TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 19: Greg Inglis of the Rabbitohs runs the ball during the round 11 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at 1300SMILES Stadium on May 19, 2018 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

South Sydney captain Greg Inglis has announced he will retire at the end of the 2020 season, while also hanging up his representative boots at the end of the 2019 campaign.

The 32-year-old currently has 261 NRL games to his name, and could be in line to play his 300th in his final season of rugby league.

“It’s what I’ve known. I feel like I have given everything I have to the game, and it’s given me everything that I have in my life,” Inglis told

“I’ve been fortunate to play with two fantastic clubs in the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Melbourne Storm.

“If it wasn’t for the Storm I would not have had the chance to fulfil my life’s dream.

“At the Rabbitohs, and as I’ve grown older, I’ve become a leader, a captain and a mentor to the current and next generation of young Rabbitohs to wear this proud Red and Green jersey.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to represent my country, my state, and my people and those are memories that I will cherish forever.

“To all of the coaching staff, players, family, friends, administration staff, Members and fans of the game, Todd Greenberg and his team at the NRL, I want to say a massive thank you for everything that the game has given me. I owe everything to the game.

“I grew up loving the sport of Rugby League, there is no other sport for me, and I’ve been lucky enough to live out my dream.

“Therefore, 2020 will be my last season of NRL football. By announcing this now it means I can focus on the job at hand here at South Sydney over the next two years.

“It will also be my final year of rep footy in 2019, if I’m fortunate enough to be selected, and I will give everything I have to the Australian and Queensland jerseys as I have throughout my career.

“It’s time for myself to look forward and move onto my next chapter in life.

“We have a job to do over the next two years on the field at Souths and following that I still want to be involved with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, whether it’s in a coaching or football role under Shane Richardson or working with the community and Souths Cares under general manager Alisha Parker-Elrez.

“Finally, once again, thank you to everyone that has made it possible for me to live my dream and I can assure you that over the next two seasons I will be giving 100% to achieving the success we want at South Sydney.”


  1. Great player and will be missed but staying on in some capacity which is good, gives us two years to find or develop one of our juniors to replace him, meanwhile we have the next two prems to win b4 he goes.

    • Firstly your outrageous statement confirms your approval that our captains outlandish recent behaviour as a drunkard on the highways is condoned by yourself.

      Secondly Mr Penso you are suggesting that we “Find” a replacement. Similar to how we found Inglis, Gagai, Jennings, etc by purchasing those established imports, from rival clubs.

      Our inadequacy in producing a world class centre from locally born juniors is evident for all to see. Unlike our arch rivals who, through their junior development program of recent years, have managed and developed the best two young centres on Earth.

      • Fantastic development by the Roosters!
        Hargreaves , Friend, Tedesco, Keary, Cronk. The list goes on & on! That’s right, none of them come from the Roosters.
        Hold on, Tupou. Made him a Super Star? No from Parramatta.
        The two centres surely? Well they were poached from other areas. Still, why let facts stand in the way? They can’t have had talent unless they went to the Roosters .
        What about that young O’Sullivan that the Broncos poached from the Roosters. Well he’s from Penrith , but let’s not worry about that part.
        South’s can just say Jennings was going nowhere at Penrith. So he came to South’s . It works for Roosters supporters doesn’t it?

        • Well said EOD, Woody has over stretched himself this time with Russ going off about our captains outlandish behaviour, Inglis work with indengious people and work with charities clearly doesn’t register with Woody/ re Russ , his opinion has a Souths supporter is to crucify him for being a human and unable to make a mistake but makes no mention of the good things Inglis does.

          It’s amazing how Russ / re woody goes on about the juniors at Souths unable to produce a centre of his quality, Well Woody / Russ we have a better chance of doing this than Easts ever will, but then again we bring juniors up from scratch, not when they are 16 yrs old from other districts or country kids and then call them juniors, get a life woodduck and stop hiding behind your multible alias’s

        • Your insolence prevails as two ignorant souls think that our arch rivals the premiership winning Sydney Roosters did not nurture Manu and Mitchell after they won a premiership in the under 18s. Depart from me you specimens of idiocy.

