WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 23: Knights coach Nathan Brown looks on during the NRL trail match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Newcastle Knights at WIN Stadium on February 23, 2019 in Wollongong, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

After improving marginally on last year's performance it appears time is up for Nathan Brown at the Knights.

The Knights' head coach was informed today that the club were looking to move in a different direction and were unhappy with the current level of improvement shown by the playing group, according to the Newcastle Herald.

Although finals is still in the mix for Newcastle this year it is unlikely, meaning they'll be out of the finals for a staggering sixth-straight year.

Under Brown the Knights have won two wooden spoons and currently sit with a 26% win percentage over his near four-year tenure.

Considering the likes of Kalyn Ponga and Mitchell Pearce are leading the roster it is safe to say the Knights are underperforming and need a vast improvement in 2020.


  1. I would have given him until at least mid season next year given he has only just got the roster on board that he wants. He had to go through two really tough years to sort out wayne bennetts mess.

  2. Perfect time for Geoff Toovey to come in. Next year they will be back in the top 8. The forward pack with DSaifiti Brailey Klemmer and Glasby in the middle will lay a great platform for Pearce and Ponga. They have good outsides with Fitzy, Barnett, Mata’utia and Moga with Lee and SKD on the edges. Toovey will improve the teams overall defence and attitude. Think the only areas for improvement in terms of personal would be a five-eight (maybe Watson or Lino step up, maybe they buy one) and some forward depth with Gavet, Ese’ese and Guerra likely to leave. Maybe they can pinch either Aiden Sezer or Sam Williams to play 6 and bring in Luke Bateman and Francis Tualau for forwards depth.

  3. Too soon. I know it’s unlikely, but if the Knights win their 3 remaining games they can make the finals. What then ?

  4. If Newcs has a $12M rosster like the roosters all they would need is a low paid caretaker like Mr Potato Head Robinson.
    Cronk came over and saved Potato Head from being sacked after 2013 having 4 minor premierships and failing with a stacked team.

  5. Franky, we just need Eddy (alias Woodduck) to go away and leave us all in peace, as he makes very little sense!

  6. At least Brownie is realistic enough and man enough to accept the Knights board decision so they appoint a new coach. Mary McGregor will surely be on his last chance in 2020.

  7. Not sure if Brown is as good a bloke as Mcgregor, but he could well take marys position of coach next year.

  8. Seems like a bad time to call it sack him. They still have a chance of making the top 8 but once you say your sacked at the end of the year he may as well dump half the team and lose on purpose and not make the finals

  9. McGregor is not a coach, all that clueless idiot is good for is to be a water boy. Sack the imposter, he has no idea about anything, my 91 year old Grandmother could pick a better team than that water boy.

  10. If you go on your date EDWoodChoook which of your aliases are you going as?
    And remember its Moet not Moey

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