter how much creative accounting Ian Schubert does to hide the Roosters salary cap figures there are some truths that are always immutable. Don’t pretend like you aren’t relieved to have the spotlight off your club for a change, even if the “Teflon Don” gave News Corp the opportunity to create the news instead of reporting it.

  3. Look it was Sam Burgess Facebook account. Nothing happens in putting the game into disrepute? Lucky for Sam and his Soufths mates that the woman has decided not to be identified, he got away with that one. I bet on the field and in the crowd they will be asking him how is girlfriend is going.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. OK, here goes. Strap yourselves in…

    Why are people all ignoring the elephant in the room? This was an orchestrated setup by a media organisation and one of the oldest clubs in the NRL. The woman at the centre of all of this is a ROOSTERS employee! She created a fake Tinder profile in order to have a reason to contact Sam and gain his trust.

    Then News Corp broke and ran with the story non-stop via it’s agencies of and FOX Sports (aka FIX Sports). No other media outlet at the time ran with the story until News Corp forced into the current news cycle. News Corp were formerly News Ltd, instigators of the Super League war and failed SL competition and original owners of the Melbourne Storm, the “love child” of Murdoch controlled News Ltd and the new look NRL. All this was done to create content for it’s sports coverage and extend the geographic reach of the game so that FOX Sports could boost it’s ratings and reach.

    During the media blitz by News Corp to control public opinion they also went hard after the story of Zane Musgrove up on domestic violence charges even though this was a matter that had existed from the beginning of the year and Musgrove had already been disciplined and stood down by Souths. Originally News Corp lead with this story stating that “Souths Forward facing trial for Domestic Violence” right next to headlines about Sam Burgess and the “Sexting scandal” with the clear aim to link the two in the minds of readers and as click bait for their story.

    The clear goal of all of this was to weaken the chances of the only remaining team that present an obstacle to a Storm premiership and a dream headline of “Melbourne Storm NRL premiers” and “Billy Slater wins Clive Churchill medalist”.

    Why is it that the two teams most likely to benefit from all of this, the Roosters and the Storm, have a direct role to play in either orchestrating or publicising and pre-judging this scandal? Why are more questions not being asked about HOW this all came about prior to Sam being contacted?

    As chalky has said, no one on this site was there so only the parties directly involved KNOW the truth and Sam has repeatedly said he looks forward to the full truth being revealed. Why was it that the woman at the centre of this storm (along with Sam) conveniently disappeared overseas at precisely the time this bombshell was dropped? As a Roosters employee, were the Roosters somehow involved in facilitating this trip to make sure that there was no evidence remaining, no smoking gun, that could link any of this back to the “Teflon Don”?

    Although I have never used or visited the site Tinder’s reputation is well known. The people who frequent this site are not looking for any kind of real or lasting relationship but it is all based around the sort of behaviour that is purported to have taken place involving Sam.

    I am against the exploitation and abuse of women but when a woman goes out of her way to first orchestrate and then participate voluntarily in activities of this nature then questions have to be asked and BOTH sides of the story have to be heard. There are damning accusations made against a player that can ruin his career, public profile and affect his marriage. I think we should at least know the FACTS first before piling wood around the stake and lighting a match!

    For the record, I am totally against the treatment of Adam Elliott given that it was a private function and a telescopic paparazzi lens that turned poor private behaviour into a public scandal. None of this is acceptable behaviour in public but James Roberts multiple assaults against women that get routinely brushed under the carpet and serial violent offences against women by Matt Lodge who should be in jail instead of paid big money to play in the public arena are far more serious offences that have as yet gone unpunished.

    If people here are serious about these issues then they should be outraged that James Roberts and Matt Lodge are allowed to play the game and Roberts was given the chance to represent the game at it’s highest level, SOO.

  5. It’s just one big cover up!
    Pearce was filmed illegally and copped it.
    Sam, who is married, shows his peniis on his account to someone who didn’t want or agree to it and its ok?
    The NRL is a joke………..

    • And you expose your hypocrisy and stupidity every time you make a comment. Talk to me about the multiple assaults against women by both James Roberts and Matt Lodge and tell me why are they still playing the game? Tell me if James Roberts has ever been suspended for his violent assaults against women including two within a 6 month period that were also conveniently swept under the rug. How long has Roberts ever been suspended for over any of these offences? Zero Weeks!

      • A notorious frequenter of tinder? So what? Welcome to 2018. Break professional protocol?? What are you on about? So whatever club in which you are employed by, is the only group of persons you can be associated with? Or even talk to? You are trying to sound a little smarter than you are it seems. All that was just dribble. And this talk of her being in a position in which no father would want to see her in, turn it up son. what about the married man and father (to a daughter) that’s the other half of this situation? And you finish by bringing up some off topic, garbage and typical comment about the roosters salary cap? Basic comments from a basic bloke.

