South Sydney have released a statement relating to an incident involving players earlier on this year.

A woman has alleged several high-profile players were involved with her in a Facebook video chat, before two of the Rabbitohs involved exposed themselves to the woman without her consent.

The incident happened after a win in Auckland against the Warriors in Round 12, and the woman then contacted one of the players through Instagram.

She told the Daily Telegraphone player repeatedly called her, despite saying she didn’t want to speak to them.

News Ltd understand some of the club’s big name players were involved, but chose not to name them.

A statement from the Rabbitohs can be seen below.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs will investigate claims in today’s media regarding alleged player behaviour in May this year.

A thorough investigation will be undertaken in conjunction, and in close co-operation, with the NRL’s Integrity Unit.

Since receiving contact details last night for the female involved, Rabbitohs officials have attempted to make contact via phone and email.

The Rabbitohs take any allegations of player misbehaviour very seriously and will not be making any further comment until the completion of the investigation.

Coach Anthony Seibold addressed the media on Friday morning, and said he’d rather speak about the club’s semi-final on Saturday night, although understands the story is of public interest.


    • 22 will be another 40 something years away. Soufths have got little hope for this season let alone this week不不不不不不不不不不. But back to the story and in this disgusting allegation with 100% evidence with phone calls and photos then NRL need to act on this straight away and suspend the players involved IF it has been found to be true. Consistency here Mr Greenberg that’s all us Rooster fans ask for after you was quick to end our 2016 season when you suspended our halfback.荊荊荊荊荊荊荊返梗

    • I agree with you about behaviour towards women but lets wait on the result of the investigation before we jump up and down.

    • Private FB chat with a group of young athletes after a game, if she was so disgusted she could have ended the chat, all she did was egg them on to increase the $$$ the Journos will give her. Its really easy to close a window on a laptop or clean an ap on a phone.

      It is a still not what you would want professional players to do, but they are jacked up rich little boys. Its what they do.

      • Exactly. Just turn it off FFS. why all the drama? Its just getting ridiculous this political correct world we are subjected to each day

      • Look it happened a few years ago with Pearce being video recorded on another persons mobile, they did not wait very long to make 60k for the footage. I imagine she has tried to get some sort of compensation for this lewd behavior to no avail. Hence the time to expose the filth in a big game. If our Souths players are innocent of this despicable conduct then take it to the court system, or pay up. We are already struggling for form, now this. Ladbrokes, what are Saints paying?

  1. So it happened in round 12 – Thats over 10 weeks ago. Just goes to show the rabbits tried to cover it up but can no longer.

  2. Without being sceptical was there no compensation offered to if it were was it not enough!!
    There are many ways of blocking ppl on phones Facebook etc..

    Irrespective respect starts with self then others. Please apply it ppl.

  3. Coincidence perhaps but there’s a history developing with this sort of thing after games in NZ. The bunnies aren’t the first to be involved in some sort of unsavory incident over there. Is it a matter of the boys having a “play” away from home or something else going on? The facts need to be fully known but it’s inappropriate activity on social media striking again. Regardless of being encouraged or not, the transmission of images of that sort is simply illegal under telecommunication acts. Kids are taught that in primary school but apparently not our footy players. Maybe just another ploy to unsettle a club at finals time.

    • Are you one of these who condone this behavior bbj by stating “Maybe just another ploy to unsettle a club at finals time”. You need to awake from your slumber, the NRL should come down extremely hard on this matter. It is an embarrassment to our famous club.

  4. Now this gets interesting

    the dogs got 250k for getting naked on mad Monday because it was a bad look for the game on finals time.

    So if this is true the the rabbits get the same or more considering a woman was involved?

    No complaints from the public on the dogs thing but rabbits had the woman complain
    Also the scum of the Telegraph refuse to post the rabbits naked pics they have obtained. Double standards here or were the guys taking the photos on mad Monday dog haters.

  5. I’m guessing they’re pushing for a Roosters/Storm GF to give Slater his send off and pump the skin off the Cronk v old Club angle. There’s TV execs pulling themselves silly just thinking about the ratings that would get.

    Sharks and Souths the only real threat to Storm/Roosters final, and BAM! salary cap dramas AND Lewd behavior scandals on the eve of finals!

    #You heard it here first.

    • The key metric at board room level in the NRL is revenue. Just follow the money.

      Its why they have no interest in an even salary cap. They can manipulate markets.

      The problem for them is the NRL execs dont know what to do next as they are all self interested dumb asses just protecting their own, and have no idea how to grow from here. AFL is winning.

      At some point they need to put fans

    • Are suggesting that this competition is rigged? Are you suggesting the NRL have informed the referees what teams need assistance to make the grand final. Are you suggesting that the TV 9 that they want the NRL to make sure those certain teams make the grand final for better ratings I suggest you are a nincompoop for even suggesting these suggegestions返

      • The NRL would never…………………………………………………………………………………………………rig outcomes?………………………………………… would they?……………………………..

  6. She stated she didn’t want this to affect the players chances of winning the premiership so why didn’t she wait till after the GF?
    Very strange to say that knowing full well her timing might do just that.

    • Because Soufths are to poor or stupid to brush it under the carpet with a hush payment. Now its time to pay up. She has evidence and with the new laws about rotten behavior like that then these players are in BIG trouble.I here the drums beating hard.

    • They should get rid of this club, if they want to survive perhaps the Perth smelly rabbits would be an appropriate hiding place for this club.返

  7. Didn’t this stuff happen 10-15yrs ago in a more serious case with the bulldogs up in Coffs harbor? This behavior must stop. NRL Integrity Unit needs to act immediately before and fast. Preferebly within the week. Not like in 2014 when Souths won the premiership and it was later revealed that a certain Souths centre was allowed to play in the grand final after the NRL had knowledge of him bashing up his girl friend. The next year they decided to act and suspended him for 22 weeks. A bit late NRL. Act now

  8. On top of this sexting scandals which by the way is from Sam Burgess mobile, we also have Rabbitohs forward Zane Musgrove who has been charged with domestic violence offences following a series of bashings upon his partner. Why does our famous club attract so many scumbags? Those who remember our 2014 premiership winning team also know our then centre Kirisome Auva’a, was also a woman basher. Club officials need to clean out these type of humans from our club who have no regard to others. Even, and I want to make this absolutely clear, even if they are of the Sam Burgess class of player.

  9. Those same fans will be waiting with interest to see what sanctions will be handed down to Burgess and his cohorts.

    The Rabbitohs will fine Burgess heavily but there is no talk of a Mitchell Pearce-style suspension.

    Double standards?

    You be the judge.

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