        • Wow woodduck thats deep, seriously please seek help , if not already, depart from me you specimens of idiocy, what the hell does that mean , please leave us alone and get on the roar site , or anywhere , where we don’t have to to put up with your insane crap.

        • Makes me laugh all these old farts who go on about juniors. It’s not 1960 any more folks. Name me a top line sport (NBA, NFL, AFL, Soocer etc.) that rely on juniors. Purely a backward argument to justify there backward clubs way of operating.

          How are juniors working out for Penrith? They released Jennings, Graham and Lewis for other juniors only to watch them go win premiership with another club.

          Every time fans of other clubs trot out the ‘juniors’ card it only makes me frustrated as a tax payer that more than likely they have used WIFI I have funded to make such a simple and recycled comment.

        • penz0 I have found a photo of you and some of your Souffs mates.


          Why do you keep confusing me with others, you have serious mental health issues penz0 the toothless Italian.

          Madrooster what you say mate is exactly spot on. Souffs and Penriths juniors have produced nothing over a really long period of time. Souffs for example have one 18 premierships when TV was either in black and white or before television was invented. There juniors have won nothing since 1971………AHAHAHAHAH

        • You’re right Penso.
          You’d think someone who supports a team who’s players / former players like to pop up on the net ( Napa & Pearce for a start ), wouldn’t want to mention player behaviour?
          Good to see that Roosters supporters know that Penrith brings through so many great juniors as well. . Jennings ( which one , there’s three brothers ) Graham, Lewis. You’re only just scratching the very surface of the talent that does come from the club. Yes! Real juniors .. Not poached from other areas. You wish you could talk about lots of good juniors from your area , don’t you Roosters.
          By the way… It was Timber Le Coq , Alias Rustlingleaves who brought out the juniors chat, with great junior development & great centres crap. Pity they weren’t Roosters juniors that you could actually be proud of.
          So don’t bring up the topic, when you really have little to mention yourselves. It’s also lucky that lots of talented players do come out of Penrith , South’s , Newcastle, St.George, New Zealand etc. Otherwise where would the Roosters get any players at all?
          I guess you tried the other angle . Trying to say how Penrith’s players like Cleary don’t come from there. When I never said they all did in the first place?
          So now you’ve just said how Penrith supplies wonderful juniors , who help other teams Win the Premiership. You’re so spot on with that. Including helping the Roosters win. So they can say ‘ You’re Welcome ‘. You couldn’t do it on your own.
          Just as the Chooks will never get every grade from the smallest kids all the way up to first grade in the finals in any year , ever.

        • I’d be more concerned with Penriffs inability to keep said juniors (aka picking wrong ones to keep). It either says a lot about the club and it’s official/fans, or maybe the place Penriff itself..

          Again sport is a business, everyone recognises that except the bogan muppets. A business that the Roosters are a lot better at than a lot of clubs, especially considering their overall footprint compared to likes of Souffs and Penriff.

        • Madrosster,” name me a sport that rely’s on juniors!!” really madrosster!, Typical easts arrogance and thought pattern shared by your clubs admin.

          How many sports will last if juniors were not playing the game? think about this idiot, what you said is total garbage, typical of your clubs mindset and woodduck’s,

          Kelby your comment is also stupid , Souths have many juniors coming through the system and if they haven’t got the talent at a particular time then so be it , they will buy the players , at least they attempt to nurture junior players unlike Easts who could not be bothered investing in juniors from an early age, actually it was funny that the telegrath today highlighted the fact that Victor Radley is one of the RARE juniors Easts have, bet ya if Easts had more your opinion would change and that of woodduck, Russ, Biff, gimbizzle and all the others in woodys mind.