        • “A notorious frequenter of tinder? So what?”

          Well, if someone is going to take the puritanical moral high ground they better first make sure that they are not covered in mud don’t you think? Many people find the site morally questionable. If the woman in question has looser morals not to see this then that is a two way door and her involvement in this needs to be scruitinised with that in mind.

          “Break professional protocol??”

          I can only imagine that any club in the NRL would not be in favour of their employees engaging in any questionable activity or making contact with rival clubs in a way that could call into question either their professional integrity or that of the club they are employed by. As a result of all of this the Roosters are now being mentioned in relation to this fiasco when there should have been no connection whatsoever to their brand. The fact that an employee of the club has engaged in this activity that left the club exposed to this kind of adverse publicity ahead of such a crucial game would not be something that the Roosters organisation should be pleased about if in fact they have had no involvement in any of this.

          To be clear, parents of either a son or daughter would not like to see their child involved in this kind of behaviour or scandal. Only Sam know the degree of his guilt or innocence or the impact it is having on his family and his marriage. I don’t condone the behaviour of any male involved either. I am just saying that there are still too many unknowns and no conclusive proof to pronounce a sentence. Remember even SKD was presumed innocent until proven guilty and he was innocent of all charges. Just like Brett Stewart or Ben T’eo.

  6. I hope Sam sues the Tele for defermation, if they hadn’t tried, to once again pull the NRL in the gutter, this would never have been an issue.

    Obviously there was nothing to see here, so why did the Tele name him when all other media sites refused to, again gutter journalism at it’s finest.

    For those people who think Souths got special treatment, grow up, that Karyn Murphy is an ex police officer who is tough as nails and there is no way she would let anything go if the players did wrong.

    Dognator, i feel your pain from the Tele’s set against you guy’s , but if they didn’t have that mindset to look for trouble nothing would have been said, again this Sam thing should not have been reported until it was looked into properly.

    I can understand 13rooster being critical cause he knows Sam will hurt his teams chances of winning, but beastie, grow up mate and ask , who was actually behind bringing this up right now in semi final time, plenty of theories around, hope the NRL gets to the bottom and finds that one out.

    Just hope our Easts pretender souths supporter apoligizes for his stupid comments when this first came out, as usual he went off too early.

    • Of course he’ll hurt our teams chances and I’m not shying away from that. If both teams play good footy that’s all I ask, if Souths win, good on them. I’m just calling out hypocracy, and inconsistency’s within the nrl. You Souths supporters are the worst for it. You Call for heads at other clubs when bad things happen but when it’s your time in the light you cry innocence. In what world do you live in? The facts are the photo was sent from sams account and although you can’t see his face you’d have to say it’s more likely it was him then “someone else” sending that particular photo.

      • photo was send (of whom I have no idea) – but if it was consensual (which I’m pretty sure was the findings) – then she has no right to have a dummy spit and cry wolf !!!!

      • Selective hypocrisy surely? I don’t remember you having too much to say when Shaun Kenny-Dowall was not initially suspended when he faced charges of domestic violence? He was allowed to have his day in court first so why is Sam not entitled to the same judicial process? Or is it just expedient for the Roosters to have such a crucial player removed from the game to give the Roosters a much needed advantage in a game they have their backs up against the wall to win?

    • The NRL have found that the game has not been put into disrepute. Perhaps Carney, Pearce and Co need to get Murphy onto their case this instant. Refunds on fines incurred from past offences will now be refunded, as this is the new standard to gauge by.

      • Sam Burgess is a disgrace to South Sydney, How convenient is the situation that the lady has refused to exchange facts with the governing investigation committee. South Sydney or perhaps a particular share holder has purchased the lady’s Silence, complete with an overseas holiday.

      • My respect towards our forward leader at Souths has since been overwhelmingly demolished. This scandal has my loyalty towards South Sydney Rabbits totally destroyed.

        • OMG, I feel compelled, as a RL fan, to call out to all Bunnies supporters, given the imminent crisis, can 1 of your fans please buy Russ’s life membership off him to avoid th devastating effects of his obvious disappointment on your membership numbers?

        • Silence!!!!!! You ninnies. I have no intentions to let my life time membership, within the Rabbit Burrow become purchased by any human being. My financial situation allows me to be alive for eternity. I do have full intentions to become cloned. Being the Pride of the League with my Red and Green blood. The aftermath of this process once reborn again to my youthful ways and vigor, firstly I will educate fellow South Sydney fans not to banter on with rubbish of our Cardinal and Myrtle idiocy colors, for Red and Green are we. If for some reason the cloning attempt fails, and life as I know it has ceased to exist. Then my molding Green body should be shipped to the Red Planet. Where for ever I shall be in a RED and Green environment. Therefore my life membership will be with me, in death.

