PENRITH, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 05: Tyrone Peachey of the Panthers runs out onto the field during the round 21 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Canberra Raiders at Panthers Stadium on August 5, 2018 in Penrith, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Panthers centre Tyrone Peachey has advised his manager, Sam Ayoub, that he wants to remain at Penrith next season, despite signing a three-year deal with the Titans back in March.

Peachey does not want to relocate his young family to the Gold Coast, and recently bought a house in western sydney, according to

The Blues Origin star is the second player to backflip on a contract with the Titans in four years, with Daly Cherry-Evans initially signing with Gold Coast in 2015, before remaining at Manly.

Peachey is named at centre for the Panthers in their semi-final against the Sharks on Friday night.


  1. I hope the Titans play hard ball with this and force him to come or make him pay compensation, they could have signed another big name player had they known earlier about him not coming, make him
    him play or sit out the comp.

  2. what an absolute tosser. Obviously gotten too big for his boots and think he can do what he wants. I would like the NRL to force him to sit out for three seasons since he broke a contract, but he won’t because the NRL are soft. He’ll stay at Penrith and the Titans will be stitched up again.

    People often say why the Titans dont perform, well this is why. We sign players, players we intend to build our club around, we let go of players, then they backflip. It’s not good enough, I’m over it.

    • I’m pretty sure they can straight up freeze his contract so that he can never play again until he does his 3 years.

    • To be fair he hasn’t actually broken anything yet. He has simply told his agent he would prefer to stay at Penrith. Until he doesn’t rock up for his first Titans engagement, he hasnt actually done anything

  3. With the laws brought in after cherry Evans doing it. He simply can’t backflip now, his out of that time period. He has to either go play for the titans and do the right thing or sit on the side lines for the next 3 years. Bloody joke this game is becoming, no point even signing a contract.

    • The Titans can still release him, which is usually the path clubs take as they don’t want to get involved in a massive drama

  4. This will be interesting. The Titans are obviously within their rights to hold him to his contract, but I guess they need to decide whether they want someone who doesn’t want to be there. If they do allow him to get out, I agree that should look for compensation, as Titans and penso said, they have potentially missed other players after signing him and they saw him as a player to build their team around.

    Will also be interesting to see if he receives the same bad rep that DCE did….. especially since DCE actually didn’t break any rules and got out during his cooling off period, Peacheys contract is signed, sealed and delivered…..

  5. He needs to be made accountable. This has taken the Titans out of the market and ensured they missed out on players they could have otherwise signed. When he signed the contract the Titans were under the impression they were dealing with a grown-up who had thought the decision through.

    Now the Titans are stuck with the decision to either force him to play for them which is unlikely to yield the best results or release him and cop the losses they have already incurred. Neither option is good for the Titans. The only way the Titans don’t get screwed here is if a trade can be sorted.

  6. Look if he backflips then clubs need to make a stand like St George did with Gordon Tallis in 1996. Tallis wanted a release from St George to sign on with the Broncos but St George refused to budge on releasing him from a valid contract. Tallis responded with one year to go on his contract to not play so he forced his own stupid choice by sitting out the year not playing any footy with any team. Its about time Gold coast do this to Peachey. I bet Peachey wont be prepared to sit out his contract. He is the man of the house and he weighed everything up before he signed the contract. But it looks like his wife wears the pants and if this is so then she will have to get by on the dole with the rest of the Peachey family if that’s he final decision.🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱

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