        • Turns out your comprehension is as bad as your punctuation and spelling. Sports rely on participants, there is a big difference to that and a franchise/club quoting juniors. When you quote the word (phrase in this case) of juniors you make it about a club/region that has taken a ‘participant’ all the way through the levels and now they are representing at whatever designated level under that banner/region. Of which in relevant sports/competitions as I originally quoted it’s not enough any more.

          Doesn’t change a thing though, bogan fans who are too simple to generate their own ‘factual’ distaste and simple administrators will keep on with same ‘lame duck’ excuses to offset their ‘lame duck’ performances.

      • Firstly I would like to congratulate Madrooster and Kelby for displaying logic and common sense. See fools like the two clowns penz0 and a new disciple eastofthedivide cannot comprehend that you do not have to be born and bred in a clubs local district to be nurtured through a clubs junior development program.

        These two nitwits think the roosters went into a bidding war to sign the services of a stack of 16 year olds who the roosters turned into absolute NRL superstars over a five year coaching plan. Manu and Mitchell are 21. They never bought them from any NRL club, they developed them. They are the finished product of a magnificent Roosters coaching strategies, I other club can claim them but the Roosters. Penz0 & your latest clown disciple Souffths penriffth nor any other club had anything to do with them. The same can be said for Friend, Cordner, Aubusson, just to name a few more examples of what their junior development program has done.

        Remember we are talking about the dedication of what Easts do for a junior 15-16 onwards born anywhere on the planet and with the proven formulae they have, can turn any kid into a NRL Superstar Man.

    • Penso, you must still be drunk along with gi. Souffs dont develop juniors, they buy like all other clubs. Jennings x 2, burgarses x 4, Crichton, hunt, gi, cook, etc. No crowe, no future.

      • Love it Kelby, well said mate, the only problem with you saying that is now the Nutter penz0 will think you are me and I have invented another alias. AHAHAHAHAH:)

    • Announcing it now to deflect Souffs lack of action in relation to his DUI and serious speeding offence. Should have been a press conference to say he has lost captaincy, been find $50k and stood down for 8 games.

      • Up the top there, what are you talking about LoopyChook? The NFL? They have had a system of player draft that has been around for as long as most can remember. Every team gets picks from rated players coming out of college. Same with the NBA . AFL works on a draft system.
        Many top teams in Soccer around the world work on producing many of their own talented junior players. Including Manchester United, Manchester City. That’s why they have junior academy’s
        League doesn’t run on a draft system. So I guess your point is Pointless!

        • Hahaha every academy around the world has relevant influxes of players from all over the world. I suggest you look at some of players in an EPL academy son because not many live in those areas.

          And hence why NBA and NFL are so big, they’re operated by people’s with more know how than we could ever possibly see in our twat administrators.

          Your argument is embarrassing! Manchester City and United producing from their nurseries-you tool. Lol

  2. You mean penalised , say like a particular Roosters player 9 years ago who was sacked for 3 alcohol and assault related incidents? Then given ongoing support and rehabilitation by the Roosters. Great idea said the NRL, who deregistered him adding that he would not be able to have a contract registered with any club in the short to medium term future.
    A few months later he was back playing with… guessed it, the Roosters.
    One month later, he was charged 2 counts of illegal possession of prescription drugs . However, he’s still playing with the Roosters today.
    Just shows we can all make mistakes, even Roosters.
    The 2nd Roosters player (at the time) involved in the prescription drugs incident was eventually deregistered from the NRL following further bad boy incidents.

      • Yes Madrooster…..for 5 minutes. It was a joke.
        The sacking was in December of 2009 along with the deregistrstion. But he was playing again in the 2010 season.
        So do you honestly see any real sanction there? Especially after the NRL said this particular player would not have a contract registered again in the short to medium term future with ANY club. Oh but wait… was the Roosters who wanted him back so let’s do what they want, said the NRL.
        All I’m trying to say here is you don’t sling crap when you’re standing in sh*t. Fairness across the board please.