  7. Good, done, move on.
    This “he doesn’t play for my team, therefore he’s guilty / must be punished”, and if he’s not, “it’s a conspiracy” is such a load of c….
    I don’t know what he did / didn’t do, and as a RL fan I’d much rather watch a player play than see/hear this sort of c…, which is none of my business anyway.
    All that said, I’m looking forward to seeing big Sam fired up given the week or two he’s just had.

  8. Feeling for mitchell pearce right now. Im not a pearce fan or roosters but its just massive double standards and inconsistency with the nrl.
    One guy gets secretly filmed being stupid but keeping his clothes on and cops a massive penalty….and the other exposes himself to a woman without her consent(3 emails sent to rabbits complaining about what happened from the woman) and its all ok lol.

    What a joke

    • I can understand and even agree with your views to a point. At the time Pearce had been a serial offender and following this much publicised scandal was reportedly given his final warning by Nick Politis. Compare that to Sam Burgess’s record of off field misdemeanours and indiscretions. Sam had NONE! At this time there is still no evidence against him to substantiate the charge. For there to be a double standard a charge first needs to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt and in this case it has not.

      Neither has the involvement of Roosters employee at the centre of this scandal. Like Sam I look forward to ALL the facts coming to light first before jumping to a conclusion.

    • Superb, Bravo……I must congratulate you on your splendid point of view shovog. Mr Reagan, it was the NRL who handed Pearce his unfair punishment, a couple harmless misdemeanors in a private property is not in most people opinions worthy of 8 weeks and 125k. Our Souths hardman has been protected.

  9. You do make a good point about pearce reg with his poor behavior….i just cant get it out of my head a couple of days ago that one of his brothers actually said live on tv that sam had done something stupid but he’s dealing with it. Anyway the game is better for having Sam Burgess on the field thats for sure. Great player.

    • Had it been your brother and he had put himself in this position as a married man and he was a high profile figure of the game would you not also describe your brother as having done “something stupid”? It is not necessarily an admission of guilt but rather an observation that Sam should not have allowed himself to be put in such a position. Mind you neither is it proof of his innocence for that matter.

      I am not going to judge anyone without all of the facts, even the female Roosters employee has a right to fully present her side of the story and be cross examined to determine the veracity of her story. But I find it incredibly suspicious that this all happened back in May and now only comes to light conveniently when the club she is employed by faces their first sudden death game of the season and the player with perhaps the most influence to the team standing in their way of a Grand Final berth is now conveniently the centre of an investigation because of contact that they initiated when common sense should have told them to leave this well enough alone.

      • “Mind you neither is it proof of his innocence for that matter”. Reg Reagan, have you seen a doctor recently? Common sense is about to be diagnosed, brilliant statement. However George said of his brother Sam “he has made a mistake” referring that he is involved, up to his neck, naked body and the Gold Watch on his right wrist, clearly displayed within the photo. I viewed a recent interview with Sam Burgess recently. He is wearing the exact same gold watch.

    • The only problem with the League gods punishing South Sydney’s forward leader, is that the whole team has to pay an extraordinary price for their transgression.

    • That’s the way chicken man – about time u showed your true colours
      UP THE RABBITOHS !!!!!
      GLORY GLORY!!!!! SSTID !!!!!

      • As stated early in this forum Redv90

        “My respect towards our forward leader at Souths has since been overwhelmingly demolished. This scandal has my loyalty towards South Sydney Rabbits totally destroyed.”

        Justice First, Souths second is my philosophy. However redv90, I see reality is still beyond your mindset. Now child, runaway but remember, the entire off season this. Souths 13 Saints 12

        • He has been proven innocent you fool, and is now looking at lawyers for a deformation case. What sort of fan are you if you still can’t get behind your captain? You are a joke

        • Redv90 you must be the only bloke in Australia besides those Soufths fools who think he is innocent. Burgess gets around with a gold watch and as stated by Rusty there is an interview for all to see with him wearing that gold watch, just like the ond e in the naked flash of himself photo. If Burgess was the captain of Easts he would be sacked. Souths are hiding him and need to be fined. Like Rusty said this sort of stuff makes you want to turn off your very own club.🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱 Eight ball corner pocket

  10. the poor old bulldogs got a $250,000 fine & sam burguess phone was used with another player un named
    & the ceo todd greenburg just lets it go like nothing has happened prfff no double standards
    glory glory 2 south sydney i dont think so remember souths have brought this game into disrepute
    hope the roosters make souths pay

  11. the poor old bulldogs got a $250,000 fine & sam burguess phone was used with another player un named
    & the ceo todd greenburg just lets it go like nothing has happened prfff no double standards
    glory glory 2 south sydney i dont think so remember souths have brought this game into disrepute
    & the nrl let it go like its a nothing story with a player back end showing is the nrl for real

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