        • So what you are really saying is that the roosters do hold their players accountable but seeing a teenager out of the club for 5 months and out of the game for longer doesn’t meet you necessary punishment levels? I can’t inagine what you must think about an established star, A DECADE ON, having zero punishment for criminal offences. In last decade the Roosters, and as I have always said a number of clubs, have acted on a number of behavioural issues with players, with punishments/consequences ranging. Can Souths say the same?

        • Sorry Biff but I rember a couple of seasons ago Melbourne did next to nothing in punishing a couple of Coke snifters of which one played in the Storms grand final side on 2018. The Roosters have had a long list of players that have misbehaved and have had stern punisent handed out including being sacked. Myles, Kenny-dowel, carney, Nikorima, were all sacked to name a few others who survive becoming sacked have received massive fines. All clubs have players run off the rails but when it occurs at Chookville, then they have the reputation of coming down super hard. Unlike clubs like Souffs who sweep it under the carpet in the hope that Burgess and Inglis will be spared the correct punishment so their team can win.

      • The United clubs may well have an influx of juniors from all over the world. Still they start with juniors from their own home town. Many great home grown United players have come up through the ranks to play for England. You stated that In Soccer , they don’t worry about local juniors. Well I’ve written about just two clubs that do. Let’s think about it now. Soccer , a world wide sport with millions of teams. You say none out of the Milions of teams worry about using local juniors. I guess you must know about every team in the whole world ? With that all embracing statement. Yes, you are just so smart. No need to call you any names.
        Comparing sports that use a draft system to League here, is more rediculous than anything else. Regardless of the money involved in the sports. You’re not even comparing apples with apples.
        The overall business. Well as Penrith Leagues is the biggest Leagues club in the world. Growing population out west. With Panthers in other locations. I guess they’re doing alright as a business. You could fit Easts Leagues in a corner somewhere there.
        Roosters wealthy backers won’t last forever . Where are they then? A small leagues club, few juniors & no money. South’s can then sweep up the area & take over that tiny little spot you call The Roosters heartland. Maybe they’ll then just move the Roosters to the Central Coast or some part of Queensland?

        • Again well said EOD, , I have been sayng for years that Easts need relocating and your take on the money men hanging around is spot on.

          The NRL needs to relocate some Sydney teams and Easts should be the first and with Polites 77 years old their time is running out, lets face it, Easts have nothing going for them , no local support ie- no memebers, no juniors, although we have been down this road before, nothing suggests that Easts have a positive future, the fact that they are on their third name change suggests they are worried themselves, the NRL needs to be procative and force Easts to invest in the grass roots of the game and relocate at a time that suits the game’s interests, it could turn out to be the only long term avenue for Easts survival to be honest.

        • You guys win. I thought the Manly / Eels rivalry was the strongest, but it’s got to go to the Bunnies / Roosters.
          I don’t think relocating the Roosters is an answer, but a merger between them and Manly makes a lot of sense (to me at least).
          They’re both “silver spoon” clubs, both lack membership numbers, both rely on a wealthy owner, and both clubs thrive on being hated, and that hatred would grow exponentially as a merged entity.
          Use the extra license to create a Perth team, and there’s your WIN / WIN.

        • You dilute your own statement with every word EOD. They do start with their own ‘particpants’ but then get influx from all over the world to use those top tier players.

        • 1908 baby. No one has been around as long as the Roosters and no one ever will be. The only foundation club that has played every year, operating through re-zoning, player poaching and rugby league wars created by despicable spineless non-historical clubs like Penrith. Uncle Nick leaves the roosters in great financial position with a line of wealthy backers ready to roll.

        • EOD and penz0………deadset just read your garbage before you post it please…..penz0 you id1ot what’s that stupid statement that you said ” the Roosters have no future” mate we just won ou third premiership in the 21st century, we have won 5 minor Premierships and probably soon three world Club Challenge Cups and played in 7 grand finals plus 30 players debut from their 3 premiership winning sides all this in the 21st century. AHAHAHAHAH

          Further more the Roosters development program that made 30 players have their NRL debuts that went on to win premierships with Easts proves beyond any doubt that they have the greatest development of junior talent strategies than Souffths could ever dream of. This programme for young kids has them lining up from all over the world wanting to be trained by the Roosters. I know your a bit backwards penz0 but even halfwitz like yourself should realise this program insures the Roosters future. And as Madrooster said. When the smartest wealthy man N ick passes the batten on then it will be past on to the next passionate wealthy business minded genius which will be chosen from one of many.

        • Jesus your a dumb pr!ck woodduck, Easts wouldn’t be able to get these 16 year olds if it wasn’t for junior deveopment from early years, think about it wanka, what if all clubs in the city and country stopped junior development where would Easts get their players from then, grow up mate your not fooling anyone with this development crap that Easts actually do great for the game

        • Grow a brain penz0, your a deadest halfwit that just cant get your head around the FACT that in 2019 Rugby League is a business. Stop living in the 1970’s and the years prior to that when League was tribal and a few extra players were born in those clubs tribal districts.

          Get up to date penz0 and stop being so backwards. The Roosters have a brilliant development coaching strategy in place for any young player on Earth. It is proven and players are lining up to get into the Roosters junior development structure that turns 15 and 16 year olds into NRL superstars.

          Tell me penz0 are the Roosters robing Taree or Old Bar of winning a group 3 Premiership by developing 2 of their players from that group❓❓❓❓❓❓ Use your noggin penz0, The Roosters developed those two kids Boyd Cordner and Latrell Mitchell and put that region on the map. All kids want to play Rugby League in that region (group 3) Which stretches out from Port Macquarie, Taree and all the way down to Forster thanks to the Roosters developing a couple of their kids.

          The Roosters are promoting and growing the game, all souffths are doing is getting a very few local juniors from a region in Sydney where Rugby League is already in their face and those players that make it to Souffths NRL squad are not very good players anyway that have not been able to win them a title for many many decades, until your guys went on a spending spree with Crowe and his doe by buying the 2014 premiership with 3 Burgess poms Inglis, Tuqiri, Teo, Avu, McQueen, Keary, etc, etc, etc…….🤣😂😁😆😂🤣

  3. Souths will be just fine. I’m tipping that along with Panthers and Cowboys they will dominate the next decade ( 20’s ).

    • Not with Burgess heading into his latter years and Inglis gone. They’ll be ok but they won’t dominate. Not sure about cows either. Panthers maybe. I’d be looking more at dragons, rorters (uncle nick’s pockets are still plenty deep), storm, knights.

  4. Gentleman raise your glasses to Greg’s sporting prowess. Now scull, re-load and down a few more. Now get behind the wheel and speed, speed like there’s no tomorrow!
    Self confessed domestic violence abuser, salary cap cheat, criminal, danger to the public. Shame we have to endure 2 more years of the bleeding hearts telling us what a great contributor to the game and society he is

    • Superb, I am disgusted that my beloved South Sydney Rabbits disgracefully shielded firstly Burgess and now our captain Inglis

      Our arch rivals Easts, quickly relieved Pearce of his captaincy after despicable drunken behaviour.

        • I was uncomfortably disappointed whilst the majority of Souths fans believed Burgess was innocent. Hence the support shown by our fans now towards Inglis offensive behaviour is of no surprise. I am ashamed and embarrassed that our fans lack common courtesy and decency.

        • AHAHAHAHAHA…you make me laugh 3caps, I see there is one fan who has come out in support of your claim. A bloke called 3hats.

          Could you please post me the link to show me who else is appalled by Inglis Souffths fans.

  5. Greg would be a great addition to souffs coaching staff especially in tight games as he sends the message out in the dying moments when behind by 2 go the field goal 😂😂

    • Geez your funny easts75 you should be a stand up comedium you are so funny.

      Kelby again another stupid inept comment from someone who has achieved nothing in his life, a wanna be someone who can’t gain the respect from his peers, grow up.

  6. 2 years of drinking to celebrate his retirement. Who does that? Big ego! He’s a shadow of his past playing ability.

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